Hardball Season 6

Team and year entered

1. White Sox 2000=>year five 2004->2005
2. Red Sox 1950=>year five 1954->1955
3. Rangers 1996=>year five 2000->2001
4. Yankees 1930=>year five 1934->1935
5. Tigers 1993=>year five 1997->1998
6. Phillies 2007=>year five 2011->2012
7. Browns 1922=>year five 1926->1927
8. A's 2000=>year five 2004->2005
9. Cubs 1930=>year five 1934->1935
10. Indians 2000=>year five 2004->2005
*year confirmed

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10/23/2019 Player Dropped
Tim Worrell dropped by Detroit Tigers
10/23/2019 Player Dropped
Eric Davis dropped by Detroit Tigers
10/7/2019 Player Dropped
Gabe Alvarez dropped by Detroit Tigers
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10/22/2019 Pennant Chase Changed the seasoSon_of_Soul
Thanks, I am happy messages will be sent out in the future. I was hoping by acting early enough the draft could have been reset but that did not happen. I got the short end of the stick here but if that is what it takes to keep it from happening again I am okay with that. In two months I will be onto another team anyway.

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