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This is a simple favorites league. Chose your team and post your team choice in the home page chat box, you select 4 years from your teams history, using the format in the rules, add a couple of HOF players and create a winner.
Read the rules, most of your questions will be answered there. If you don't see what your looking for, shoot me a PM. I will get back to you ASAP.

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Team Import years

mjgiii: Phillies
1st Place-2011
2nd Place-1917
3rd Place-1981
4th Place1894
Season 3
Season 4
Willbhere: Dodgers
1st Place-2016
2nd Place-1962
3rd Place-1998
4th Place-1930
Season 2-1999
Season 3
BabeRuth: Yankees
1st Place-1927
2nd Place-2017
3rd Place- 1975
4th Place-1981
Season 2-2018
Season 3
Edgar: Athletics
1st Place-2002
2nd Place-2018
3rd Place-1996
4th Place-1904
Season 2
Season 3
skooler1: RedSox
1st Place-1986
2nd Place-1914
3rd Place-2011
4th Place-1997
Season 2-1915
Season 3
erwin23: Indians
1st Place-1999
2nd Place-1994
3rd Place-1968
4th Place-1936
Season 2-1995
Ej: Braves
1st Place-1995
2nd Place-1956
3rd Place-2009
4th Place-1980
Season 2
Season 3
DukeBlues: Giants
1st Place-1888
2nd Place-1993
3rd Place-1930
4th Place-1907
Season 2-1908
Season 3
maapearson: Senators
1st Place-2006
2nd Place-1930
3rd Place-1972
4th Place-1928
Season 2-1931
Season 3
electro: Tigers
1st Place-1968
2nd Place-2016
3rd Place-1910
4th Place-1938
Season 2
Season 3

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Jeff Shaw dropped by Los Angeles Dodgers
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2/25/2020 Blakeskooler1
Well to be fair Guy there was a short stretch of time not too long ago where there were a slew of accounts (probably all the same person...) where the user(s) would post VERY vulgar comments repeatedly in various custom leagues and on the boards from time to time too... Albeit it seems to have finally stopped though
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