St. Louis

Cardinals (0-0)  

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Cardinal Park
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
All Players Healthy
Player Needing RestWhen?
No upcoming rest needed      
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
RF J.Martinez $2Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CF H.Bader $41
C Z.Collins $23$1
CF Y.Daza $32$1
SS P.DeJong $43$0
2B T.Edman $32$1
SP J.Flaherty $41
2B W.Flores $54$0
3B M.Franco $74$0
SP Z.Godley $104$0
1B P.Goldschmidt $262$0
3B N.Gorman $23$1
RP J.Hicks $41
RP D.Hudson $41
SP C.Martinez $101
RP R.Meisinger $41
SP M.Mikolas $171
SS Y.Munoz $41
RF T.O'Neill $41
LF M.Ozuna $162$0
RP D.Poncedeleon $41
SP A.Reyes $41
C W.Smith $32$1
CF A.Stevenson $41
2B R.Urias $32$1
SP M.Wacha $101
G.Gallegos Prospect/Rookie
A.Nola Prospect/Rookie
P.Pages Prospect/Rookie
J.Trevino Prospect/Rookie
H.Bader Under Team Control
Z.Collins Under Team Control
T.Edman Under Team Control
J.Flaherty Under Team Control
Z.Godley Under Team Control
N.Gorman Under Team Control
J.Hicks Under Team Control
D.Hudson Under Team Control
R.Meisinger Under Team Control
Y.Munoz Under Team Control
T.O'Neill Under Team Control
D.Poncedeleon Under Team Control
A.Reyes Under Team Control
W.Smith Under Team Control
R.Urias Under Team Control
Y.Daza Under Team Control, Rule 5 Player
A.Stevenson Under Team Control, Rule 5 Player
No Games Played Yet