Marlins (17-13)  

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Pro Player Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Brandon Erbe3
SP Neftali Feliz3
SP Will Inman2
SP Yu Darvish1
RP Andy Graham1
RP Fernando Hernandez1
RP Craig Stammen1
SU Jose Arredondo1
C Wilson Ramos1
Player Needing RestWhen?
LF Andre EthierNow
CF Peter BourjosIn 1 game
2B Tug HulettIn 3 games
1B Bryan LaHairIn 4 games
C Shawn RiggansIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SU J.Arredondo $152$0
RF A.Cunningham $73$0
SP Y.Darvish $205$0
SP B.Erbe $83$0
LF A.Ethier $123$1
SP N.Feliz $152$0
SP R.Harden $72$0
2B T.Hulett $121
SP W.Inman $63$0
1B B.LaHair $73$0
C W.Ramos $62$0
J.Adduci Rookie Contract
A.Albers Rookie Contract
P.Arlis Rookie Contract
B.Bonvechio Rookie Contract
P.Bourjos Rookie Contract
J.Burrus Rookie Contract
J.Butler Rookie Contract
A.Colome Rookie Contract
A.Concepcion Rookie Contract
A.Escobar Rookie Contract
C.Figueroa Rookie Contract
S.Ford Rookie Contract
J.Francia Rookie Contract
J.Gomez Rookie Contract
D.Gordon Rookie Contract
A.Graham Rookie Contract
F.Hernandez Rookie Contract
L.Jimenez Rookie Contract
W.Joaquin Rookie Contract
M.Langwell Rookie Contract
C.Lin Rookie Contract
C.Mabeus Rookie Contract
C.Malec Rookie Contract
T.Mendoza Rookie Contract
J.Parr Rookie Contract
O.Quintanilla Rookie Contract
C.Rauschenberger Rookie Contract
S.Riggans Rookie Contract
R.Roberts Rookie Contract
M.Robles Rookie Contract
M.Rogers Rookie Contract
J.Sands Rookie Contract
J.Satin Rookie Contract
C.Scarpetta Rookie Contract
L.Schafer Rookie Contract
T.Schlichting Rookie Contract
K.Seager Rookie Contract
C.Stammen Rookie Contract
N.Tenbrink Rookie Contract
J.Arredondo Arbitration Eligible
A.Cunningham Arbitration Eligible
B.Erbe Arbitration Eligible
N.Feliz Arbitration Eligible
W.Inman Arbitration Eligible
B.LaHair Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2011 NL East Division
 2010 NL East Division
 2009 NL East Division
 2006 NL East Division
 2005 NL East Division
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