Cubs (17-14)  

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Wrigley Field
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Big Boost
Player OutGames
SP David Price4
SP Madison Bumgarner3
SP Jake Odorizzi2
SP Johan Santana2
SP Jason Hammel1
RP Rich Thompson1
Player Needing RestWhen?
1B Eric HosmerIn 5 games
3B Henry WrigleyIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
2B M.Antonelli $103$0
RF J.Bautista $153$0
CF B.Bogusevic $83$0
SP M.Bumgarner $63$0
RF K.Fukudome $52$0
C Y.Gomes $11
SP J.Hammel $174$0
C R.Martin $122$0
SP J.McKeon $11
SS C.Pennington $41
SP J.Santana $205$0
CF M.Spidale $152$0
RF I.Suzuki $152$0
RP R.Thompson $63$0
2B C.Utley $182$0
3B H.Wrigley $11
D.Betances Rookie Contract
B.Britton Rookie Contract
J.Buursma Rookie Contract
C.Chapman Rookie Contract
J.Christian Rookie Contract
E.Cordier Rookie Contract
K.Frandsen Rookie Contract
J.Ha Rookie Contract
E.Hamren Rookie Contract
E.Hosmer Rookie Contract
J.Ingram Rookie Contract
H.Iribarren Rookie Contract
J.Lueke Rookie Contract
M.Mitchell Rookie Contract
J.Odorizzi Rookie Contract
S.Pomeranz Rookie Contract
D.Price Rookie Contract
A.Rizzo Rookie Contract
T.Skaggs Rookie Contract
D.Solano Rookie Contract
E.Villanueva Rookie Contract
D.Worth Rookie Contract
M.Antonelli Arbitration Eligible
B.Bogusevic Arbitration Eligible
M.Bumgarner Arbitration Eligible
S.Cishek Arbitration Eligible
R.Thompson Arbitration Eligible
J.McKeon Manager
Trophy Case
 2005 NL Wild Card
 2004 NL Wild Card
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