The Double Trouble League

Welcome to the Double Trouble League

Welcome Gents. This is a simple league. You choose two teams from the list below. Select 1 season from each team with a winning percentage of .500 and below. Pick yourself two HOF players. 1 Pitcher and 1 position from your teams history. They may come one from each team or both from just one. No fatigue or injuries in this league. Please go over the rules. Most of your questions can be answered today there.

Team Pairings

You may choose from the below pairings on available teams.
1. Pirates/Phillies-Stonemod
2. Astros/Rangers
3. Dodgers/Angles-Duke
4. Giants/A's
5. Cardinals/Royals
6. Indians/Reds
7. Orioles/Nationals
8. BlueJays/Mariners
9. Marlins/Rays
10. Mets/Yankees-bip
11. Cubs/WhiteSox-Derek
12. RedSox/Tigers
13. Twins/Brewers
14. Padres/Rockies
15. Braves/D'Backs

HOF Selections

Entry Years

Duke: Dodgers/Angles
1964 Dodgers 80-82 .494
2017 Angels 80-82 .494

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