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Auto League 87 Best of 1980s

List of No Drop Players

3B Boggs, Wade (Cajun City Comets)
3B Brett, George (Salisbury Ironworkers)
SS Brooks, Hubie (Montreal Expos)
SP Candelaria, John (Atlanta Bulldogs)
1B Clark, Will (New York Gems)
SP Clemens, Roger (New York Gems)
1B Cooper, Cecil (Cleveland Crusaders)
OF Daniels, Kal (Cajun City Comets)
RP Davis, Ron (Cajun City Comets)
CL Dawley, Bill (Chicago White Sox)
SP DeLeon, Jose (Salisbury Ironworkers)
SU Dibble, Rob (Chicago White Sox)
OF Easler, Mike (Cajun City Comets)
CL Eckersley, Dennis (Atlanta Bulldogs)
CL Eichhorn, Mark (Texas Heat)
1B Evans, Dwight (Texas Heat)
SP Gooden, Dwight (Philly Fire)
CL Gossage, Rich (Montreal Expos)
OF Greenwell, Mike (Montreal Expos)
OF Guerrero, Pedro (Texas Heat)
SP Guidry, Ron (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
OF Gwynn, Tony (Texas Heat)
OF Henderson, Rickey (Cleveland Crusaders)
RP Henke, Tom (Cleveland Crusaders)
SP Higuera, Teddy (Montreal Expos)
OF Lacy, Lee (Atlanta Bulldogs)
SU Ladd, Pete (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
OF Lowenstein, John (Philly Fire)
3B Madlock, Bill (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
1B Mattingly, Don (Tuvalu Copras)
RP McGraw, Tug (Tuvalu Copras)
DH Molitor, Paul (Cajun City Comets)
OF Mumphrey, Jerry (Texas Heat)
CL Myers, Randy (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
SU Niedenfuer, Tom (Atlanta Bulldogs)
RP Ontiveros, Steve (Chicago White Sox)
SP Perez, Pascual (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
OF Raines, Tim (Montreal Expos)
SP Richard, J.R. (Cleveland Crusaders)
RP Russell, Jeff (New York Gems)
3B Schmidt, Mike (Chicago White Sox)
SP Scott, Mike (Cajun City Comets)
RP Smith, Dave (Atlanta Bulldogs)
OF Smith, Lonnie (Shawnigan Lake Sharks)
SS Trammell, Alan (Cleveland Crusaders)
SP Tudor, John (Philly Fire)
SP Valenzuela, Fernando (Salisbury Ironworkers)
OF Winfield, Dave (Salisbury Ironworkers)

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