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Player Needing RestWhen?
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP J.Beckett $7Return to draft
1B C.Kotchman $2Return to draft
LF J.Osuna $4Return to draft
RP C.Shreve $5Return to draft
3B K.Youkilis $5Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
2B H.Alberto $65$1
RP T.Clippard $83$1
1B J.Guzman $75$1
LF J.Hermida $84$1
RF J.Heyward $72$1
RP J.James $84$1
RP P.Loftingflinghuer $64$1
3B D.Lugo $84$1
SP J.Masterson $181
SP F.Montas $105$2
C T.Murphy $83$1
SS S.Rodriguez $61
SP A.Suarez $386$0
CF J.Tabata $182$3
CF M.Trout $243$3
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