Mariners (16-15)  

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Safeco Field
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Greg Smith4
SP Daniel Hudson2
SP Barry Zito2
SP Jess Todd1
RP Luke Gregerson1
RP Omar Aguilar1
RP J.J. Hoover1
RP Daniel Schlereth1
SU Antonio Bastardo1
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Josh WillinghamIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP O.Aguilar $53$0
2B W.Aybar $151
SU A.Bastardo $73$0
C B.Davis $33$0
RP L.Gregerson $92$0
SP D.Hudson $73$0
SS J.Lowrie $142$0
CF F.Pie $112$0
RP J.Putz $63$0
LF A.Romero $83$0
RP D.Schlereth $43$0
SP J.Todd $152$0
C J.Willingham $142$0
SP B.Zito $162$0
F.Abad Rookie Contract
C.Archer Rookie Contract
A.Arias Rookie Contract
S.Atchison Rookie Contract
W.Balentien Rookie Contract
W.Bloomquist Rookie Contract
J.Bowker Rookie Contract
J.Chacin Rookie Contract
B.Coats Rookie Contract
D.Cooper Rookie Contract
Z.Cox Rookie Contract
L.Cruz Rookie Contract
J.De La Torre Rookie Contract
B.Emaus Rookie Contract
C.Fick Rookie Contract
B.Francisco Rookie Contract
E.Frey Rookie Contract
J.Gast Rookie Contract
E.Gonzalez Rookie Contract
J.Guzman Rookie Contract
A.Hassan Rookie Contract
J.Hoover Rookie Contract
R.Kalish Rookie Contract
K.Kendrick Rookie Contract
J.Koshansky Rookie Contract
R.Kulik Rookie Contract
M.Leslie Rookie Contract
B.Moran Rookie Contract
C.Morton Rookie Contract
J.Pacheco Rookie Contract
M.Paulk Rookie Contract
B.Petersen Rookie Contract
S.Podsednik Rookie Contract
D.Remenowsky Rookie Contract
C.Robinson Rookie Contract
D.Runzler Rookie Contract
G.Sanchez Rookie Contract
G.Smith Rookie Contract
S.Smith Rookie Contract
J.Spence Rookie Contract
M.Storey Rookie Contract
M.Wagner Rookie Contract
O.Aguilar Arbitration Eligible
A.Bastardo Arbitration Eligible
B.Davis Arbitration Eligible
L.Gregerson Arbitration Eligible
D.Hudson Arbitration Eligible
J.Lowrie Arbitration Eligible
J.Putz Arbitration Eligible
A.Romero Arbitration Eligible
D.Schlereth Arbitration Eligible
J.Todd Arbitration Eligible
5/25@Blue JaysL 7-6  RNiSmith
5/25OriolesL 13-4  RHookerZito
5/24OriolesW 8-7  RSpenceGaub
5/24OriolesL 4-3  RErlinArcher
5/24AngelsL 6-4  RPerezGregerson
5/23AngelsW 7-2  RZitoGermano
5/23AngelsL 9-5  RHoldzkomHoover
5/23AngelsW 4-3  RToddHamels
5/22@AstrosW 5-3  RSchlerethBradley
5/22@AstrosW 8-7  RSpenceMazzaro
5/22@AstrosW 5-2  RZitoPhelps
5/21@RangersL 7-6  RMarmolSpence
5/21@RangersL 8-5  RMillerSpence
5/21@RangersW 6-1  RArcherCarmona
5/20TigersL 8-4  RMinorAguilar
5/20TigersW 9-7  RZitoBailey
5/20TigersW 2-1  RGregersonOgando
5/19RangersL 5-4  RThatcherHoover
5/19RangersL 11-1  RCarmonaHudson
5/18RangersL 8-5  RThatcherZito
5/18RangersW 11-3  RHooverOlsen
5/18AstrosW 7-3  RSmithPhelps
5/17AstrosW 6-3  RPutzWood
5/17AstrosW 8-5  RSchlerethDuke
5/17@White SoxL 14-4  RTazawaHoover
5/16@White SoxL 5-4  RZarateSpence
5/16@White SoxW 7-4  RSmithMaloney
5/16@AthleticsW 4-2  RArcherWood
5/15@AthleticsL 6-3  RHirshHudson
5/15@AthleticsW 5-4  RPutzRomero
5/15@AthleticsL 3-2  RRiceSpence
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 2005 AL West Division
 2004 AL West Division
 2003 AL West Division
 2003 American League Pennant
 2002 AL Wild Card
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