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March Through History: 2014

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DeWitt sparks 11-3 win for Angels

Blake DeWitt's hot bat helped the Angels to a 11-3 win over the White Sox. DeWitt collected 4 hits in the game. Los Angeles's Steven Pearce had 4 RBIs. Brett Cecil was on fire, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings for Los Angeles. | Box

Pirates ride Moscoso to victory over Rays

Guillermo Moscoso was brilliant last night, allowing just 3 hits over 8 innings, leading the Pirates to a 5-0 win over the Rays. | Box

Big game for Uggla lifts Yankees to victory

Dan Uggla drove in 4 runs, carrying New York to a 8-5 victory over the Phillies. | Box

Cabrera delivers in clutch, Red Sox win

Miguel Cabrera drove in 5 runs, carrying Boston to a 9-7 victory over the Nationals. | Box

Corbin whiffs 8 in 1-0 win

Patrick Corbin struckout 8 San Francisco batters in a 1-0 win for the Reds. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

C. Kotchman, Indians .3332 HR10 RBI
J. Hermida, Mets .4293 HR8 RBI
R. Raburn, Blue Jays .5003 HR6 RBI
M. Cabrera, Red Sox .4002 HR7 RBI
B. Wood, Diamondbacks .3534 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

M. Saunders, Reds 0 for 19 (.000)
K. Fukudome, Twins 3 for 21 (.143)
J. Reddick, White Sox 0 for 18 (.000)
E. Andrus, Marlins 2 for 19 (.105)
J. Giavotella, Braves 0 for 16 (.000)

Leaders: RBI

F. Freeman, Dodgers 21
L. Milledge, Athletics 20
J. Hamilton, Giants 19
E. Encarnacion, Twins 18
N. Markakis, Cardinals 18

Leaders: Wins

J. Arrieta, Reds 4
M. Harrison, Indians 4
R. Porcello, Astros 4
J. Sowers, Mets 4
D. Willis, Pirates 4

Traded Draft Picks

PHI receives MIL 2015 2nd (Jackson)
STL receives SFG 2015 1st (Scherzer)
SFG receives STL 2015 2nd (Scherzer)
COL receives TBR 2015 1st (swap)
COL receives CHC 2015 1st, CHC 2015 3rd (Johnson)
CHC receives COL 2015 2nd (Johnson)
NYY receives CIN 2015 1st, CIN 2015 2nd (Beachy)
BOS receives OAK 2015 2nd (Lee Dump)
WAS receives OAK 2015 2nd (via BOS) (swap)
BOS receives CIN 2015 3rd (swap)
BOS receives CIN 2015 2nd (via NYY) (swap)
MIN receives PHI 2015 2nd, PHI 2015 3rd (Germano)
WAS receives MIL 2015 2nd (via PHI) (Granderson)
COL receives CHW 2015 1st, CHW 2016 1st (cap)
BAL receives COL 2016 2nd (Molina)
BOS receives STL 2016 1st (Maholm)
BOS receives CHW 2015 3rd, CHW 2016 2nd (Jennings)
MIL receives PHI 2016 1st, PHI 2016 3rd (Price)
ATL receives CIN 2016 1st (Saunders)
CHC receives CLE 2016 2nd (Lewis)
NYM receives KCR 2015 1st, KCR 2015 2nd (Greinke)
MIL receives STL 2015 1st, STL 2015 3rd (Jackson)
MIN receives OAK 2015 1st (Floyd)
PHI receives OAK 2016 2nd (Slowey)
CLE receives TBR 2015 2nd, TBR 2015 3rd (Buck)
BOS receives OAK 2015 3rd, OAK 2016 1st (Ankiel)
CLE receives CHC 2015 2nd, CHC 2016 1st (Hughes)
CLE receives STL 2016 2nd, STL 2016 3rd (Carmona)
SFG receives SFG 2015 1st (via STL) (Parra)

Cap Trades/Penalties

CHW acquires $15 from COL
COL acquires $7 from BAL
MIL acquires $1 from PHI
MIL acquires $1 from STL
ATL acquires $2 from CIN
MIL acquires $1 from STL
WAS acquires $3 from BOS
OAK acquires $3 from BOS
LAA acquires $1 from CIN
COL acquires $2 from LAD

Position Changes

BOS: A.J. Pierzynski, 1B/C --> C/1B (previous position)
CHC: James Shields, SP --> RP
CHW: Sean Burnett, SP --> RP
CIN: Tom Gorzelanny, SP --> RP
CLE: Daisuke Matsuzaka, SP --> RP
CLE: Chin-hui Tsao, SP --> RP
COL: Chris Capuano, SP --> RP
COL: Jorge de La Rosa, SP --> RP
KCR: Chris Davis, 1B/3B --> 3B/1B
PHI: Robinson Tejada, SP --> RP
SEA: Emmanuel Burriss, 2B/SS --> SS/2B (previous position)
SEA: Marwin Gonzalez, SS/UT --> OF/UT
SFG: RA Dickey, SP --> RP
SFG: Jimmy Rollins, SS/IF --> OF/IF
TBR: J.A. Happ, SP --> RP
TBR: Micah Owings, SP --> RP
TEX: Derek Norris, 1B/C --> C/1B (previous position)
WAS: Alfredo Aceves, SP --> RP
WAS: Cesar Izturis, 2B/SS --> SS/2B

Cut Players/Contracts

Listed monetary value is amount of money deducted from cap per season.

NYY: RP Steve Cishek, $3
NYY: OF Franklin Gutierrez, $3
NYY: 3B Jordan Pacheco, $3
NYY: SP Andy Sonnanstine, $4

NYY: RP Steve Cishek, $3
NYY: 3B Jordan Pacheco, $3

NYY: RP Steve Cishek, $3
NYY: 3B Jordan Pacheco, $3

NYY: RP Steve Cishek, $3
NYY: 3B Jordan Pacheco, $3

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Boone Logan picked up by San Diego Padres
1/26/2021 Player Signed
Alex Romero picked up by San Diego Padres
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Antonio Perez picked up by Toronto Blue Jays
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1/26/2021 AnnoyedJayslater1223
Where I know I'd love to see us go (and you've made all the right steps thus far, Guy.) and commishes have a hint by seeing in player edits that oWAR data is at least loaded onto the site. The problem will arise with plenty of folks not having much of a clue as to what oWAR is, or how to attempt to translate it back to into Real Stats numbers that match the weighted on base events in the first place.

I think a solution is to use league average wOBA's as yardsticks for season leagues, or era leagues and to build in a 'calculator' where the user can simply punch in the real stats and generate a relevant oWAR number. Now I'm not a coder, I don't have a clue as to how much effort that would entail. But you are pretty friggin' good at this Gbacci. I have faith. :)

Now you will always need individualized events, those tied to the ratio of extra base hits, each kind of extra base hit, errors, walks, strikeouts, but what you could then do, is encompass both WAR numbers together, not to simple 'get WAR', but to translate that to a 'true rank'. I think even though dWAR is calculated by different methods throughout history because of increased knowledge and technology, really all you're looking for is over time, (we have well over 100 seasons of data.) is the average percentage of how much a player's oWAR vs their dWAR makes up their total WAR can then be used a methodology for an improved 'Position Player' Rank system.

Pitching Rank is fine. But it's important to also use the common sense of how baseball is played. What's a walk? A free base. What's a hit? Well, that could be just one base but that could also be more damage. What's a strikeout? The batter doesn't put the ball in play at all. No one has to make a play.

What do you do in the field? Field the ball. Does a team full of poor fielders ever win? No. A team full of poor fielders is a statistical impossibility. Based on survivor bias. If they're not getting the job done early, they'll never accumulate the dWAR to have a historic terrible Fielding season. ONE OR TWO POOR FIELDERS MAY REMAIN BECAUSE THEIR BAT'S JUST TOO POWERFUL, but ignoring defense in real life won't win you a ton of ball games.

It's position players/hitters that offer the problems here for newer users.
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