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Sandbox 1989

season schedule

Day 101 - 3 days off for All-Star Break

1. Schedule and sim any one-game playoffs. 
2. Record Standings in Year in Review and immediately save as new year.
3. Record individual stat leaders on LL Doc (check Majors & Minors in player stats)
3b. Copy league leaders to current YIR sheet.
4. Update individual Single season records document
5. Update team records document
6. Record Roller Coasters stats (highlight LL)
7. Update Roller Coasters' career batter & pitcher spreadsheets
8. Record no-hitters, cycle and single game records (Roller coasters)
9. Archive Stats.
10. Choose MVP, CY, ROY, Fireman, Silver Slugger & Golden Glove awards. Check for Triple Crown. (Record on Awards sheet)
11. Record all awards and All-Stars on YIR sheet
11b. Assign major awards to players in PC.
12. Remove rookie tags.
12b. Double check in player stats to make sure you removed them all.
13. Look at SP compiled stats to search for no-hitters (or "Scores"). Update special accomplishments (no-hitters) to Records document.
14. Set draft order for next season.
15a. Determine postseason home field advantage and set postseason schedule. 
15b. Check playoff teams for injuries and adjust lineups (5th starter).
16a. Clear compiled regular season stats.
16b. Grant one additional day rest.
17. Simulate playoff games (don’t forget to grant rest!). 
18. Choose playoff MVPs & update YIR sheet with results and awards (don't forget HBP).
19. Set World Series schedule and grant 2 days rest.
20. Check teams for injures and adjust lineups.
21. Sim World Series (don’t forget to grant rest!). 
22. Write postseason game summaries.
23. Look for record games in postseason box scores (no-hitters, cycle, singe game records) and record on spreadsheet.
24. Update Records spreadsheet with single season postseason records.
25. Update YIR sheet with WS results and stats.
25b. Choose WS MVP.
26. Update Awards spreadsheet with postseason awards.
27. Award division titles and WS trophy
28. Add postseason awards to PC.
29. Print up Roller Coasters' season in review sheet.
30. Update career post-season batter spreadsheets by "games" in player stats.
31. Update career post-season pitcher spreadsheets by "games" in player stats.
32. Update Records spreadsheet with career postseason records.
33. Clear Postseason compiled stats.
34. Clear Game Results.
35. Change league title name to new year.
36. Do progressions using Real Life stats (free agents first, then all teams)
37. Check to make sure all players are in the correct year (retire players on teams that aren’t; fix FA that aren’t).
38. Choose league Hall of Famers (one batter & one pitcher) from those who are truly retired starting after 1981 season.
38b. Update History page with HOFers.
38c. Edit player profiles with "HOF".
39. Choose Roller Coasters' team HOFer (if eligible).
40. Retire players (including Free Agents) with minimal stats. Make sure to check Majors & Minors.
41. Go through Free Agents and assign newly unretired players to their previous team.
42. Import rookies to Free Agents (20 IP, 50 AB)
43. Check for duplicate players and change names. (David Roberts ?)
44. Change stadium dimensions (every decade - 1970, 1980, etc.).
45. Add tags to rookie imports (free agents) & note favorites
46. Toggle on ranking for supplemental draft (and check “clear rankings”).
47. Rank 5 Roller Coasters' players for draft (favorite players, Dodgers & Angels only).
47b. Set draft limits for other teams!.
48. Hold 4-round supplemental draft (Use custom draft order).
49. Edit Major League Rosters for all teams using rank. (Change to secondary position if desired).
49b. Cut players in excess of 10 in minors using player stats for upcoming years.
50. One round live draft in draft order. (Drop in excess of 10)
50b. Hold additional FA round(s) for teams with under 30 on roster.
51. Quick set lineups, choose closer and "yes" to PH & SB.
51b. Change positions of those playing out of position.
51c. Clear notes on team pages.
52. Adjust stats.
53. Start new season: Check injuries after every 10 games. All-Star Break Day 101.

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