March Through History: 1919

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Traded Draft Picks

STL-A receives PHI-N 1919 3rd (McNally FA)
PHI-A receives STL-N 1919 3rd (Chase)
PHI-A receives BOS-N 1919 2nd and 1919 3rd (Cicotte)
BOS-A receives PHI-N 1920 3rd (Benz)

Cap Trades/Penalties

PHI-A receives $2 from STL-N (Chase)
BOS-A receives $1 from PHI-N (Benz)

Position Changes

BOS: Babe Ellison OF/2B to 2B/SS
BOS: Alex Main SP to RP
CHW: Hy Myers OF/OF -> 1B/OF
CHW: Gene Packard SP to RP

BOS-A: Neal Greasy, OF/OF to SS/2B
BOS-A: Joe Benz, SP to RP
CHC: Vic Saier, 1B/1B to SS/1B
NYG: Red Amez, SP to RP
PHI-A: Eddie Cicotte, SP to RP
PHI-A: Pat Ragan, SP to RP
PHI-N: Al Demaree, SP to RP
PHI-N: Ed Walsh, SP to RP

Cut Players/Contracts

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11/13/2019 Astros being jerks, part 87SinCityMarauder
OK, First of all, I am tired of all this nonsense about " Stealing Signs" it is ONLY illegal if you use an electronic device such as an Apple Watch, or camera -

If I can give my batter and runners an advantage as to what type of pitch is coming and don't do it,what kind of a team mate am I? isn't the objective to win the game?

Find a better way to hide your signs if you don't want them stolen, the fact that the Astro's used electronic devices makes them cheaters, besides that they are just trying to win and using every legal advantage they can

It is not illegal to steal signs. There is no rule against it, and certain players and coaches excel at the art. There is, however, a directive dating to 2001 that prohibits the use of electronic devices in the dugout or the use of binoculars. The use of the Apple Watch would clearly violate this directive.
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