League Rules



Commissioner: bigalroulo


1) Logistics & Expectations
2) Schedule of Events
3) Contracts & Player Management
4) Transactions & Player Movement
5) Season & Post Season League Tasks


1) Logistics & Expectations

A) MLB:The Quest for Superstardom is a traditional league that uses fictional players only. Rosters will take shape using a fantasy draft. Players eligible at the start of the league are position players with a minimum of 400 AB, starting pitchers with a minimum of 150 IP and relievers with a minimum of 50 IP.

B) Once you've joined the league you are required to be active or you will be removed. If there is a situation where you can't be online in 7-10 days, send a message to the league office and let them know. Once you've been inactive for 10 days, you will be removed and banned from the league. No warnings or exceptions.

C) At any point if you have ANY issue or problem with anything that pertains to the league, a message to a member of the league office is required. The league office will ignore any issue unless extremely major that is brought up in the Chat Box. The Chat Box is used for friendly conversations or very basic questions and at no point should become hostile.

D) League Poll will be utilized to resolve major issues within the league and a league Message will be sent to explain the poll. Owners can discuss the topic of the poll in the Chat Box or via private message, for as long as the discussion remains respectful.

E) The League office has the ability to remove any owner from the league without any warning if that same owner breaks any rules, promotes breaking rules, or in all creates a negative atmosphere.


2) Schedule of Events

A) Spring Training Begins (29 games)
B) Regular Season Begins (1 sim per day, covering 6 days in the schedule)
C) All Star Break (Depending on schedule, around day 100)
D) Trade/Extension Deadline (Day 120, simulations stop for 2 REAL days)
E) Season Ends (Game 162)
F) Playoffs (1-5-7-7)
G) Offseason begins & Contracts must be signed for players you intend to keep.
H) Players & contracts progressed, aged and retired. Position changes, pitcher conversions.
I) Trading Open
J) Rookie Draft
K) Free Agent Bidding (MLB & International players)
L) Supplemental draft
M) Free for all free agency Open
N) End of offseason


3) Contracts & Player Management

A) CAP SPACE- Teams in this league all start with the same parameters of 25 keepers. Max players in your organization is 40. Budget for each team is 150$.

Be sure to get comfortable with the concepts of payroll, you must be at or under budget at all times.

B) ROSTER SIZE- MLB roster size is 25 and you must carry it through preseason, the regular season and the postseason. Each team must carry a minimum of 1 player per position, 5 starters and 7 relievers. You will be able to carry as much as 15 players in the minors. Should you not respect the roster size you will be penalized: 1st offense will result in the loss of your 3rd round pick, 2nd offense will cause your team at fault to lose its 2nd round pick, 3rd offense will make you lose your 1st round pick.

If you still don't understand after three warnings, you to be terminated from the league.

You may NEVER go over budget at any time. Should you go over budget, you will lose your team's 1st round pick in the following draft and the player(s) causing you to go over budget. You are responsible of your team budget. You have to stay at all times within budget. Should you not respect this rule more than once, you will be terminated from this league.

You will get a message warning you that you have gone over the maximum budget permitted during the course of the season and will be notified with the sanction. It is YOUR responsibility to remain within your allowed budget.

The following rules have been instituted to make poorly run organizations manageable. Requests should be made to the League Office prior to conclusion of season in which
you join, or during the same offseason, whichever applies.

- CUTTING CONTRACTS- You are not allowed to cut players signed to contracts unless you are a new owner taking over a team that has bad contracts signed. If that is the situation you will have a one time chance to cut ONE contract. The player whose contract gets cut will immediately become a free agent and the team cutting him cannot re-sign the player until the next offseason free agency period. The player who gets cut may be put into a "special free agent auction bidding" situation at the League Office's discretion.

- SIGNING INDIVIDUAL CONTRACTS - In Pennant Chase this often can be the difference between competing for a championship and struggling to survive in a league without big market payrolls. In this league, you will be allowed to offer a contract extension to a player who is in the final season of his contract (return to draft). You could hold on to a player throughout his whole career as long as you can fit him in your payroll. Please note that on the manage contracts page when resigning a player you will still see: "You cannot extend a contract, so choose the number of years wisely". Please make abstraction of it as it will not apply to our league.

E) IMPORTANT FYI FOR ROOKIE GM’S: In Pennant Chase, when a player shows up on a contract page (the immediate page after clicking on your team name from league page, standings or anywhere else for that matter), he’s always on your team one year longer than what the number actually says. For instance, an expiring contract (RETURN TO DRAFT year) means that the player is in the final year of his contract, 1 year left means 2, 2 years left means 3 and so on and so forth.

F) PLAYER RAISES: When signing a player, you will need to deal with the raise per year the player is asking for. If the player is asking for a 3$ raise per year, it is what it is. It's your decision to sign him or not. Contracts will not get revised by the league commission. Negative raises are not allowed.

G) ROOKIE CONTRACTS: Draft picks are eligible for rookie contracts. Rookies will be signed to a 2$/3 year deal as an entry level contract, to your discretion. Their contracts will count within the 25 keepers so manage your contracts wisely. Once a rookie contract ends, the player has to be signed to a pro contract or he will become a free agent.

H) PROSPECT CREATION: There will not be any real MLB prospect creation in this league. The only created players will be fictional players for the amateur draft.

I) SLUMP BUSTER: We will not be using slump bust in this league.

J) PLAYER POTENTIAL: In this league, we will exclusively be using the U (unpredictable) potential. Every offseason, player progression will be random and will not be in any way related to the age or talent of a player.

K) FIRE POINTS: We will not be using FIRE points for players in this league.


4) Transactions & Player Movement

A) TRADES: In this league, you will be allowed a maximum of 5 trades per season. Draft picks cannot be dealt. Again, make sure that the players you will be dealing for will not put you over the cap otherwise the trade will be reversed.

B) DRAFT- There will be three rounds to the amateur draft. The amateur draft will take place after the playoffs. Teams will need to rank their draftees list (top right of your team page) to insure that they may get the players they want if they choose to automate their picks. The draft shall be very important considering the league parameters.

Slow draft will be used to get through the draft process. Too often, owners do not or cannot attend live drafts. Using the slow draft allows all owners to make their own selection as long as they take care of their team. A 24 hour time limit will be applied on every selection. The draft will take multiple days to complete because of the process.

C) OFFSEASON FREE AGENTS- With contracts expiring at the end of the season, players in that situation will become free agents should they not be extended by their teams. Those free agents will be put into a bidding fashion, players going to the largest overall offer (i.e years x dollars equals amount, thus a 3 yr/6M offer will better a 4 yr/4M offer). Bids of zero dollars will NOT be allowed. The maximum years for a contract will be 8 years. Maximum raise per contract year is 3$. The raise per year will be the same every year for the duration of the contract. All players listed under the free agent tab are available for bidding.

All bids are to be in the following format: LAD SP Clayton Kershaw $10/8yrs/$0=$80

Free agent bidding will be ongoing until there is a 24 hour period in which no free agent receives an offer. If a player you are interested in has been bidded on, you have 24 hours to place a higher bid on him otherwise he will be assigned to the team who had placed the previous highest bid. The league office will list all the bids on the main page during the free agency period along with the time the bid has been posted. The bids have to be sent through the commissioner's inbox. PUBLIC BIDS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

ALWAYS make sure that your bids will not put you over your allowed team budget. If that would be the case, your bid(s) will be voided.

D) SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT- Following the free agent signing period, teams who do not carry the minimum of 25 players on their roster will take part in the supplemental draft in order to fill up the roster. The team will get through the supplemental draft the total amount of players required to carry a 25 man roster.

E) IN-SEASON FREE AGENTS- After a player is released he will be placed in the league free agent pool. These players are first come first serve. Important to remember again that it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain 25 MLB players and a maximum of 40 players in your organisation at all times or you are forcing the leadership to correct it for you. We owe it to the other GM’s to account for this swiftly.

E) TRADE DEADLINE- The trade deadline will usually be on day 120 but may move forward or backward slightly based on the sim schedule. The league office will announce the trade deadline. Trading will be turned off after this day. Trades will be reinstated immediately after the draft. If a player that is traded for has a contract, the new owner team is responsible for the remainder of the contract.

F) PLAYER POSITIONS- Players in this league play only one position.

G) DISABLED LIST- Teams can use their minor league squads as injured reserve fill-ins. A player that gets injured is allowed to be put into the minors system as an injured reserve roster.

H) OFFSEASON PLAYER PROGRESSION- Players will be progressed once after each season. Players in the majors and minors are progressed the same amount. This will allow the players to have realistic stats throughout their careers. Player progression will vary every year because of the U progression we use in this league.

I) PLAYER EXTENSIONS – Contract extensions are meant as just one more option as a GM to retain talent if you so choose before losing a player to free agency and will promote player/team loyalty.


5) Season & Post Season Tasks


- The All-Star break is a time where off days are granted to rest up your team so you can revamp your team for the stretch run. There will be 2 real days off and 4 sim days off for the All-Star break.

- We will not play an All-Star game and All-Stars will be selected by the Commissioner. We will keep track of All-Stars from year to year. All-Star teams will be made up of 30 players from each league. All star teams will be made up of 12 P, 2 C, 2 1B, 2 2B, 2 3B, 2 SS, 6 OF & 2 UTIL/DH. Every team is guaranteed ONE All-Star...just like real All-Star teams.


- The playoffs are made up of 5 teams from each league. There will be 1 day of simulated rest between the regular season and the playoffs and one day off after the wild card games. Should two or more teams have the same record after 162 games and be tied for a playoff berth, there will be an elimination game to determine who gets in. The team that will host the elimination game will be the one who had the best record against their opponent during the course of the regular season.

- Division winners own home field over wildcards regardless of records. Home field thereafter is determined by better record.

- Each league has three division winners and two wild cards. The 2 wild card teams will play an elimination game to begin the playoffs and the winner of that game will play against the #1 seeded division winner in the Divisional Series. The other two division winners will compete in the other Divisional Series. A day off will be granted after Wild Card games.

- Format of games will be 1 for 1st round, 2-2-1 for 2nd round, 2-3-2 for all rounds thereafter.

- Current MLB rules will be used for tie-breaker.

“day off” granted after game 2 in division series
“day off” granted after game 4 in division series

“day off” granted in between Divisional round and League Championship round.

“day off” granted after game 2 in Championship series
“day off” granted after game 5 in Championship series

-Two “days off” granted in between League Championship round and World Series.

“day off” granted after game 2 in World series
“day off” granted after game 5 in World series

Each offseason the league will determine the MVP and CY YOUNG winner in both leagues based on PC ranking.


**Understand that this is for FUN!**
**DO NOT make life miserable for other owners.**

Anyone who doesn't respect these rules will be terminated from this league and banned from returning to it.