San Diego

Padres (14-15)  

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Qualcomm Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Vicente Padilla4
SP Carlos Villanueva3
SP Jon Lester2
SP James McDonald1
RP Stephen Marek1
RP Ronald Uviedo1
Player Needing RestWhen?
3B Chase HeadleyNow
2B Guilder RodriguezNow
RF Delmon YoungIn 1 game
1B Freddie FreemanIn 4 games
LF Adam LindIn 4 games
SS Asdrubal CabreraIn 5 games
C Pablo SandovalIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CF J.Ellsbury $181
3B C.Headley $151
LF A.Lind $226$0
SP J.McDonald $191
SP V.Padilla $71
2B P.Polanco $92$0
C P.Sandoval $152$0
RF D.Young $102$0
R.Abercrombie Rookie Contract
Z.Almonte Rookie Contract
G.Atkins Rookie Contract
W.Betemit Rookie Contract
J.Blanton Rookie Contract
M.Brantley Rookie Contract
F.Cabrera Rookie Contract
A.Cabrera Rookie Contract
D.Cales Rookie Contract
A.Carr Rookie Contract
Z.Clark Rookie Contract
C.Coghlan Rookie Contract
W.De La Rosa Rookie Contract
D.Espinosa Rookie Contract
J.Francisco Rookie Contract
F.Freeman Rookie Contract
T.Graham Rookie Contract
B.Hand Rookie Contract
B.Hardy Rookie Contract
M.Joyce Rookie Contract
J.Lester Rookie Contract
F.Liriano Rookie Contract
J.Lyman Rookie Contract
S.Marek Rookie Contract
J.Martinez Rookie Contract
T.Mastny Rookie Contract
D.McGowan Rookie Contract
M.Meyer Rookie Contract
S.Miller Rookie Contract
R.Musgrave Rookie Contract
X.Nady Rookie Contract
A.Nieto Rookie Contract
W.Nieves Rookie Contract
J.Nunez Rookie Contract
J.Owens Rookie Contract
A.Peel Rookie Contract
H.Penn Rookie Contract
A.Raglani Rookie Contract
G.Rodriguez Rookie Contract
A.Rodriguez Rookie Contract
C.Rogowski Rookie Contract
R.Sadowski Rookie Contract
B.Sheets Rookie Contract
B.Snyder Rookie Contract
R.Uviedo Rookie Contract
D.Valencia Rookie Contract
C.Villanueva Rookie Contract
A.Wilk Rookie Contract
P.Sandoval Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2009 NL West Division
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