List of No Drop Players

RP Adams, Mike (Portland Pixystix)
1B Bagwell, Jeff (Carolina Shores)
CL Benoit, Joaquin (Chicago Cubs)
OF Bonds, Barry (Breakof Red Dawn)
3B Brett, George (TU CHHS 99)
1B Cash, Norm (The Barnstormers)
OF Cobb, Ty (Worcester Wolves)
OF DiMaggio, Joe (Humbolt 💰⚾)
CL Doolittle, Sean (Worcester Wolves)
RP Feliz, Neftali (Chicago Cubs)
1B Foxx, Jimmie (Breakof Red Dawn)
RP Gagne, Eric (Carolina Shores)
1B Gehrig, Lou (Humbleberg Feather Cats)
RP Hader, Josh (The Barnstormers)
OF Heilmann, Harry (Portland Pixystix)
1B Helton, Todd (Chicago Cubs)
OF Herman, Babe (Carolina Shores)
2B Hornsby, Rogers (The Barnstormers)
OF Jackson, Joe (Garner Gorillas)
RP Jansen, Kenley (The Barnstormers)
SP Johnson, Walter (Cleveland Crush)
SP Kershaw, Clayton (Game of Thrones)
RP Kimbrel, Craig (Cleveland Crush)
SP Koufax, Sandy (Carolina Shores)
2B Lajoie, Nap (Garner Gorillas)
SP Martinez, Pedro (Cleveland Crush)
SP McNally, Dave (Cleveland Crush)
SU Miller, Andrew (Worcester Wolves)
OF Musial, Stan (Game of Thrones)
OF O'Doul, Lefty (Humbolt 💰⚾)
OF Ruth, Babe (Humbolt 💰⚾)
SP Sale, Chris (Chicago Cubs)
SP Scherzer, Max (Carolina Shores)
1B Sisler, George (Worcester Wolves)
RP Street, Huston (Portland Pixystix)
1B Thomas, Frank (Worcester Wolves)
SP Tiant, Luis (Portland Pixystix)
RP Uehara, Koji (The Barnstormers)
SS Vaughan, Arky (TU CHHS 99)
CL Wagner, Billy (TU CHHS 99)
OF Walker, Larry (Humbleberg Feather Cats)
SP Walsh, Ed (The Barnstormers)
OF Williams, Ted (Worcester Wolves)