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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP F.Barrios $5Return to draft
3B J.Grubb $2Return to draft
SP R.Guidry $1Return to draft
RP J.Kerrigan $2Return to draft
SP D.Lamp $1Return to draft
SP J.Montefusco $1Return to draft
RP T.Norton $1Return to draft
SS J.Pettini $3Return to draft
C T.Simmons $5Return to draft
2B R.Stennett $4Return to draft
RP G.Timberlake $1Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
CL L.Allen $224$0
SS L.Alvarado $41
3B K.Bell $141
OF J.Charboneau $54$0
SS J.Franco $44$0
RP J.Gilbert $32$0
OF J.Hairston $43$0
SP B.Moore $102$0
OF M.Nettles $63$0
SP W.Simpson $231
1B M.Squires $41
OF P.Tabler $44$0
SU T.Waddell $45$0
SP C.Welsh $31
G.Timberlake Zero yr. traded extn
L.Alvarado Zero yr. team extn
J.Gilbert Zero yr. team extn
R.Guidry Zero yr. team extn
J.Hairston Zero yr. team extn
B.Moore Zero yr. team extn
M.Nettles Zero yr. team extn
W.Simpson Zero yr. team extn
M.Squires Zero yr. team extn
R.Stennett Zero yr. team extn
T.Norton Zero yr. traded extn, Zero yr. team extn
T.Simmons Zero yr. traded extn, Zero yr. team extn
8/28TigersL 4-2  RRozemaMoore
8/28TigersL 6-4  RFidrychKerrigan
8/27TigersL 8-1  RRozemaMoore
8/27@RangersW 9-3  RLampUjdur
8/26@RangersW 6-1  RSimpsonYoung
8/25@RangersL 5-2  RMasonBarrios
8/25YankeesL 2-0  RHawkinsMoore
8/24YankeesW 8-7  RBarkleyMoore
8/23YankeesW 3-2  RSimpsonRasmussen
8/23@Blue JaysL 6-2  RJohnsonBarrios
8/23@Blue JaysW 8-4  RMooreRobinson
8/22@Blue JaysL 5-4  RWihtolTimberlake
8/22@AstrosL 2-0  RMcGregorSimpson
8/21@AstrosL 2-0  RHeathcockBarrios
8/21@AstrosW 2-0  RMooreScott
8/20AthleticsW 4-1  RLampClyde
8/20AthleticsL 4-1  ROntiverosSimpson
8/19AthleticsL 7-0  RTibbsBarrios
8/19@RoyalsL 2-1  RBreiningGilbert
8/18@RoyalsL 6-5  RHoffmanAllen
8/18@RoyalsL 7-5  RLittellGilbert
8/17AngelsL 9-8  RAtkinsonAllen
8/17AngelsL 7-1  RWittMoore
8/16AngelsW 9-8  RBarkleyAtkinson
8/16@OriolesL 6-3  RPriceSimpson
8/15@OriolesL 2-1  RSchatzederBarrios
8/14@OriolesL 10-4  RBoddickerMoore
8/13White SoxL 5-4  RMessersmithLamp
8/13White SoxW 2-1  RSimpsonBerenguer
8/12White SoxW 8-0  RBarriosRyan
8/12TwinsW 7-6  RKerriganBlyleven
8/12TwinsL 2-1  RDresslerKerrigan
8/11TwinsW 5-4  RTimberlakeHartzell
8/11@Red SoxL 12-6  RDavisMoore
8/9@Red SoxW 6-3  RLampHoyt
8/9@Red SoxW 3-0  RSimpsonSlaton
8/8MarinersL 8-1  RComerBarrios
8/8MarinersL 4-2  RWarrenMoore
8/7MarinersL 7-6  RHoneycuttBarkley
8/6@TigersL 6-4  RMorrisSimpson
8/6@TigersL 2-1  RFidrychBarrios
8/5@TigersW 3-2  RMooreRozema
8/5RangersL 9-8  RUjdurLamp
8/5RangersL 7-2  RYoungSimpson
8/4RangersW 10-5  RBarriosMason
8/4@YankeesW 6-1  RMooreHawkins
8/3@YankeesW 6-3  RAllenBurke
8/3@YankeesW 10-4  RSimpsonRasmussen
8/2Blue JaysL 12-2  RJohnsonBarrios
8/2Blue JaysW 4-0  RMooreDenehy
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