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League Rules

1. DRAFT -- You are assigned a team as soon as you join the league. Click the "Draft My Team!" link from your My Team page. (The "My Team" link is in the top banner, just below the website logo.) You will rank players, and once the league fills, one round will be run every 8 hours until all teams have 14 players. For the FAVORITE TEAMS format, you select a franchise and build your roster based on a budget.

2. TEAM DETAILS -- Be sure to modify any team details, such as Name, Logo, Park, etc. before the league fills and the season starts. Team details will lock about one week into the season.

3. SEASON START -- After the final team joins and drafts, games will begin soon, and you will be notified by email. Be sure to set your lineup, strategy and team details if you haven't done so already.

4. FINAL ROSTER SIZE -- When the games begin, the roster limit will be set to a final 14 (two of those players must be inactive). Only 12 players can be active for each game.

6. TRANSACTIONS, TRADES, FREE AGENCY, ETC. -- Free agents can be signed after the first game of the season. You cannot drop players who are on the NO DROP list. Teams can make up to five trades before game 65. Please keep trades fair. Note, FAVORITE TEAMS leagues don't allow trades or free agents.

7. INJURIES -- Players can get injured for up to five games. Injured players can still play, but they will be 15% less effective. There will be no injuries in the play-offs.

8. TIEBREAKERS -- Head-to-head match up will be used where possible, otherwise team with highest Power Ranking wins. In case of more than two teams, Power Ranking will be used.

9. SCHEDULED OFF DAYS -- Teams will be granted three days off at mid-season, and three days off before the post-season starts.

10. POST-SEASON -- Top six teams make the play-offs with the top two teams getting a first-round bye. Teams will get re-seeded so the best team plays the lowest available seed in the second round. All series are best of seven.

11. QUIT LEAGUE -- Once a season starts, owners cannot quit until their team's season is over.

16. NEXT SEASON -- All players will be removed from their roster a few days after the season is over. The league champ and award winners will be recorded in the user details. Users who have not logged in for 30 days are removed from the league and new owners will be invited. The draft ranking will open up no sooner than three days after the finals.

League Settings

Note, in Auto Leagues, some of these will change once the season starts, and as the season progresses.
Year Range of Stats1974 - 2024
Roster Size14
Min Active Players8
Max Active Players12
Change Stats Allowed
Free Agency
No-Drop List
Injuries (5 games max)
Player Training (1unlimited schedule days)
User Sims (every 8 hours)