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Camden Yards
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Player Needing RestWhen?
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RP M.Bishop $8Return to draft
SP H.Green $15Return to draft
SS E.Jenkins $20Return to draft
1B G.Kahn $10Return to draft
RP C.Mathis $8Return to draft
SP T.Meyer $12Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
OF J.Bortles $51
OF Y.Diaz $117$2
SP R.Dupree $116$1
RP R.Grimes $75$1
SP E.Hirsch $61
2B D.Jansen $74$0
RP M.Lopes $157$0
SP S.Lost $162$2
RP A.Lozano $79$1
SS D.Martinez $64$0
C J.McKinnon $14$0
SS G.Nash $63$0
RP M.Pike $58$0
OF K.Prior $74$0
2B B.Randall $117$1
SP G.Ransom $41
OF M.Reed $51
OF R.Ruff $51
C A.Rutschman $510$1
SP E.Shazier $74$0
RP Z.Simmons $122$0
2B S.Snow $25$0
C J.Stafford $176$2
RP J.Stinson $32$0
1B G.Yard $35$0
3B A.York $181
Y.Diaz Prospect
A.Rutschman Prospect
W.Barragan Rookie
G.Cottrell Rookie
R.Floyd Rookie
K.Foote Rookie
P.Gary Rookie
K.Gentile Rookie
J.Henning Rookie
T.James Rookie
J.Jefferson Rookie
A.Lozano Rookie
D.Morgan Rookie
C.Patino Rookie
L.Payne Rookie
S.Snow Rookie
M.Stovall Rookie
No Games Played Yet