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106Ottawa Outlaws@Montreal Titans
107Ottawa Outlaws@Montreal Titans
108Ottawa Outlaws@Montreal Titans
109Ottawa Outlaws@Honolulu Beavcoons
110Ottawa Outlaws@Honolulu Beavcoons
111Ottawa Outlaws@Honolulu Beavcoons
112Richmond Flying Squirrel@Ottawa Outlaws
113Richmond Flying Squirrel@Ottawa Outlaws
114Richmond Flying Squirrel@Ottawa Outlaws
115Ottawa Outlaws@Iowa Corn Pickers
116Ottawa Outlaws@Iowa Corn Pickers
117Ottawa Outlaws@Iowa Corn Pickers
118Chicago Lost Cubs@Ottawa Outlaws
119Chicago Lost Cubs@Ottawa Outlaws
120Chicago Lost Cubs@Ottawa Outlaws
121Ottawa Outlaws@Michigan Tigers
122Ottawa Outlaws@Michigan Tigers
123Ottawa Outlaws@Michigan Tigers
124Mirabel Marauders@Ottawa Outlaws
125Mirabel Marauders@Ottawa Outlaws
126Mirabel Marauders@Ottawa Outlaws
127Chittenango Wizards of Oz@Ottawa Outlaws
128Chittenango Wizards of Oz@Ottawa Outlaws
129Chittenango Wizards of Oz@Ottawa Outlaws
130Ottawa Outlaws@Rochester Roid Rage
131Ottawa Outlaws@Rochester Roid Rage
132Ottawa Outlaws@Rochester Roid Rage
133Albuquerque Blue Crystals@Ottawa Outlaws
134Albuquerque Blue Crystals@Ottawa Outlaws
135Albuquerque Blue Crystals@Ottawa Outlaws
136Ottawa Outlaws@San Bernardino Livewires
137Ottawa Outlaws@San Bernardino Livewires
138Ottawa Outlaws@San Bernardino Livewires
139Montreal Titans@Ottawa Outlaws
140Montreal Titans@Ottawa Outlaws
141Montreal Titans@Ottawa Outlaws
142Honolulu Beavcoons@Ottawa Outlaws
143Honolulu Beavcoons@Ottawa Outlaws
144Honolulu Beavcoons@Ottawa Outlaws
145Ottawa Outlaws@Richmond Flying Squirrel
146Ottawa Outlaws@Richmond Flying Squirrel
147Ottawa Outlaws@Richmond Flying Squirrel
148Iowa Corn Pickers@Ottawa Outlaws
149Iowa Corn Pickers@Ottawa Outlaws
150Iowa Corn Pickers@Ottawa Outlaws
151Ottawa Outlaws@Chicago Lost Cubs
152Ottawa Outlaws@Chicago Lost Cubs
153Ottawa Outlaws@Chicago Lost Cubs
154Michigan Tigers@Ottawa Outlaws
155Michigan Tigers@Ottawa Outlaws
156Michigan Tigers@Ottawa Outlaws
157Ottawa Outlaws@Mirabel Marauders
158Ottawa Outlaws@Mirabel Marauders
159Ottawa Outlaws@Mirabel Marauders
160Ottawa Outlaws@Chittenango Wizards of Oz
161Ottawa Outlaws@Chittenango Wizards of Oz
162Ottawa Outlaws@Chittenango Wizards of Oz