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Playoff Series Breakdown

First Round Playoff: Royals @ Red Sox
Game 1Red Sox 4, Royals 2WP: Verlander
LP: Piñeiro
Game 2Royals 5, Red Sox 4WP: Cordero
LP: Avilan
Game 3Red Sox 4, Royals 3WP: Tejeda
LP: Mármol
Game 4Red Sox 8, Royals 2WP: Arrieta
LP: Garcia
Red Sox Win Series 3-1

First Round Playoff: Rockies @ Padres
Game 1Rockies 4, Padres 3WP: Lester
LP: Volquez
Game 2Rockies 4, Padres 0WP: Hammel
LP: Harden
Game 3Padres 6, Rockies 3WP: Pérez
LP: Saunders
Game 4Padres 11, Rockies 5WP: Sipp
LP: Gee
Game 5Rockies 5, Padres 4WP: Hammel
LP: Volquez
Rockies Win Series 3-2

First Round Playoff: Braves @ Cardinals
Game 1Cardinals 6, Braves 2WP: Smith
LP: Blackley
Game 2Cardinals 5, Braves 0WP: Shields
LP: Nolasco
Game 3Braves 3, Cardinals 2WP: Young
LP: Gorzelanny
Game 4Cardinals 8, Braves 3WP: Bullington
LP: Parker
Cardinals Win Series 3-1

First Round Playoff: Mariners @ Angels
Game 1Mariners 3, Angels 2WP: Santana
LP: Prior
Game 2Angels 6, Mariners 1WP: Floyd
LP: Oswalt
Game 3Angels 7, Mariners 5WP: Burnett
LP: Davies
Game 4Mariners 6, Angels 2WP: Haren
LP: Ankiel
Game 5Angels 3, Mariners 2WP: Perez
LP: Masset
Angels Win Series 3-2

Second Round Playoff: Rockies @ Cardinals
Game 1Cardinals 10, Rockies 5WP: Gorzelanny
LP: Lester
Game 2Rockies 7, Cardinals 4WP: Saunders
LP: Smith
Game 3Rockies 7, Cardinals 6WP: Wuertz
LP: Turnbow
Game 4Rockies 9, Cardinals 1WP: Humber
LP: Bullington
Game 5Rockies 6, Cardinals 4WP: Wuertz
LP: Marshall
Rockies Win Series 4-1

Second Round Playoff: Red Sox @ Angels
Game 1Angels 5, Red Sox 0WP: Sabathia
LP: Santana
Game 2Red Sox 7, Angels 0WP: Wilson
LP: Floyd
Game 3Red Sox 6, Angels 4WP: Verlander
LP: Prior
Game 4Angels 4, Red Sox 2WP: Ankiel
LP: Arrieta
Game 5Angels 7, Red Sox 1WP: Sabathia
LP: Santana
Game 6Red Sox 6, Angels 3WP: Wilson
LP: Floyd
Game 7Red Sox @ Angels
Series Tied 3-3