Brewers (12-17)  

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Miller Park
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Tyson Ross4
SP Greg Reynolds3
SP Jensen Lewis2
SP Jesse Litsch2
SP Esmailin Caridad1
RP Ryan Braun1
RP Clayton Mortensen1
RP Sergio Romo1
Player Needing RestWhen?
CF Grady SizemoreNow
2B Brett LawrieIn 1 game
CF Franklin GutierrezIn 4 games
C Max RamirezIn 5 games
C Wilin RosarioIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B G.Beckham $63$0
CF F.Gutierrez $93$0
SP A.Guzman $152$0
RF A.Kearns $151
RP K.McClellan $112$0
LF A.Pujols $235$0
C M.Ramirez $103$0
SP G.Reynolds $152$0
RP S.Romo $93$0
CF G.Sizemore $194$-1
J.Arencibia Rookie Contract
M.Banuelos Rookie Contract
B.Bay Rookie Contract
R.Braun Rookie Contract
D.Brown Rookie Contract
C.Cabral Rookie Contract
E.Caridad Rookie Contract
M.Carp Rookie Contract
J.Ceda Rookie Contract
R.Corona Rookie Contract
F.De Los Santos Rookie Contract
G.Duran Rookie Contract
L.Flores Rookie Contract
J.Gobble Rookie Contract
J.Herrera Rookie Contract
L.Hochevar Rookie Contract
C.Kelly Rookie Contract
J.Lamb Rookie Contract
B.Lawrie Rookie Contract
J.Lewis Rookie Contract
B.Lincoln Rookie Contract
J.Litsch Rookie Contract
S.Loman Rookie Contract
T.Lumsden Rookie Contract
J.Mayberry Rookie Contract
T.Moore Rookie Contract
E.Mujica Rookie Contract
M.Perez Rookie Contract
W.Rosario Rookie Contract
T.Ross Rookie Contract
P.Trinidad Rookie Contract
C.Volstad Rookie Contract
B.Wise Rookie Contract
B.Wood Rookie Contract
B.Yarbrough Rookie Contract
G.Beckham Arbitration Eligible
A.Guzman Arbitration Eligible
K.McClellan Arbitration Eligible
C.Mortensen Arbitration Eligible
M.Ramirez Arbitration Eligible
G.Reynolds Arbitration Eligible
S.Romo Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2011 World Series Champion
 2011 National League Pennant
 2011 NL Central Division
 2010 NL Central Division
 2009 NL Wild Card
 2008 NL Wild Card
 2005 NL Wild Card
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