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OF - Tony Gonzalez: career - .297 BA (T9), .368 OB% (T17); 7 GG
OF - Mickey Mantle: career - .386 OB% (T3), 936 BB (10); 2 SS, 2 MVP; .456 OB% ('63) (1st SS), 5 BB (WS G3)
1B/OF - Hank Aaron: career - 8335 AB (10), 1407 R (7), 2284 H (11), 411 HR (10), 1085 RBI (16); 4 SS, 2 GG
OF - Harmon Killebrew: career - 470 HR (8), 1128 RBI (13), 932 BB (12); 8 SS
OF - Frank Howard: career - 1202 RBI (10), 53 SF (6); 2 SS, 1 LCS MVP, 1 WS MVP; 13 TB (NLCS G2)

season schedule

Day 11 - Injury
Day 21 - Injury
Day 31 - (check & adjust stat leves - BA (.250-.260) & ERA (3.75-4.25); day off; Injury
Day 41 - Injury
Day 51 - Injury
Day 61 - day off; Adjust Stat levels; Injury
Day 71 - Injury
Day 81 - Injury
Day 91 - Injury - 3 days off for All-Star Break; Adjust Stat levels; Injury
Day 101 - Injury
Day 111- Injury
Day 121 - day off; Adjust Stat levels; Injury
Day 131 - Injury
Day 141 - Injury
Day 151 - day off; Adjust Stat levels; Injury
Day 163 - Schedule any one-game playoffs

1. Schedule and sim any one-game playoffs. 
2. Record standings in Year in Review and immediately save as new year
3. Record Individual stat leaders - Make sure to check Majors & Minors in player stats
4a. Update Individual Single Season Records section of League History
4b. Update team records in league history
5a. Record Angels' stats.
5b. Update Angel career batter & pitcher spreadsheets.
6. Look for unique regular season box scores (Angels) and update records and special accomplishments (no-hitters, cycle, single game records). 
7. Archive Stats.
8a. Record All-Stars. Choose & record Silver Sluggers (best offensive numbers of top 10 candidates) & Gold Gloves (best defense of Top 10) - Make sure to check Majors & Minors in player stats
8b. Record MVP, Cy Young, ROY & Fireman awards; check for Triple Crown 
8c. Record all awards in Todorojo Sandbox Awards doc
9. Assign awards to players in PC.
10. Set draft order for next season. 
11. Determine postseason home field advantage and set postseason schedule including days off.
12. Remove Rookie tags from players who have exceeded Rookie limits (150 AB, 50 IP).
13a. Clear compiled regular season stats.
13b. Grant all teams another day off.
14. Check playoff teams for injuries & adjust lineups (5th starter).
15. Simulate playoff games (schedule according to rules).
16. Get manager choices for playoff series MVPs - update spreadsheet with playoff results.
17a. Make any roster moves before World Series & grant days off.
17b. Sim World Series.
18. Look for record games in postseason box scores (no-hitters, cycle, single game records).
19a. Choose WS MVP and update current year spreadsheet with results.
19b. Update career post-season spreadsheets (by "games" in player stats).
20. Update post-season League History (Records and Awards). 
21. Award trophies and postseason awards.
22. Clear Playoff Compiled Stats. 
23. Clear Game Results.
24. Do progressions (all teams & free agents)
25. Retire players.
26a. Choose league Hall of Famers.
26b. Choose Angel Hall of Famers.
27. Change stats (rookies and minor leaguers) to real life.
28. Add expansion teams (1977, 1993, 1999).
29. Update season schedule. (If expansion, check H/A & division matchups).
30a. Import rookies and check for duplicate players.
30b. Make sure new SP have enough innings to enter league and check stamina.
30c. Add tags to rookies and adjust potential.
31. Hold Expansion draft (if applicable)
32. Roster cuts (defensive changes & RP-SP).
33. Hold supplemental draft.
34. Final offseason requests (defensive changes, RP-SP, stadium dimensions)
35. Roster cuts & set lineups.
36. Start new season.

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1/12/2019All-Star Selectionstodorojo
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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1/10/2019 Player Dropped
Fred Holdsworth dropped by Toronto Blue Jays
1/10/2019 Player Dropped
John Scott dropped by Toronto Blue Jays
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John Orsino dropped by Texas Rangers
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1/17/201985 innings and under franchise leagueTrulaia
I am writing here in defense of myself and others who have figured out a way to have 2014 Jose Fernandez, 2015 Josh Tomlin, 2018 shohei ohtani and others to be used as starters.

First of all it's not like we have hacked the website or anything nefarious. I do agree that everyone should have the knowledge to use these players as starters.

However I'm getting tired of the negative feedback because these players are being used as starters. Tomlin started 10 games and has TWO COMPLETE GAMES. Why should he be a reliever? Shohei ohtani is an exciting new starter in the league and we want to simulate the season as if he were a reliever? So yes, people, including myself found the loop hole to make them a starter. However the are SUPPOSED to be starters. They definitely should have a very low pitch count, but I'll be damned if anyone can make the case that any of these types of guys should be relievers. Its NOT REALISTIC...and this game is supposed to simulate REALITY.

So please stop chastising those that know the loop hole. Here it is:

Draft a franchise team, then save it to be used later, the import that same team and those guys now qualify as starters. Its realistic and everyone should be able to do this.
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