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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
DH L.Clark $3Return to draft
RP M.Douglas $3Return to draft
RP E.Gardner $2Return to draft
SP I.Gary $3Return to draft
RP T.Jackson $2Return to draft
OF J.Lost $1Return to draft
C J.Lozano $2Return to draft
RP C.McGuire $8Return to draft
RP L.Monroe $3Return to draft
RP K.Shaw $2Return to draft
SP S.Soto $2Return to draft
IF D.Teixeira $3Return to draft
OF K.Wu $3Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
RP E.Coley $21
SP M.Davis $101
1B E.Dupree $12$0
SP R.Elder $251
2B J.Espino $43$0
SP Q.Fuller $22$0
1B J.Gardner $33$0
SP P.Hutmacher $41
C J.Illescas $21
SP C.Jones $33$0
3B J.Lee $165$0
SP D.Lesko $33$0
OF V.Lester $13$0
SP W.Lewis $21
RP V.Marino $11
SP H.Meyers $13$0
RF Z.Nicholson $33$0
SP G.Palladino $25$0
2B C.Smith $41
SP M.Watts $11
E.Bennett Prospect/Rookie
H.Bishop Prospect/Rookie
L.Bush Prospect/Rookie
M.Collins Prospect/Rookie
T.Cornellus Prospect/Rookie
M.Davenport Prospect/Rookie
K.Guerra Prospect/Rookie
M.Hawley Prospect/Rookie
J.Parrish Prospect/Rookie
A.Randall Prospect/Rookie
D.Rogers Prospect/Rookie
E.Sanders Prospect/Rookie
A.Zyskowski Prospect/Rookie
L.Clark 45-Man Roster
E.Coley 45-Man Roster
M.Davis 45-Man Roster
M.Douglas 45-Man Roster
E.Dupree 45-Man Roster
R.Elder 45-Man Roster
J.Espino 45-Man Roster
Q.Fuller 45-Man Roster
E.Gardner 45-Man Roster
J.Gardner 45-Man Roster
I.Gary 45-Man Roster
P.Hutmacher 45-Man Roster
J.Illescas 45-Man Roster
T.Jackson 45-Man Roster
C.Jones 45-Man Roster
J.Lee 45-Man Roster
D.Lesko 45-Man Roster
V.Lester 45-Man Roster
W.Lewis 45-Man Roster
J.Lost 45-Man Roster
J.Lozano 45-Man Roster
V.Marino 45-Man Roster
C.McGuire 45-Man Roster
H.Meyers 45-Man Roster
L.Monroe 45-Man Roster
Z.Nicholson 45-Man Roster
G.Palladino 45-Man Roster
K.Shaw 45-Man Roster
C.Smith 45-Man Roster
S.Soto 45-Man Roster
D.Teixeira 45-Man Roster
K.Wu 45-Man Roster
G.Cleary Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
A.Cooper Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
M.Watts Prospect/Rookie, 45-Man Roster
5/24@CubsL 9-5  RMinorLesko
5/24@CubsL 17-2  RFloydMeyers
5/24@CubsL 3-2  RRoblesHutmacher
5/23PiratesW 6-1  RElderGrimm
5/23PiratesW 9-8  RJacksonWhitehead
5/23PiratesL 5-4  RPageShaw
5/23AstrosW 6-5  RMarinoTaylor
5/23AstrosW 5-3  RJacksonBullock
5/22AstrosL 7-2  RAbercrombieHutmacher
5/22AstrosW 4-3  RJacksonBullock
5/22@CardinalsL 3-1  RUlrichLesko
5/22@CardinalsW 6-5  RMeyersHouston
5/22@CardinalsW 3-2  RShawBellamy
5/22@PhilliesW 7-2  RHutmacherRoss
5/22@PhilliesL 10-0  RGrimesJones
5/21@PhilliesW 7-6  RLeskoMcBride
5/21CardinalsL 5-1  RBellamyElder
5/21CardinalsL 2-1  RBradshawGardner
5/21CardinalsL 11-3  RAyalaHutmacher
5/21@AstrosL 7-6  RKempGardner
5/21@AstrosL 5-4  RBullockShaw
5/20@AstrosL 5-3  RBullockGardner
5/20@PiratesW 5-2  RHutmacherPage
5/20@PiratesW 13-6  RJonesMusil
5/20@PiratesW 2-1  RLeskoPhillips
5/20MetsW 3-2  RJacksonMoore
5/19MetsL 8-3  RMorganMeyers
5/19MetsL 2-1  RRodriguez Jr.Hutmacher
5/19MetsL 9-7  RHarrisonMarino
5/19CubsW 11-4  RShawGiles
5/19CubsL 9-6  RRoblesElder
5/18@DiamondbacksL 6-1  RBowenHutmacher
5/18@DiamondbacksW 4-2  RGardnerBrunson
5/18@DiamondbacksL 12-9  RBeaversPalladino
5/18@PadresW 4-3  RShawBegard
5/18@PadresW 8-6  RMeyersMarsh
5/17@PadresL 4-3  RHarringtonGardner
5/17@GamblersL 5-4  RNovoaShaw
5/17@GamblersW 7-3  RLeskoKimmel
5/17@GamblersW 4-3  RElderOwens
5/17CardinalsL 6-2  RBradshawMeyers
5/16CardinalsL 10-4  RUlrichHutmacher
5/16PiratesL 8-4  RGrimmJones
5/16PiratesW 5-1  RLeskoPhillips
5/16PiratesW 7-6  RGardnerWhitehead
5/16TigersW 7-2  RMeyersEllis
5/15TigersL 7-5  RCooneyShaw
5/15@TigersL 6-5  RCooneyGardner
5/15@TigersL 11-3  RDarbyLesko
5/15@Red SoxL 12-3  RLakeFuller
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