Orioles (12-18)  

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Oriole Park at Camden Yards
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Ryan Ketchner4
SP Chin-hui Tsao3
SP Deryk Hooker2
SP Ivan Nova1
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Lou MarsonIn 2 games
2B Ryan RaburnIn 2 games
3B Eric ChavezIn 3 games
SS Ramon SantiagoIn 3 games
CF Ezequiel CarreraIn 4 games
CF Brian BartonIn 5 games
1B Jason StokesIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CF B.Barton $151
3B E.Chavez $121
RP R.Delaney $152$0
RP J.Gaub $73$0
RP A.Hinshaw $122$0
1B A.Huff $112$0
C L.Marson $73$0
SP I.Nova $23$0
2B R.Raburn $121
2B D.Richar $63$0
SS R.Santiago $153$0
SP C.Tsao $124$0
E.Andrus Rookie Contract
J.Asencio Rookie Contract
C.Brewer Rookie Contract
M.Broadway Rookie Contract
J.Butler Rookie Contract
Y.Carmona Rookie Contract
E.Carrera Rookie Contract
W.Castillo Rookie Contract
P.Clemens Rookie Contract
C.Coughlan Rookie Contract
A.Diaz Rookie Contract
A.Dykstra Rookie Contract
R.Erlin Rookie Contract
C.Garner Rookie Contract
J.Giavotella Rookie Contract
J.Grube Rookie Contract
T.Gwynn Jr. Rookie Contract
G.Hernandez Rookie Contract
S.Hirschfeld Rookie Contract
D.Hooker Rookie Contract
J.Horst Rookie Contract
H.Jones Rookie Contract
R.Ketchner Rookie Contract
E.Kunz Rookie Contract
W.LeBlanc Rookie Contract
D.Locke Rookie Contract
J.Masterson Rookie Contract
A.Moore Rookie Contract
M.Moustakas Rookie Contract
J.Ortiz Rookie Contract
C.Orvella Rookie Contract
K.Pucetas Rookie Contract
J.Reddick Rookie Contract
I.Snell Rookie Contract
J.Souza Rookie Contract
J.Stokes Rookie Contract
C.Carter Arbitration Eligible
R.Delaney Arbitration Eligible
J.Gaub Arbitration Eligible
A.Hinshaw Arbitration Eligible
L.Marson Arbitration Eligible
D.Richar Arbitration Eligible
B.Roberts Arbitration Eligible
5/25@AngelsL 5-4  RCrainKunz
5/25@AngelsL 5-1  RGermanoTsao
5/25@MarinersW 13-4  RHookerZito
5/24@MarinersL 8-7  RSpenceGaub
5/24@MarinersW 4-3  RErlinArcher
5/24@AthleticsW 6-1  RDelaneyRice
5/23@AthleticsW 6-5  RTsaoRomero
5/23@AthleticsW 7-2  RHookerMoore
5/23@AthleticsL 5-2  RWoodNova
5/22Blue JaysW 9-4  RDelaneyManuel
5/22Blue JaysL 9-0  RBlackleyKetchner
5/22Blue JaysL 8-6  RReedCarmona
5/21DodgersW 4-3  RHookerZimmerman
5/21DodgersW 8-3  RHinshawVoss
5/21DodgersL 7-5  RBenackaJones
5/20Devil RaysW 6-3  RKetchnerCahill
5/20Devil RaysL 11-6  REdlefsenHinshaw
5/20Devil RaysW 8-6  RGaubEdlefsen
5/19@YankeesL 9-2  RKennedyNova
5/19@YankeesW 10-5  RCarmonaBoxberger
5/18@YankeesL 5-4  RBoxbergerDelaney
5/18@Red SoxL 7-3  RKazmirErlin
5/18@Red SoxL 5-2  RWhiteHooker
5/17@Red SoxL 5-3  RFrancisKetchner
5/17TwinsL 4-1  RCollaTsao
5/16TwinsL 7-2  RTollesonNova
5/16TwinsL 5-2  RCoxSnell
5/16@Devil RaysW 4-0  RHookerScherzer
5/15@Devil RaysL 6-5  ROviedoCarmona
5/15@Devil RaysL 2-1  RBrayKunz
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 2011 AL Wild Card
 2010 AL East Division
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