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Supersonics (0-0)  

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T-Mobile Park
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Expiring Contracts$Next Season
SP S.Ariel $1Return to draft
UT S.Bittner $1Return to draft
SS E.Clement $11Return to draft
C M.Cudd $11Return to draft
1B W.Dawkins $1Return to draft
RP J.Ford $1Return to draft
SP G.Marquez $1Return to draft
RP A.Moses $1Return to draft
SP E.Rhea $1Return to draft
SP O.Riley $1Return to draft
CF J.Samaniego $1Return to draft
RP P.Werner $1Return to draft
Signed Next Season$Yrs(+)
3B J.Aranda $35$2
RP S.Arnett $11
LF Q.Baer $21
LF J.Bleday $13$0
1B R.Borders $31
C A.Boychuk $92$2
DH M.Cronin $111
CF P.Culbertson $56$0
RP N.Federmon $151
LF J.Fleenor $13$0
1B I.Gibaut $34$1
C H.Ginn $23$0
2B M.Goldsmith $22$0
2B J.Homza $35$2
SP H.Ja Cho $33$2
RP G.Stupnitsky $11
SS C.Tamburro $12$0
SS J.Tona $16$2
2B W.Weickel $33$0
RF M.Whitt $101
CF J.Yospe $32$0
G.Bell Contract Delay
P.Berroa Contract Delay
A.Caraballo Contract Delay
G.Celestino Contract Delay
K.Clark Contract Delay
A.DuBord Contract Delay
T.Edman Contract Delay
D.Goggin Contract Delay
S.Guenther Contract Delay
J.Gutierrez Contract Delay
M.Hope Contract Delay
P.Joe Robinson Contract Delay
A.Kloffenstein Contract Delay
K.Mejias Contract Delay
K.Pimentel Contract Delay
R.Rott Contract Delay
C.Smith Contract Delay
A.Soularie Contract Delay
S.Whalen Contract Delay
2/17@GiantsW 4-3  RFordOrtiz
2/17@GiantsL 3-0  RSteinbachAriel
2/17@GiantsL 4-3  RGillsMarquez
2/17@GiantsW 2-1  RFordPell
2/17@BuffaloesL 7-2  RHancockJa Cho
2/17@BuffaloesL 6-5  RMaloneMoses
2/16@BuffaloesL 5-1  RFolseMoses
2/16@BuffaloesL 6-1  RLewisMarquez
2/16AthleticsL 11-3  RBostonRhea
2/16AthleticsL 4-0  RZamoraJa Cho
2/16AthleticsL 7-1  RShawarynRiley
2/15AthleticsL 17-5  RBlittAriel
2/15GiantsL 5-3  ROrtizPuerto
2/15GiantsL 4-3  RVegaPuerto
2/15GiantsL 5-1  RLovellWerner
2/15GiantsW 6-5  RBoothRuiz
2/14BuffaloesL 8-3  RFolseAriel
2/14BuffaloesL 5-4  RLewisMarquez
2/14BuffaloesL 8-2  RValerioRhea
2/14BuffaloesL 10-5  RDonaldFord
2/14@AthleticsL 7-0  RShawarynRiley
2/14@AthleticsL 5-1  RGrandyAriel
2/13@AthleticsL 10-1  RCostanzaMarquez
2/13@AthleticsL 3-1  RBostonRhea
2/13@OriolesL 4-3  RSwillingMoses
2/13@OriolesL 5-4  RWolfPuerto
2/13@OriolesW 6-1  RArielBoyle
2/12PiratesL 10-4  RThompsonMarquez
2/12PiratesW 9-3  RRheaLoaisiga
2/12PiratesL 13-4  RAustinJa Cho
2/12@White SoxL 7-3  RBednarRiley
2/12@White SoxL 4-0  RKnudsonAriel
2/12@White SoxL 10-0  ROakesMarquez
2/11RedsW 7-6  RBoothToliver
2/11RedsW 8-6  RMosesBuha
2/11RedsW 7-5  RMosesNelson
2/11@TigersL 6-0  RBucannonAriel
2/11@TigersL 8-7  RKelaPuerto
2/10@TigersL 11-8  RGrayRhea
2/10TwinsL 6-3  RLaraJa Cho
2/10TwinsL 9-2  RHermosilloRiley
2/10TwinsW 4-2  RArielMcKenzie
2/4@DiamondbacksL 17-2  RSeverinoMarquez
2/3@DiamondbacksL 8-7  RCovellPuerto
2/3@DiamondbacksL 11-2  RPaceNovak
2/3AngelsW 2-1  RRileyBrenner
2/3AngelsW 5-2  RArielOzimek
2/3AngelsL 8-3  RBanueloMarquez
2/2@BuffaloesW 7-2  RRheaValerio
2/2@BuffaloesL 4-0  RHancockNovak
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 9 #9 Wild Card
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