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1971 MLB Season

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Message me if you need SP changed to RP and vice versa (No Limit) Check Rules for Stamina.

Teams need to be 25/10 January 5th

DRAFT RANK will be turned on January 5th/6th

Draft will be January 8th

Teams need to be back to 25/10 January 9th


This is part of a explained reason on why from another league I am in. He actually contacted gbacci about it and he told him. So this is part of it from the other league.

The difference is that most Custom Leagues double the stats of players with low ABs and IPs until they get to a reasonably high number. This ensures two things - that all players receive progressions, and that there aren't really big progressions for players.

The reason for this is that progressions only work for players with a minimum of 100 At Bats and 20 Innings Pitched in their real stats. So if you have players with less ABs/IPs than that, they will not have progressed, and they will never progress. They will, however, regress just like everyone else when they reach the age of regression (34 in this league).

The other thing that happens (this isn't anywhere on the site but just from my own experience) is that players who ARE above the minimums, but just barely, like 123 ABs or 26 IPs for example will often get much bigger progressions than players with really high ABs and IPs. At least that's what it seems like to me.

This matters a lot in terms of who you trade for, who you draft, and which players you decide to jump seasons for. For an example, I traded for Frank Gilhooley a few seasons ago. He was very young and had good stats. I thought to myself that I was getting a great deal, but didn't realize that he wouldn't progress at all because he had low stats. Argh!!! Last season, I tried something with him that I'm not sure will be a benefit but we'll see. I chose Gilhooley as one of my players to jump seasons with, only in this case, he got quite a bit worse when he made the jump. BUT, he now has enough ABs to progress, and he's still pretty young. It will take a while to see if this was worthwhile. Anyway, just thought I'd pass this info along to everyone so that we're all on the same page (especially the new owners, I'm guessing the original owners have figured this out by now). I'm thinking I should put something about this on the rules page so that it's really clear for everyone. Since most of you are in quite a few other leagues, it's sometimes hard to remember all the differences.

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Selma baffles Dodgers, Reds win

Dick Selma struckout 8 Los Angeles batters in a 3-2 win for the Reds. | Box

Mantle powers Yankees to win over Tigers

Mickey Mantle blasted 2 homers, lifting the Yankees to a 5-4 win over Detroit. | Box

Score dominates, White Sox win 2-1

Herb Score was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 8 innings, leading the White Sox to a 2-1 win over the Indians. Tom Kelley struckout 10 Chicago batters in the contest. | Box

Gardner blanks Atlanta with 7-0 shutout

Atlanta is hoping not to see Rob Gardner again for a long while. Gardner went the distance, leading Chicago to a 7-0 victory. | Box

Big game for Farley lifts Phillies to victory

Bob Farley drove in 4 runs, carrying Philadelphia to a 11-3 victory over the Pirates. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

J. Gentile, Orioles .4444 HR9 RBI
W. Woodward, Braves .4444 HR8 RBI
W. Bond, Cubs .4504 HR7 RBI
B. Powell, Orioles .2864 HR7 RBI
L. Klimchock, Athletics .2633 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

E. Mathews, Braves 2 for 22 (.091)
T. Horton, Red Sox 1 for 21 (.048)
R. Colavito, Tigers 2 for 21 (.095)
W. Davis, Athletics 5 for 24 (.208)
C. Yastrzemski, Red Sox 3 for 21 (.143)

Leaders: RBI

M. Jones, Phillies 97
W. Bond, Cubs 96
R. Santo, Cubs 87
T. Horton, Red Sox 79
W. McCovey, Giants 78

Leaders: Wins

T. Phoebus, Orioles 16
L. Tiant, Indians 15
R. Gardner, Cubs 14
A. Mahaffey, Phillies 14
D. Siebler, Twins 14

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