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List of No Drop Players

This list is designed to keep leagues fair by preventing teams from colluding with other teams and dropping good players that other teams could scoop up.

C Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem (Silksong)
SF Barkley, Charles (Hustlers)
PG Billups, Chauncey (Dunktonians)
SF Bird, Larry (Dunktonians)
SG Bryant, Kobe (Dunktonians)
PG Curry, Stephen (Menjai)
SF Durant, Kevin (Draybong)
PF Garnett, Kevin (76ers)
SG Harden, James (Hustlers)
SF James, LeBron (Fighting Illini)
PG Johnson, Magic (Boomers)
C Jokic, Nikola (LowRiders)
SG Jordan, Michael (Dote)
C Malone, Moses (Fighting Illini)
PF Malone, Karl (Stags)
C McAdoo, Bob (76ers)
SG McGrady, Tracy (Knights)
PF McHale, Kevin (Fighting Illini)
PF Nowitzki, Dirk (Draybong)
C O'Neal, Shaquille (Boomers)
C Olajuwon, Hakeem (Silksong)
PG Paul, Chris (Stags)
C Robinson, David (Knights)
PG Stockton, John (Menjai)