New York

Mets (19-10)  

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Shea Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Jered Weaver4
SP Anthony Swarzak2
SP Matt Cain1
CL Joe Nathan1
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Orlando MercadoIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CF L.Berkman $151
C R.Bowen $43$0
LF J.Brito $62$0
SP M.Cain $205$0
RP J.Chamberlain $122$0
RP R.Choate $121
RP F.Gracesqui $92$0
SP E.Jackson $175$0
SP B.Keppel $92$0
CL J.Nathan $172$0
SS H.Ramirez $154$0
RF N.Schierholtz $52$0
SP J.Weaver $205$0
RF A.Webster $63$0
2B B.Zobrist $94$0
C.Aguila Rookie Contract
P.Alvarez Rookie Contract
D.Anderson Rookie Contract
C.Arnal Rookie Contract
B.Brownlie Rookie Contract
J.Butler Rookie Contract
A.Cardenas Rookie Contract
X.Cedeno Rookie Contract
C.Culberson Rookie Contract
J.De Fratus Rookie Contract
D.Descalso Rookie Contract
F.Deza Rookie Contract
C.Eppley Rookie Contract
L.Gagnier Rookie Contract
J.Gallagher Rookie Contract
J.Gillheeney Rookie Contract
N.Green Rookie Contract
C.Hayes Rookie Contract
G.Hernandez Rookie Contract
K.Howard Rookie Contract
K.Hudson Rookie Contract
T.Ishikawa Rookie Contract
M.Maddox Rookie Contract
D.Martin Rookie Contract
O.Mercado Rookie Contract
J.Niese Rookie Contract
B.Parker Rookie Contract
P.Redman Rookie Contract
R.Reid Rookie Contract
A.Romine Rookie Contract
A.Sanabia Rookie Contract
M.Sierra Rookie Contract
W.Smith Rookie Contract
B.Stowell Rookie Contract
A.Swarzak Rookie Contract
V.Wilson Rookie Contract
R.Bowen Arbitration Eligible
J.Brito Arbitration Eligible
J.Chamberlain Arbitration Eligible
F.Gracesqui Arbitration Eligible
B.Keppel Arbitration Eligible
N.Schierholtz Arbitration Eligible
A.Webster Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2006 NL Wild Card
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