Topps Rookie Archives Season 5

Turn Back The clock

1. Jim O'Rourke C
2. Todd Helton 1B-Albuquerque Dukes
3. Billy Herman 2B
4. George Brett 3B
5. George Davis SS
6. Billy Hamilton OF
7. Joe DiMaggio OF-Hillsboro Hops
8. Goose Goslin OF
9. Sparky Lyle RP
10. Tug McGraw RP
11. Fernando Valenzuela SP-Winnipeg Goldeneyes
12. John Clarkson SP-Pompano Beach Stringrays

Supplemental Draft Order/ Decades game lottery

The Supplemental draft will be 3 rounds. The supplemental draft is a snake draft and the draft order will be reversed for round 2 good luck. Good luck to all teams on choosing your extra extra player.
Decade game rules: Random Draw Each of the 12 decades from 1900 to current represented then a year inside decade you choose and then the year and the player. You may choose any player not already in our league from that team and you may choose any year stats for that player in your decade.

Draft Order
5:35 AM (1 minute ago)
to me

Pick #1 - Hops
Pick #2 - Duke
Pick #3 - Stingrays
Pick #4 - Goldeneyes
Pick #5 - Cowboys
Pick #6 - Bats
Pick #7 - Woodchucks
Pick #8 - Sugar Skulls
Pick #9 - Crakers
Pick #10 - Whitecaps
Pick #11 - Tarpons
Pick #12 - Seals

Supplemental Draft order.

1. Tuscon Sugar Skulls
2. Tampa Tarpons
3. Pompano Beach Stringrays
4. Greensboro Bats
5. Hillsboro Hops
6. Kansas City Cowboys
7. Western Michigan Whitecaps
8. Atlanta Crackers
9. San Francisco Seals
10. Winnipeg Goldeneyes
11. Albuquerque Dukes
12. Winconcin Woodchucks

Season 5 Pre-Season Schedule

Here is the pre-season schedule.
Progression 5/26-Completed
Slow Draft 6/22
3 Round Supplemental Draft 6/28
Have all position changes and Stud Progressions done 6/30
Roster Cut 7/1
Opening Day 7/5

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Aurelio Rodriguez dropped by Kansas City Cowboys
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