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League Rules

Be The Manager is a league that uses stats and rosters from 2019 MLB Season. All times listed are EST. You can own the MLB and their AAA Affiliate.

Commissioner: Mark15 (A little about myself I originally was introduced to PC about 6-7 years ago when I played for about 2 years. Now I am back and looking forward to making this a great league.)

Vice-Commissioner: TBD

-World Series End, Deadline for franchise tags, player extensions (if applicable)
-Progressions run, Players retire, position changes, stadium renovations open
-Trading turned on
-FA Bidding
-Rookie Draft
-Pick ups turned on
-Season starts
-All star break (after day 110 original schedule)
-Trade deadline (after day 121 original schedule)
-Expanded rosters (after day 153 original schedule)
-End of season
-Post season

-Major league teams budgets are $250
-Minor league teams budgets are $175
-You are able to go over budget during off season or during expanded rosters
-If you go over budget during the season for any reason you have 48 hours to get under budget.
-If you fail to get under budget you will get a message. If you fail to get under budget 24 hours after that you will lose a first round draft pick for the upcoming draft.. (if you do not have a first you will lose the closest to a first that you have.

-All players must have a contract during the season!!!
-We do not use the free year in this league (where a player says “return to draft” on your team page). Once a player has one year left on his contract, he becomes a free agent at the conclusion of that season

Major league contracts can not be resigned so plan accordingly.

Rookie contracts:
1st round- $3/3yr
2nd & 3rd round- $2/3yr
4th & 5th round- $1/3yr
-Rookie contracts can be cut with no consequence however, during the season the players must go through waivers.
-When they expire the player must be signed to another type of contract or lost to Free agency.

Minor League Contracts:
- They are $2/1yr contracts.
-Players must be on your AAA roster at the start of the season. If not the player will be removed from your team.
-Minor League Contracts are renewable. (notify commissioner before the offseason starts)

Franchise Tags:
-A team may place a franchise tag on one player, although tagging a player is not required.
-Once that player is franchised, they will add $8 milto their salary
-When a player is franchised the owner may choose how many years the franchise tag is for 1 or 2 years

Ex. Before Franchise Tag: Clayton Kershaw $4 mil/ 1 years
After Franchise Tag: Clayton Kershaw $12 mil/x years

If you would like to place a franchise tag on a player please message the commish or vice in this format:
EX. SP Clayton Kershaw
Franchise Tag- 2years

Contract Extensions:
- Contracts may be extended 1 time only.
-It will be +3 per year for no more than 3 years.

Cutting Contracts:
-Only new GM's can cut contracts and pay 0% of the contract no matter if the player is claimed on waivers or not.
-New GM's have 1 week upon joining to message the commissioner to cut contracts.

40 Man Rosters:
-Before start of Season or Spring Training Every Owner must submit a 40-man roster to the league office. These are the players allowed to play at the Major league level.
If you want to remove a player from the 40 man roster during the season you must submit him for a DFA. (see below)

DFA: When you designate a player for assignment, you will have 2 real days to decide whether to trade him to a new team (a team that claims him),or let a team claim him.
-if a team does not claim the player you can outright the player to the minors or release him. If you do nothing in three days, then he will automatically be released while paying half his salary over the years of the contract.
-If you outright him to the minors, then he will be outright off the 40-man roster. If you choose to outright, you must notify the front office so the tag can be removed.

Claiming process:
-Once a player is DFA'd, the team with the worse records have priority. There will be a 24-hour claim period, if multiple teams start claiming a player, the team with the worse record will have priority. After 24 hours, the team with the worst record will get rights to the player.
-Once a team WINS a claim on a player, they will be moved to the bottom of the list.
-A list will be kept with the commissioners office. You can request it at any time.

-Minors on the major league team will be used as a disabled list
-GM's have 24 hours after a player becomes healthy to remove them from the disabled list.
-If they are not removed the commissioner will remove them and if it puts a team over budget a penalty could be enforced.
-26 roster spots on both Major and AAA teams. AAA teams have 10 minor spots that also can be used.
-Rosters expanded to 28 after day 153
-At the start of the regular season teams must have a full 26 man roster. If not the team will forfeit the highest draft pick for the next draft.

-All players can be traded from end of world series to the trading deadline.
-Picks from upcoming draft and the following year draft can be traded.
-3+ teams are allowed. If it occurs ALL owners involved in the trade MUST message the commissioner with ALL the details.

Trade Review:
-Trades will be reviewed if an owner requests it. Otherwise, trades will not be reviewed.
-They must be submitted by direct message to commish or vice commish.
-League message will be sent and sims halted for 48 hours as league wide poll is conducted. If conclusion is reached before 48 hours, sims will resume.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to have a trade reviewed, you have 72 hours following the completion of the trade to send the message. Otherwise the message will not be considered. Also, once the review has been asked of, 48 hours will be allocated following a LM about the review. If no verdict is decided within those 48 hours, the trade will stand.

Free Agency:
- during the offseason we will have 1 or 2 rounds (depending on amount free agents and good they are) of blind bidding on any available free agents. This will occur before the draft but after player progression.
- all players not under contract will become free agents.
- the bids will be in this format: SP John Jones 3yrs/5mil/= 15mil total. (no raises in this league)
- only top 3 highest bidders will be allowed to rebid after the update.
- bidding will last for 48 hours.
- rebids will then last for 48 hours after the update is posted from original bidding.
- all free agents will be available for the 1st round
-if there is a tie for highest bidder there will be a notification sent to bid higher or forfiet ur bid.
- if a bid is $50mil more than the next highest bidder then that team will win that player automatically.

-5 rounds of fictional players 18-22 year olds.
NOTE: rounds could change if there is a need for or excess of players.

-All types of Potentials will be used and players will progressed until 28 and will start to regress at 32.

Fall Ball:
-Each team gets the opportunity to send 1 pitcher and 1 batter to fall ball.
-Must be on rookie contract
fielding (CAN NOT EXCEED .985)

stamina (CAN NOT EXCEED 100)

Position Changes:
-any position changes are to be done during offseason only.
-1 request per season.
-must be 26 or under or over 34 for positional players.
-Starting pitchers can be converted to relievers after they reach 32 years old.
-relievers can be converted to starters only if under 25 years old (if real player such as a prospect they must have started in the minors at least)
-No ridiculous position changes such as from outfield to catcher or from 1b to ss. position changes accepted will only be:
C to 1B
1b/3b- to 3b/1b
2b/ss- to ss/2b
ss/3b- to 3b/ss
ss/2b- to 2b/ss
2b/3b- to 3b/2b
of- to 1b (must have played 1b before or have as secondary position)
of- to 3b (must have played 3b before or have as secondary position)
of- to 2b (must have played 2b before or have as secondary position)

Season schedule:
-Spring training-TBD

Major league: Regular Season 2018 MLB schedule.
Minor league: Schedule TBD

Post season Schedule:
One Day Off
Wild Card Games: AL, then NL
One Day Off

Game One
Game Two
One Day Off
Game Three (four days off if team wins)
*Game Four (three days off if team wins)
One Day Off
*Game Five
Two Days Off

Game One
Game Two
One Days Off
Game Three
Game Four (four days off if team wins)
*Game Five (three days off if team wins)
One Days Off
*Game Six (two days off if team wins)
*Game Seven
Two Days Off

d. World Series (22 format)
Game One
Game Two
One Days Off
Game Three
Game Four (four days off if team wins)
*Game Five (three days off if team wins)
One Days Off
*Game Six (two days off if team wins)
*Game Seven


Stadium Renovations:
-3 mil per side per level.
-5 mil for both sides per level

ALL stars:
-starters will be voted on by managers
-Bench will be filled in by Commissioner to ensure that every team gets a representative.

- MVP, Cy Young and ROY will be voted on.

-Players will retire on their own or be forced to retire after 40 unless they are signed to a contract.

Hall of Fame:
-After 3rd season retired players may be voted into hall of fame.
-max of 2 per season.

-Sometime down the line, especially if the waiting list is super long, we may or may not have an expansion. If we do, then it will be two teams and two owners on the top of the waiting list will be placed as owners.

-Expansion Draft Guidelines TBD

GM Expectations:


As a GM in any PC league, you must be active in the league. I'm not saying you have to make a trade every single day. However, to prevent owners from thinking that they can just be inactive and get away with it, if you are inactive for 7 days (unless you notify a commish) then you will be removed from your team and be put on the waiting list.


Also in any PC league, you are required to not tank to try and get a higher draft pick. These are all things that count as tanking:

Trading away your best players
Not trying to improve your team
Placing players out of position
Batting great players lower in the lineup (unless you have too many great players in the lineup already)
Placing awesomely defensive players as the DH (unless you already have someone that’s better defensively)


As a GM, you are also required to do the following:

Not cuss out other GMs
Not say any slurs (racial, homophobic, etc.)
Not own 3 or more teams


If you do any of these things (besides being inactive as mentioned), then the punishments will be the following:

1st offense-warning
2nd offense- loss of first round draft pick
3rd offense- $10M fine (unless it puts you over thecap, then a loss of a first round pick)
4th offense- Loss of team, banned from league

Cheating is strictly not allowed, and anyone caught cheating will be removed and banned from the league immediately.

Be the Manager's Cheating System:
1st offense- warning
2nd offense- $10M fine (unless it puts you over the cap, then a loss of a second round pick)
3rd offense- Loss of team, put at end of waiting list
4th offense- Banned

League News:
-There will be a news article posted every few in league days about happenings in the league it is called the Diamond Club.
-If anyone has suggestions or would like to have an interview in the news message the GM.

These rules were adapted from multiple different leagues along with some of the league specific rules. I would like to make mention of a few of the contributors.
MLB: Road to Greatness
The X-Factor.