Kansas City

Royals (10-18)  

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Kauffman Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Eric Hurley4
SP Tobi Stoner3
SP Brett Cecil2
SP Doug Fister1
SU Dustin Richardson1
Player Needing RestWhen?
2B Neil WalkerIn 2 games
3B Chris DavisIn 4 games
LF Ricardo NanitaIn 4 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B C.Davis $125$1
SP D.Fister $154$0
SP E.Hurley $266$0
RP J.Johnson $63$0
SP S.Lewis $63$0
1B C.Marrero $73$0
CL G.Parcell $83$0
RF S.Smith $151
2B N.Walker $53$0
C M.Wieters $142$0
D.Ackley Rookie Contract
E.Alfonzo Rookie Contract
Y.Alonso Rookie Contract
M.Asencio Rookie Contract
A.Bass Rookie Contract
T.Blanco Rookie Contract
M.Bourn Rookie Contract
M.Bowden Rookie Contract
M.Carpenter Rookie Contract
B.Cecil Rookie Contract
K.Chapman Rookie Contract
P.Ciofrone Rookie Contract
B.Copeland Rookie Contract
R.Delgado Rookie Contract
J.Diekman Rookie Contract
C.Duran Rookie Contract
B.Eldred Rookie Contract
A.Figaro Rookie Contract
B.Harrison Rookie Contract
K.Hart Rookie Contract
B.Holt Rookie Contract
K.Jepsen Rookie Contract
E.Komatsu Rookie Contract
J.Lake Rookie Contract
O.Martinez Rookie Contract
D.McKae Rookie Contract
R.Merritt Rookie Contract
A.Murray Rookie Contract
R.Nanita Rookie Contract
M.Napoli Rookie Contract
T.Neal Rookie Contract
E.Niesen Rookie Contract
B.Oberholtzer Rookie Contract
J.Paxton Rookie Contract
D.Richardson Rookie Contract
A.Rivas Rookie Contract
B.Sadler Rookie Contract
R.Seaton Rookie Contract
A.Slama Rookie Contract
T.Stoner Rookie Contract
T.Teagarden Rookie Contract
J.Johnson Arbitration Eligible
S.Lewis Arbitration Eligible
C.Marrero Arbitration Eligible
G.Parcell Arbitration Eligible
N.Walker Arbitration Eligible
M.Wieters Arbitration Eligible
5/25White SoxW 4-2  RHurleyMaloney
5/25Devil RaysL 13-4  RCahillStoner
5/25Devil RaysL 5-3  RBuchholzChapman
5/24Devil RaysL 6-4  RHerreraRichardson
5/24IndiansL 5-1  RRosenbaumPaxton
5/24IndiansL 18-1  RVerlanderHurley
5/23IndiansW 11-10  RStonerReed
5/23IndiansW 5-4  RSlamaLee
5/23@TigersW 5-2  RFisterWilliams
5/22@TigersL 3-1  RGalaraggaPaxton
5/22@TigersL 4-3  RBaileyDiekman
5/21@Red SoxW 4-3  RJohnsonKazmir
5/21@Red SoxL 5-1  RWhiteFister
5/21@Red SoxL 6-1  RRondonPaxton
5/20@BravesW 7-2  RHurleyWood
5/20@BravesL 4-0  RThompsonCecil
5/19Blue JaysW 5-4  RRichardsonManuel
5/19Blue JaysW 4-2  RSlamaNi
5/18Blue JaysL 3-2  RWatsonRichardson
5/18TwinsL 14-0  RJohnsonCecil
5/17TwinsW 11-7  RParcellCastro
5/17TwinsL 9-1  RBannisterPaxton
5/17@PhilliesW 4-1  RDiekmanBurnett
5/16@PhilliesL 4-0  RDeatonHurley
5/16@PhilliesL 3-2  RAccardoDiekman
5/16@White SoxL 6-5  RBaileyRichardson
5/15@White SoxL 1-0  RSamardzijaChapman
5/15@White SoxL 7-0  RStrasburgHurley
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Trophy Case
 2002 AL Central Division
 2002 American League Pennant
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