San Francisco

Giants (12-17)  

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Pacific Bell Park
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Rubby De La Rosa4
SP Kyle Davies2
SP Tyler Clippard1
RP Joakim Soria1
RP Aaron Heilman1
LF Daniel Nava26
Player Needing RestWhen?
SS Reid BrignacIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SS R.Brignac $185$0
2B A.Callaspo $113$0
LF Y.Cespedes $236$0
SP T.Clippard $101
SP K.Davies $288$0
RP A.Heilman $71
1B G.Jones $152$0
SP B.Mills $92$0
LF D.Nava $73$0
RP F.Rodriguez $126$0
RP J.Soria $171
D.Anderson Rookie Contract
A.Avila Rookie Contract
J.Baker Rookie Contract
W.Bankston Rookie Contract
C.Baron Rookie Contract
J.Belcher Rookie Contract
B.Bonser Rookie Contract
R.Brothers Rookie Contract
W.Cabrera Rookie Contract
J.Carreno Rookie Contract
W.Castillo Rookie Contract
K.Crist Rookie Contract
R.De La Rosa Rookie Contract
N.Eovaldi Rookie Contract
T.Frazier Rookie Contract
T.Giarratano Rookie Contract
C.Gillaspie Rookie Contract
N.Gold Rookie Contract
J.Gomes Rookie Contract
S.Hensley Rookie Contract
J.Huber Rookie Contract
J.Iglesias Rookie Contract
R.Jensen Rookie Contract
S.Johnson Rookie Contract
G.Kottoras Rookie Contract
A.Liddi Rookie Contract
T.Lunsford Rookie Contract
C.Marrero Rookie Contract
E.Martin Rookie Contract
J.Martinez Rookie Contract
J.Martinez Rookie Contract
M.Moreland Rookie Contract
R.Mulhern Rookie Contract
J.Norberto Rookie Contract
R.Perry Rookie Contract
C.Phelps Rookie Contract
C.Rasmus Rookie Contract
G.Richards Rookie Contract
C.Santana Rookie Contract
S.Schneider Rookie Contract
F.Snow Rookie Contract
R.Troncoso Rookie Contract
J.Wilson Rookie Contract
W.Wright Rookie Contract
G.Jones Arbitration Eligible
B.Mills Arbitration Eligible
D.Nava Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2008 NL Wild Card
 2007 NL Wild Card
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