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Brewers (6-13)  

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Miller Park
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player Needing RestWhen?
2B Tommy La StellaIn 1 game
OF Jose TabataIn 2 games
OF Mike BaxterIn 4 games
1B Nick JohnsonIn 4 games
3B Casey McGeheeIn 4 games
C Buster PoseyIn 4 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP B.Boyer $3Return to draft
3B D.Jeter $10Return to draft
OF C.Snelling $5Return to draft
RP T.Spooneybarger $3Return to draft
C Y.Torrealba $3Return to draft
RP R.Troncoso $7Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
OF M.Baxter $42$1
RP P.Coke $151
RP M.Corpas $152$0
SS B.Crawford $65$1
3B M.Cuddyer $11
SP D.Fister $132$0
OF J.Gomes $11
1B T.Helton $11
1B N.Johnson $11
CL C.Kimbrel $262$5
OF R.Langerhans $281
OF A.Lind $11
3B C.McGehee $171
SP R.Nolasco $51
C B.Posey $184$3
SP T.Redmond $21
3B S.Rolen $11
2B A.Soriano $21
2B C.Utley $21
Budget $211 | Spent $159 | Remains $52
M.Cuddyer No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
J.Gomes No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
T.Helton No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
N.Johnson No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
A.Lind No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
S.Rolen No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
A.Soriano No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Utley No Trade/Cut (Gm 60)
C.Cron Rookie
T.Kahnle Rookie
T.La Stella Rookie
K.Lobstein Rookie
J.Locke Rookie
C.Peguero Rookie
K.Quackenbush Rookie
J.Tabata Rookie
Trophy Case
 2013 National League Wild
 2012 National League Central
 2011 National League Wild
 2005 National League Central
 2004 National League Central
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