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Cardinals claim 2027 World Championship!!

2028 Off-Season

2028 Off-Season Schedule
Tuesday, 6/22 at 8pm (cst) > Player Extensions Deadline to submit.
Thursday, 6/24 at 8am (cst) > Progressions BEGIN
A date between July 5-11 (determined by poll on homepage) > 2027 Draft Date/Time
Following Draft > Contract Buy-Outs may be submitted
Monday, 7/12 at 8pm cst > Free Agency Round 1 Begins -- ALL teams may submit a bid on only players listed on homepage.
Wednesday, 7/14 at Noon cst > Free Agency Round 1 DEADLINE -- ALL teams bid submissions are DUE
Wednesday, 7/14 at Noon cst > Bottom 5 Prospect Requests DUE
Friday, 7/16 at 8:00pm (cst) — Round 1 Top 3 Teams Submit Rebids DEADLINE
Friday, 7/16 at 8:00pm (cst) — Bottom 5 teams prospect submission deadline
Saturday, 7/17 at 8:00pm (cst) — Free Agency Round 2 > Begins ALL TEAMS ANY REMAINING PLAYERS
Sunday, 7/18 at 8:00am (cst) > Stitches Baseball Camp registration begins
Tuesday, 7/20 at Noon (cst) -- Free Agency Round 2 Bids DEADLINE
Friday, 7/23 at 8:00am (cst) -- Round 2 Top 3 Teams Submit Rebid DEADLINE

*Date To Be Announced* at 8:00pm (cst) > 2027 Challenge Series Winners Deadline to submit action
*Date To Be Announced* at 8:00pm (cst) > Position Switch Request (1 per team per off season)
*Date To Be Announced* at 8:00pm (cst) > Stitches Baseball Camp registration due
*Date To Be Announced* at 8:00am (cst) -- 2027 OPENING DAY
Waiver Wire additions used game 4 and game 6.
Game 7 — Drops/Adds turned on

Kurkjian's Corner

I've got breaking news
Contract Extensions:

Prospectors - SP Park $16m x 5yrs = $80m
Padres - OF Trout
Giants - SP Corry $10m x 5yrs = $50m
Athletics - RP Miller $9m x 2yrs = $18m
Astros - SP Cole $16m x 1yr = $16m
Mariners - 3B Moore $11m x 5yr = $55m
Royals - SP Urquidy $17m x 4yrs = $68m
White Sox
Blue Jays
Red Sox - 3B Devers $13m x 4yrs = $52m
Orioles - OF Harrison $10 x 4yrs = $40m

Draft Pick Trade Center (2027 and 2028 Drafts)

2027 Draft
Angels 1st to Athletics (Keller Trade)
Padres 1st to Mariners (Hamilton Trade)
Angels 2nd to Pirates (Tucker Trade)
Cleveland 2nd to Royals (Boucher Trade)
Red Sox 2nd to Royals (Betts Trade)
Padres 2nd to Twins (Lane Trade) via Mariners (Hamilton Trade)
Athletics 2nd to Tigers (Picks Trade)
Brewers 2nd to Cleveland (Adell Trade)
Rockies 2nd to Orioles (Means Trade)
Cubs 2nd to Rockies (Means Trade)

2028 Draft

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According to ESPN,
The basic formula is 25% team winning percentage, 50% opponents' average winning percentage, and 25% opponents' opponents' average winning percentage.
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