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March Through History: 1928

1927 World Series Champions - Boston Red Sox!

Congratulations to MikeSpaz and his Red Sox! That's 2 in a row!

Playoff Money Awarded
BOS - $4
BKD - $3
CWS - $2
SLB - $1
CLE - $1
BOB - $1
PHI - $1
CIN - $1

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NL 1927 ROY Candidates

SS Bill Hunnefield, NYG
OF Rube Bressler, BOB
OF Wally Shaner, NYG
OF Ernie Orsatti, PIT
3B Carlton Lord, PIT

1927 Player Awards

AL MVP: Pie Traynor, CLE - Updated
NL MVP: Babe Ruth, BOB - Updated

AL Cy Young: Roy Hansen, NYY - Updated
NL Cy Young: John Bogart, CIN - Updated

AL ROY: Ray Knode, CLE - Updated

Silver Slugger
C: Pat Collins, WAS - Updated
1B: Joe Hauser, SLB - Updated
2B: Toni Lazzeri, WAS - Updated
3B: Babe Ellison, BOS - Updated
SS: Pie Traynor, CLE - Updated
OF: Harry Heilmann, CLE - Updated
OF: Al Wingo, CHW - Updated
OF: Heinie Manush, DET - Updated
DH: Bernie Friberg, DET - Updated

C: Johnny Schulte, PHI - Updated
1B: Hooks Cotter, NYG - Updated
2B: Rogers Hornsby, CIN - Updated
3B: Frank Brazill, BKD - Updated
SS: Travis Jackson, BKD - Updated
OF: Babe Ruth, BOB - Updated
OF: Ross Youngs, PIT - Updated
OF: Johnny Mostil, CHI - Updated
DH: Gabby Hartnett, BKD - Updated

Golden Glove
C: Johnny Bassler, BOS - Updated
1B: Ivy Griffin, WAS - Updated
2B: Sam Bohne, BOS - Updated
3B: Willie Kamm, SLB - Updated
SS: Al Lefevre, CWS - Updated
OF: Bevo LeBourveau, CWS - Updated
OF: Benny Southstreet, BOS - Updated
OF: Taylor Douthit, NYY - Updated

C: Gabby Hartnett, BKD - Updated
1B: George Sisler, BKD - Updated
2B: Rogers Hornsby, CIN - Updated
3B: Andy High, CIN - Updated
SS: Travis Jackson, BKD - Updated
OF: Hinkey Haines, BKD - Updated
OF: Billy Southworth, PHI - Updated
OF: Heinie Mueller, CIN - Updated

Tender/Franchise/Extension Values

Franchise: $21
1st-Round: $17
2nd-Round: $15
3rd-Round: $14
Franchise: $15
1st-Round: $13
2nd-Round: $12
3rd-Round: $11
Franchise: $16
1st-Round: $13
2nd-Round: $12
3rd-Round: $11
Franchise: $20
1st-Round: $16
2nd-Round: $13
3rd-Round: $11
Franchise: $15
1st-Round: $13
2nd-Round: $11
3rd-Round: $10
Franchise: $18
1st-Round: $14
2nd-Round: $12
3rd-Round: $9
Franchise: $15
1st-Round: $13
2nd-Round: $12
3rd-Round: $11
Franchise: $24
1st-Round: $21
2nd-Round: $18
3rd-Round: $16

These are the starting values for the players’ respective positional groupings. SP, RP, and OF use the same values as above (Tier 1 = Franchise, Tier 2 = 1st, Tier 3 = 2nd, Tier 4 = 3rd). For details on calculations and requirements for extensions, please consult the rules.
Tier 1: $21
Tier 2: $17
Tier 3: $15
Tier 4: $14
Tier 1: $20
Tier 2: $17
Tier 3: $15
Tier 4: $14

1st round-1B George Sisler, BKD


2B Chick Fewster, PIT - 1yr/$14/$14 - Moved back to team
SP Allen Sothoron, PIT - 1yr/$12/$12 - Moved back to team
OF Billy Southworth, PHI - 1yr/16/$16 - Moved back to team

Cut Players/Contracts

Listed monetary value is amount of money deducted from cap per season.

Cap added from 1927 to 1928
CHC +$1
SLB +$10
PIT +$5
DET +11
PHI +$2

CIN: OF Ray Rowher $3

Cap Trades/Penalties

PHA receives $2 from STL (Chase)
BOS receives $1 from PHI (Benz)
CHC received $1 from DET (Meadows)
BOS receives $2 from WAS (Johnson)
BOS receives $1 from NYG (Shore)
PHA receives $1 from BOS (Maranville)
PHA receives $1 from CLE (Cooper)
PHA receives $2 from BOS (Pierotti)
PHA receives $4 from CHC (Schmandt)
PHA receives $2 from NYG (Engel)

Position Changes

SLB: Jimmy Ring, SP to RP
SLB: Leon Carlson, SP to RP
PIT: Harvey Hendrick, OF/1B to 1B/OF
PIT: Speed Martin, SP to RP
CLE: Duster Mails, SP to RP
BKD: Billy Rogell, 3B/OF to OF/3B
PHI: Bill Morrisette, SP to RP
PHI: Jack Scott, SP to RP
BOS: Al Pierotti, SP to RP
BOB: Pete Alexander, SP to RP

CIN: Babe Herman, 1B/OF to OF/1B
PIT: Carl Mays, SP to RP
PIT: Eppa Rixey, SP to RP
SLB: Leon Cadore, SP to RP
SLB: Earl Hamilton, SP to RP
BOB: Pol Perritt, SP to RP
PHI: Tod Dennehey, OF/OF to 1B/OF
PHI: George Cunningham, SP to RP
BOS: George Burns, 1B/OF to OF/1B
BOS: Bob Steele, SP to RP

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