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➖Off-Season Task
-Graduation Day > 🔴DONE🔴
Virginia ✔️➕
Notre Dame ✔️➕
Coastal Carolina ✔️➕
South Carolina ✔️➕
Texas ✔️➕
La Tech✔️➕
Utah ✔️➕
Arkansas ✔️➕
Cal State Fullerton ✔️➕
Arizona State ✔️ ➕
UCLA ✔️➕
Oregon ✔️ ➕
-Progressions > Thursday, 6/30 afternoon (represented by a ➕ above)🔴DONE🔴
-Redshirts Return > ✔️
-Commitments Arrive > Thursday, 6/30 afternoon 🔴DONE🔴
-Supplemental Recruiting (for universities that got 0 commitments) > Begin on Thursday, 6/30 evening🟢NOW🟢

❄️Summer Ball Submission Deadline > Tuesday, 7/5 @ 8:00pm cst
-Summer Ball League Game Schedule >
-Game 1-4 TBA @ Noon cst
-Game 5-8 TBA @ Noon cst
-Game 9-10 TBA @ 8:00pm cst
-Summer Ball Progressions > TBA @ 8:00am
-University Selections > Owners may switch/change to any unused University by TBA (Noon cst).
-Transfer Portal > Begins on TBA @ 8:00am cst (worst to first draft order used for selections)

🗻Summer Ball Teams🗻
Alaska Baseball League
Mat Su Miners ▶️ East
Anchorage Glacier Pilots ▶️ Central
Peninsula Oilers ▶️ West

A) Each summer, each team may send 4 players to college summer league..
B) 2 Pitchers (1 SP max) and 2 hitters (1 OF max)
C) Summer Ball teams will play a 10 game season.
D) Champion determined by best record (tie breaker: head/head record then run differential)
E)) Summer ball teams will also include next season recruits (rosters = 25 players)
F) Number of summer ball rosters will be finalized following universities summer ball submissions.
G) Key part here is: these players will PROGRESS during the summer.
H) Rules for submission
1) All must be age 21 or under
2) Career stats must be less than:
HItter = 100 ab's
SP = 50 innings
RP = 20 innings
Current rank of 70 or below ONLY

☀️Summer Ball Submissions☀️
Coastal Carolina >
Notre Dame >
South Carolina > SP Douglas Brown; RP Kelly Mench; SS Frances Cassevah; 3B JB Teahen
Virginia >

Arkansas >
La Tech > SP Cam Brye; RP Billy Witt; 1B Lemuel Jolly; SS Sam Fregosi
Texas > P Hale Heath; RP Erick Barton; 2B Jax Narleski; SS Jaquan Clarke
Utah > SP Nabil Hasson; RP Nine Tauscher; C Luis Mercado; OF Leo Marshall

Arizona State >
Cal State Fullerton > SP Ethan Longoria; RP Luis Perconte; 1B Dylan De Saint-Pierre; SS Jackson Lahti
Oregon > SP Bill Fraser; RP Pete Haskins; C Mike Nokes; OF Rip Bryant

(%) - Commissioner Pick

Slow Draft (Round 1) > (following Transfer Portal)
1- Utah
2- South Carolina
3- Virginia
4- La Tech
5- Coastal Carolina
6- Texas
7- Arkansas
8- Notre Dame
9- Cal State Fullerton
10- Arizona State
11- UCLA
12- Oregon

Slow Draft (Rounds 2-10) >
1- Oregon
3- Arizona State
4- Cal State Fullerton
5- Notre Dame
6- Arkansas
7- Texas
8- Coastal Carolina
9- La Tech
10- Virginia
11- South Carolina
12- Utah

Opening Day > To Be Determined

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Virginia Cavaliers were progressed by joeyrex. Contact your commish for further details.
6/30/2022 Progression Run
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6/30/2022 Progression Run
Coastal Carolina Chanticleers were progressed by joeyrex. Contact your commish for further details.
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7/1/2022 Secondary positions - a modest krtyler11
I generally agree with this idea. If I'm understanding it correctly - let's say you've got a SS/3b whose fielding% is .950 and DWar is 2.0. If you played him at 3b he'd get a fielding% of .950/.970 (the average SS) * .963 (the average 3b) = .943. Sounds good. You could probably figure out the average DWars of all the positions and do the same. Let's say the average DWar for SS is 1.2 and 3b 0.4. Then 2.0/1.2*.4 = +0.67. That seems reasonable

It's when the secondary position is more challenging than the primary that you'd have to build in some penalties. Say 1934 Lou Gehrig 1b/SS. We wouldn't want his .994 fielding% and -0.4 DWar at 1b (that DWar is really strong for 1b) to translate to a .970 / 3.0 DWar shortstop with a 1.171 OPS.
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