Pirates (10-8)  

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PNC Park
RHB: Big Disadvantage
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Juan Allison4
SP Gene Seals3
SP Angelo Starkey2
SP Cole Marsh1
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Benny BaileyNow
SS Dick EasleyNow
OF Reggie KingNow
SS Maurice WootenIn 3 games
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
OF B.Davis $15Return to draft
SU D.Eaton $13Return to draft
3B F.Larson $8Return to draft
SP D.Lost $16Return to draft
1B C.McKinnon $17Return to draft
RP C.Mueller $6Return to draft
RP L.Peterson $8Return to draft
RP C.Rogers $11Return to draft
RP D.Vasher $16Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
2B C.Carpenter $141
SS D.Easley $151
C P.Foster $201
3B L.Holt $143$3
OF R.King $121
CL J.Sullivan $251
SS M.Wooten $122$3
J.Allison Rookie
B.Bailey Rookie
R.Bowers Rookie
E.Conley Rookie
B.League Rookie
G.Seals Rookie
A.Starkey Rookie
C.Titus Rookie
Z.Stevens Minors
J.Weeds Minors
C.Stovall Rookie, Minors
E.Fisk Rookie Protection
C.Marsh Rookie Protection
T.Ruff Franchise Tag
Trophy Case
 2023 NL Champions
 2023 NL Central Champs
 2022 NL Central Champs
 2022 Willy Sachle No
Hitter D52
 2021 NL Champions
 2021 World Series Champions
 2021 Gerrit Cole Perfect
Game D55
 2021 Madison Bumgarner No
Hitter D58
 2021 Madison Bumgarner Perfect
Game D19
 2021 NL Central Champs
 2019 NL Central Champs
 2019 Willy Sachle No
Hitter D2
 2018 NL Champions
 2018 World Series Champs
 2018 NL Central Champs
 2017 NL Champions
 2017 World Series Champions
 2017 Edinson Volquez No
Hitter D36
 2017 Francisco Liriano Perfect
Game D45
 2017 Francisco Liriano Perfect
Game D67
 2017 NL Central Champs
 2016 NL Champion
 2016 World Series Champion
 2016 NL Central Champs
 2015 NL Central Champs
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