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March Through History: 1922

Cut Players

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1922 Free Agency

2B Frish: BKL $5/10/$50
SS Johnson: BOS $1
SP Eller: PHA $1/4/$4

All others will be returned to FA.

Send tiebreakers to mikespaz unless otherwise noted

SP Doak: BOS $2/1/$2—MOVED
SP Perry: CHC/SLB—Hold for cut players
SP Vance: SLB $0—MOVED
RP Love: SLB/STL—Hold for cut players
1B Gainer: CHW $8/1/$8—MOVED
1B Wheat: BOS $4/1/$4—MOVED
2B Frisch: BNB/BKL—Hold for cut players
2B Gedeon: CHC/PIT—Hold for cut players
2B Magee: BOS $1—MOVED
3B Krug: CHC/STL—Hold for cut players
SS Johnson: CHC/PIT—Hold for cut players
OF Leach: CLE $0—MOVED
OF Rath: BOS $6/1/$6—MOVED
OF Stengel: BOS $1—MOVED

OF Cunningham: CLE $15/6/$1/$105


SP Benton: CLE $3/3/$1/$12—MOVED
SP Vaughn: STL $22/5/$110—MOVED
SP Weilman: PIT $1/2/$1—MOVED

RP Alten: PHA $3/3/$9—MOVED

1B Sheely: STL $10/7/$70—MOVED

3B McClellan: STL $13/7/$91—MOVED

SS Ellerbe: PHA $2/6/$12—MOVED
SS Fletcher: PIT $4/1/$4—MOVED
SS Galloway: CHW $1/6/$6—MOVED

OF Griffith: WAS $8/8/$64—MOVED
OF Leibold: CLE $1—MOVED
OF Rohwer: BKL $7/7/$49—MOVED
OF Twombly: CHW $6/6/$36—MOVED


SP Leonard: STL $1—MOVED
SP Russell: SLB $0—MOVED
SP Walker: SLB $0—MOVED

RP Cicotte: PHA $0—MOVED
RP Fisher: PHA $0—MOVED
RP Fittery: SLB $0—MOVED
RP Hendrix: NYG $2—MOVED
RP Mitchell: PHA $0—MOVED
RP Molyneaux: STL $0—MOVED
RP Monroe: PHA $1—MOVED
RP Whitehouse: SLB $0—MOVED

C O’Neill: CLE $0—MOVED
C Smith: CHW $1/1/$1—MOVED
C Wheat: CHC $0—MOVED

1B Hoblizel: PIT $0—MOVED
1B Holke: PIT $0—MOVED
1B Shaw: PIT $0—MOVED

2B Clark: CHC $0—MOVED
2B Ens: PHA $3—MOVED
2B Pratt: PIT $0—MOVED

3B Gardner: PIT $0—MOVED
3B Howard: PIT $0—MOVED
3B Leonard: SLB $0—MOVED

SS Caveney: CHC $0—MOVED

OF Henrikson: SLB $0—MOVED

Traded Draft Picks

BKL receives CHC 1923 1st, CHC 1923 2nd (Alexander)
BSN receives BOS 1922 2nd (Barrett)
WAS receives BOS 1922 1st (Johnson)
CHC receives SLB 1923 2nd (Ring)
BKL receives PHA 1923 1st, 1924 2nd (Causey)
PHA receives BKL 1923 3rd (Causey)
BKL receives STL 1923+24 1st, 1923+24 2nd (Hollocher et al.)

Cap Trades/Penalties

PHA receives $2 from STL (Chase)
BOS receives $1 from PHI (Benz)
CHC received $1 from DET (Meadows)
BOS receives $2 from WAS (Johnson)

Position Changes

BKL: Cliff Lee, C/OF to OF/C
BKL: Glenn Myatt, OF/C to C/OF
CLE: Rube Benton, SP to RP
CLE Cunningham, OF/3B to 3B/OF
PIT: SP Carl Weilman, SP to RP

BOS: Fred Toney, SP to RP
BOS: Babe Ellison, 2B/SS to 3B/2B
CHC: Joe Jackson, OF/OF to 3B/OF
CHC: Max Carey, OF/OF to 2B/OF
CIN: Rogers Hornsby, SS/OF to 2B/SS
CIN: Fred Lear, 2B/1B to 1B/2B
CLE: Claude Hendrix, SP to RP
CLE: Willie Mitchell, SP to RP
PIT: Dan Griner, SP to RP
PIT: Frank Miller, SP to RP
SLB: Zack Wheat, OF/OF to 1B/OF

Cut Players/Contracts

Listed monetary value is amount of money deducted from cap per season.

NYG: RP Johnson $3
BKL: 1B Stuffy McInnis $3
BKL: 3B Eddie Palmer $2
BKL: SS Jim O'Neill $1
BKL: SP Hod Eller $4

BKL: 3B Eddie Palmer $2
BKL: SS Jim O'Neill $1
BKL: SP Hod Eller $4

BKL: 3B Eddie Palmer $2
BKL: SS Jim O'Neill $1
BKL: SP Hod Eller $5

BKL: SS Jim O'Neill $1
BKL: SP Hod Eller $5

BKL: SS Jim O'Neill $1

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10/22/2020 Plus-Arm Questionragingsol
The original post was borne from importing the entire 2020 class and being surprised that zero catchers imported with a plus-arm.

Also, there were ten OF that had a plus-arm upon import, but none of those OF (Jeff McNeil, Chris Taylor, Dylan Moore, Jurickson Profar, Whit Merrifield, Mauricio Dubon, Nick Solak, Yoshi Tsutsugo, Dee Gordon, Tzu-Wei Lin) were actually among the 2020 MLB leaders in OF assists. Each of the listed players accumulated their assists as part-time IF.

All of this about the OF assists is already known, but the catchers having zero plus-arm was a surprise. I recalled the 40% from somewhere (the blog post), but with zero catchers importing as plus-arm, I thought I was missing something.

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Catchers, at the "Player Fielding - C":

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Not asking for anything to change, no complaint about plus-arms; just sharing information. No idea how to tie-in the actual data for OF assists to imported players.
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