T-Birds (6-16)  

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Redline Park
RHB: Mild Boost
LHB: Mild Disadvantage
Player OutGames
SP Felix Hernandez3
SP Roger Nelson3
SP Chief Bender2
SP Chris Sale1
RP Tyler Clippard1
RP Bryan Harvey1
RP Carter Capps1
SU Takashi Saito2
CL J.J. Putz1
DayUpcoming Opponent
25Whipping Posts
26Whipping Posts
27Whipping Posts
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP C.Bender $11Return to draft
3B F.Lindstrom $10Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
OF J.Jackson $181
OF T.Williams $201
6/25MudcatsL 9-2  RSuttonHernandez
6/25@16ixteenL 3-2  RKershawSaito
6/25@16ixteenW 3-1  RBenderSutter
6/24@16ixteenW 6-1  RSaleYoung
6/24MotormenL 13-6  RRyanWhite
6/24MotormenL 9-1  RGuidryHernandez
6/23MotormenL 7-2  RJohnsonNelson
6/23@CubsL 12-5  RFordBender
6/23@CubsW 6-4  RPutzBenitez
6/22@CubsL 9-4  RJohnsonWhite
6/22Cavern DwellersL 2-0  RKluberHernandez
6/22Cavern DwellersL 9-5  RScherzerNelson
6/21Cavern DwellersW 4-3  RPutzPapelbon
6/21@CHHS 144L 3-2  RHardenSale
6/21@CHHS 144L 8-3  RNomoWhite
6/20@CHHS 144L 9-4  RHorlenHernandez
6/20@WHITE SOXW 3-1  RPutzHenke
6/19@WHITE SOXL 7-5  RSoriaBender
6/19@WHITE SOXL 6-3  RTudorSale
6/19HolyW 6-5  RHernandezDarvish
6/18HolyL 7-5  RBurkeHernandez
6/18HolyL 3-1  RDevinePutz
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