Phillies (12-15)  

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Schedule | 3 of 0 trades
Veterans Stadium
RHB: No Effect
LHB: No Effect
Player OutGames
SP Kevin Deaton4
SP Drew Smyly2
SP Matt Albers1
RP Tim Collins1
CL Greg Holland1
SS Russ Adams6
Player Needing RestWhen?
C Nick HundleyIn 5 games
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP J.Accardo $151
SP M.Albers $91
1B K.Blanks $53$0
RP A.Burnett $93$0
SP K.Deaton $83$0
SP J.Guthrie $82$0
CF C.Hart $71
CL G.Holland $195$0
C N.Hundley $142$0
RP K.Mickolio $92$0
2B M.Prado $82$0
3B M.Reynolds $102$0
SP Z.Segovia $73$0
RP A.Simpson $33$0
C J.Towles $43$0
R.Adams Rookie Contract
J.Alfaro Rookie Contract
J.Altuve Rookie Contract
D.Barone Rookie Contract
E.Bellorin Rookie Contract
M.Blazek Rookie Contract
B.Bocock Rookie Contract
A.Castro Rookie Contract
A.Cobb Rookie Contract
T.Collins Rookie Contract
J.Cosart Rookie Contract
M.Dominguez Rookie Contract
C.Durbin Rookie Contract
J.Ely Rookie Contract
P.Espino Rookie Contract
M.Fiers Rookie Contract
B.Gardner Rookie Contract
J.Goebbert Rookie Contract
E.Gonzalez Rookie Contract
C.Hansen Rookie Contract
L.Hoes Rookie Contract
B.Holt Rookie Contract
C.Huffman Rookie Contract
L.Jimenez Rookie Contract
K.Kiker Rookie Contract
J.Lagares Rookie Contract
R.Lavarnway Rookie Contract
M.Mooney Rookie Contract
E.Morlan Rookie Contract
S.Nottingham Rookie Contract
S.Parker Rookie Contract
T.Pastornicky Rookie Contract
B.Peacock Rookie Contract
N.Ramirez Rookie Contract
J.Repko Rookie Contract
J.Reyes Rookie Contract
C.Shelton Rookie Contract
A.Silverio Rookie Contract
D.Smyly Rookie Contract
B.Snyder Rookie Contract
J.Wilkie Rookie Contract
K.Blanks Arbitration Eligible
A.Burnett Arbitration Eligible
K.Deaton Arbitration Eligible
J.Guthrie Arbitration Eligible
K.Mickolio Arbitration Eligible
C.Pena Arbitration Eligible
M.Reynolds Arbitration Eligible
Z.Segovia Arbitration Eligible
A.Simpson Arbitration Eligible
J.Towles Arbitration Eligible
Trophy Case
 2011 NL Wild Card
 2008 NL East Division
 2007 NL Wild Card
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