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Pick a World Series Loser (1950-2021) in first round, plus a player (pitcher or position) from the same year and league as your team choice. Second round pick a World Series loser (1950-2021) if 1st round choice was from AL 2nd pick must be NL and vice versa, plus a player from the same year and league as your pick (if you picked a pitcher in 1st round you must pick a position player in 2nd round, vice versa). No duplicate players your bonus players cannot be from a team already picked or if that player has been picked regardless of stat year. (Example no 57 Mantle and 61 Mantle)

Draft Order

Rd 1
1. Eriko
2. nbb412
3. urbanexile
4. thecloser
5. harrycaray
6. Reds OPEN
7. Buttermaker
8. 0pen
9. Duke
10. jimmccoy

Rd 2.
1. jimmccoy
2. Duke
3. Indians(OPEN)
4. Marlins (OPEN)
5. Reds (OPEN)
6. harrycaray
7. thecloser
8. urbanexile
9. nbb412
10. eriko

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