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Cubs (7-22)  

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Wrigley Field
RHB: Big Boost
LHB: Mild Boost
Player OutGames
SP Kris Casteel4
SP Hector Carrillo3
SP Chad Sykes2
SP Will Jenkins1
SP Taisuke Yamaoka1
RP Raul Ortiz1
Player Needing RestWhen?
SS Miguel SanchezNow
C Marcus TaorminaNow
Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SS R.Costa $1Return to draft
RF T.Kimball $36Return to draft
CF D.Krask $1Return to draft
3B H.Medina $1Return to draft
3B T.Nittmann $1Return to draft
SS I.Parra $1Return to draft
2B C.Ruff $1Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
SP H.Carrillo $163$4
SP K.Casteel $172$4
2B K.Clemens $25$1
RF J.French $24$0
SP W.Jenkins $82$0
RP R.Marshall $83$0
C R.Martinez $52$0
RP M.Milroy $73$2
RP R.Ortiz $204$-5
SP J.Peluffo $73$2
3B J.Ramir├ęz $11
SS M.Sanchez $21
2B J.Sandau $54$0
RP B.Spurlock $83$0
SP C.Sykes $54$2
C M.Taormina $152$0
SP T.Yamaoka $102$0
J.Arias Contract Delay
A.Beltre Jr. Contract Delay
B.Bohne Contract Delay
J.Davis Contract Delay
J.Ealy Contract Delay
J.Encarnacion Contract Delay
K.Escalante Contract Delay
E.Fay Contract Delay
E.Filpo Contract Delay
C.Gaconi Contract Delay
C.Higgins Contract Delay
M.Horvath Contract Delay
J.Kinney Contract Delay
A.Lepre Contract Delay
M.Malkin Contract Delay
B.Marconi Contract Delay
H.Markwardt Contract Delay
H.Quinn Contract Delay
A.Smith Contract Delay
C.Tripp Contract Delay
Trophy Case
 13 #10 Farm System
 8 #9 Wild Card
 4 #12 Wild Card
 3 #9 Wild Card
 2 #12 Wild Card
 1 #11 Wild Card
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