108 Stitches 2026

2026 Off-Season

2026 Off-Season Schedule

Sunday, 1/24 10:00pm cst --- Submit Contract Extension
Sunday, 1/24 10:00pm cst --- Contract Buy-Outs Deadline
Monday, 1/25 10:00pm cst --- Deadline to finalize contract extension (owner must confirm they accept salary demand and set the # of years--which max = 5)
Tuesday, 1/26 10:00pm cst --- Awards and Progressions

note > If a player has a $$, they are signed and will be on a team's roster after progressions. If a player has a +, they have a prospect tag that meets requirements and will be on a team's roster after progressions. If a player has a $, their contract is expiring and they will NOT be on a team's roster after progressions. If a player has no symbols ($$, +, or $), that player is unsigned and will NOT be on a team's roster after progressions.

Wednesday, 1/27 10:00pm cst — ALL TEAM'S Prospect Submissions (for this off-season, all teams may submit a prospect).
TBA — -- Draft Room will open for a Slow Draft
TBA — -- 2 round live draft (begin wherever slow draft ends)
TBA — -- Free Agency Round 1 Bids ALL TEAMS
TBA — -- Round 1 Top 3 Teams Submit Rebids
TBA — -- Round 2 Top 3 Teams Submit Rebid
TBA — -- Free Agency FREE FOR ALL OPEN
TBA — -- Position Switch Request (1 per team per off season)

Challenge Boost from 2025 season:
Baltimore Orioles (vs. ChiC)
Toronto Blue Jays (vs. Pitt)
Charlotte Prospectors (vs. SD)
Kansas City Royals (vs. Ari)
Minnesota Twins (vs. LAD)
Seattle Mariners (vs. Wash)
Houston Astros (vs. Mia)
Texas Rangers (vs. Phil)
Atlanta Braves (vs. LAA)
New York Mets (vs. Oak)
St. Louis Cardinals (vs. Mon)
Milwaukee Brewers (vs. NYY)
Cincinnati Reds (vs. Bos)
Colorado Rockes (vs. Det)
San Francisco Giants (vs. Clev)

Teams listed above may do either of these:
1) Improve any rookie drafted in NEXT year’s draft from a F or U potential to a C.
2) Make any rookie drafted in NEXT year’s draft ONE year younger.

Kurkjian's Corner

I've got breaking news
AL MVP - OF Will Gary Astros
AL Cy Young - RP Robert Stephenson Mariners
NL MVP - OF Juan Soto Nationals
NL Cy Young - SP Jack Flaherty Cardinals

2025 Silver Sluggers
AL C: SEA Carson Kelly
NL C: MIA Will Smith
AL 1B: LAA Matt Olson
NL 1B: WSH Orlando Monroe
AL 2B: CHIWS Ozzie Albies
NL 2B: MIL Keston Hiura
AL 3B: ChiSox Yoan Moncada
NL 3B: ChiCubs Tyler Lucero
AL SS: ChiSox Gleyber Torres
NL SS: SD Fernando Tatis
AL OF: CLE Alton Wiggins, OAK Catman Rise, CLE Jordan Luplow
NL OF: WSH Juan Soto, ChiCubs Ian Happ, MIA Dominic Smith

2025 Gold Gloves
AL C: ChiSox Horace Staples
NL C: STL Scotty Patino
AL 1B: LAA Matt Olson
NL 1B: PIT Tanner Rider
AL 2B: KC Jamal Boucher
NL 2B: STL Cody Pitts
AL 3B: OAK Matt Chapman
NL 3B: STL Tommy Edman
AL SS: CLE Nathan Newell
NL SS: MIL Malcom Kelly
AL OF: LAA Victor Robles, BOS Jay Foster, NYY Aaron Judge
NL OF: STL Rafael Marshall, MIA Matthew Rucker, LAD Juan Clinton

Big THANKS to djej2640 as he does all the work to make our awards possible!

🔮Prospect Request
Blue Jays - SP Simeon Woods-Richardson (th: R)
Yankees - SP Clarke Schmidt (th: R)
Red Sox - 1B Triston Casas (bats: L)
Orioles - SP DL Hall
Expos - SP Joe Ryan (th: R)
Royals - SP Daniel Lynch (th: L)
Prospectors - SP Michael Kopech (th: R)
Twins- SS Royce Lewis (bats: )
Tigers - OF Brock Deatherage (bats: L)
Cleveland - SP Triston McKenzie (th: R)
Rangers -
Mariners - OF Jarred Kelenic (bats L)
Athletics - LHP AJ puk
Astros -
Angels - SP Forrest Whitley (th: R)
Braves - OF Christian Pache
Mets - C Francisco Alvarez
Phillies -
Marlins -
Nationals -
Reds -
Pirates - SP Quinn Priester (bats: R)
Brewers -
Cardinals - 3B Nolan Gorman (bats: L)
Cubs -
Giants - SS Marco Luciano (bats: R)
Dodgers - SP Josiah Gray (th: R)
Padres -
Diamondbacks - OF Kristan Robinson (bats: R)
Rockies - SP Ryan Rolison (th: L)

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Draft Pick Trade Center (2025 and 2026 Drafts)

A's 2nd to Mariners (Ramirez/Urias to Oak Trade)
Cardinals 2nd to A's (Adell Trade)
Royals 1st to Mets (Strickland Trade)
Mets 2nd to Royals (Margot Trade)
Orioles 2nd to Athletics (Newcomb Trade)
Mets 1st to Orioles (Bass trade)
Orioles 1st to Pirates (Newman Trade)
Tigers 2nd to Braves (Pujols Trade)
Padres 1st to Rockies (Fay Trade)
Padres 2nd to Rockies (Fay Trade)
Brewers 2nd to Cardinals (Kim Trade) via Indians (Winn Trade)
Cubs 1st to Yankees (Sale Trade) via Braves (Muncy Trade)
Diamondbacks 1st to Dodgers (Ray Trade)
Diamondbacks 2nd to Giants (Prior Trade)
Mariners 2nd to Angels (Barlow Trade) via Dodgers (Drake Trade)
Angels 2nd to Yankees (LeMahieu Trade)
Angels 1st to Royals (Walker Trade)
Braves 1st to Tigers (Wisler Trade)
Dodgers 2nd to Yankees (Foltynewicz Trade)
Cardinals 1st to Indians (Kim Trade)
Red Sox 2nd to Orioles (Gray Trade)

2026 Draft
Cubs 1st to White Sox (Bryant Trade)
Angels 1st to Dodgers (Barlow Trade)
Angels 2nd to Royals (Walker Trade)
Diamondbacks 1st to Giants (Prior Trade)

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12/22/2020Rays to MontrealDock12
This relocation seems like a perfect fit- Florida doesn’t support us (2019-29th in attendance) and Montréal wants a team that wants to be there- Olympic Stadium is ready for baseball and the stadium in the Peel Basin will be state of the art- there have already been talks for the Rays to play half there home games in Montreal already. We wouldn’t need to leave the AL East and actually would be much less travel and we get a day 1 rival in the Blue Jays. You ask why they didn’t support there previous team and the answer is the previous team didn’t support the fans and became a farm team for the rest of the league- this ownership and team will give them a team to be proud of. So in closing we would appreciate your support with a yes vote- thank you
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1/23/2021 Player Dropped
Walter Miadich dropped by Los Angeles Dodgers
1/21/2021 Player Removed From Trade Block
Mutt Reynolds removed from trade block by Boston Red Sox
1/21/2021 Player Placed On Trade Block
Mutt Reynolds placed on trade block by Boston Red Sox
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Latest Public Board Post
1/26/2021 AnnoyedJayslater1223
Where I know I'd love to see us go (and you've made all the right steps thus far, Guy.) and commishes have a hint by seeing in player edits that oWAR data is at least loaded onto the site. The problem will arise with plenty of folks not having much of a clue as to what oWAR is, or how to attempt to translate it back to into Real Stats numbers that match the weighted on base events in the first place.

I think a solution is to use league average wOBA's as yardsticks for season leagues, or era leagues and to build in a 'calculator' where the user can simply punch in the real stats and generate a relevant oWAR number. Now I'm not a coder, I don't have a clue as to how much effort that would entail. But you are pretty friggin' good at this Gbacci. I have faith. :)

Now you will always need individualized events, those tied to the ratio of extra base hits, each kind of extra base hit, errors, walks, strikeouts, but what you could then do, is encompass both WAR numbers together, not to simple 'get WAR', but to translate that to a 'true rank'. I think even though dWAR is calculated by different methods throughout history because of increased knowledge and technology, really all you're looking for is over time, (we have well over 100 seasons of data.) is the average percentage of how much a player's oWAR vs their dWAR makes up their total WAR can then be used a methodology for an improved 'Position Player' Rank system.

Pitching Rank is fine. But it's important to also use the common sense of how baseball is played. What's a walk? A free base. What's a hit? Well, that could be just one base but that could also be more damage. What's a strikeout? The batter doesn't put the ball in play at all. No one has to make a play.

What do you do in the field? Field the ball. Does a team full of poor fielders ever win? No. A team full of poor fielders is a statistical impossibility. Based on survivor bias. If they're not getting the job done early, they'll never accumulate the dWAR to have a historic terrible Fielding season. ONE OR TWO POOR FIELDERS MAY REMAIN BECAUSE THEIR BAT'S JUST TOO POWERFUL, but ignoring defense in real life won't win you a ton of ball games.

It's position players/hitters that offer the problems here for newer users.
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