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Congrats to the World Series Champion Giants | All-star selections are made at Day 100 / 5 off days | Trades and FA turned off after Day 120 | Twins WS Timer 1

Off Season Schedule

6.Contract Buyouts 1 (Use Team Money Begins) Ends 1/17 11pm Est.
7.Rookie Draft Takes Place (2 Rounds)
8.Free Agent Bidding Round 1 (24 hours / Blind Bid)(Contract Buyouts 1 End)
9.Contract Buyouts 2
10.Free Agent Bidding Round 2 (24 hours / Blind bid)(Contract Buyouts 2 End)
11.Orphan Teams FA Round (League Office Managed)
12.Free Agency Free for All
13.Team Money Spending Ends
14.Last Minute Organization Needs applied. No spring training.
15.Team Money Revenue Sharing Completed
16.Regular Season begins, 162 Games for each team
17.All-star selections are made at Day 100 / 5 off days
18.Trades and FA turned off after Day 120

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Congrats to the Giants on Winning the World Series!

When the playoffs started it looked like all the usual suspects. Even after Round 1 completed with all the upsets in the AL we had the Al Champion Athletics still alive. After the divisional round it became clear the AL has some new emerging young teams. The Royals under new ownership decided to retool a bit and made their best playoff run to date but fell short to the Baltimore Oreos... No that is not a Typo... The trade for draft pick Oreos Won the AL.

The NL was for the most part predictable. Mets had best record in the league and systematically all the top teams were prevailing and then it was the Giants only standing in their way. Mets looking to collect their 6th pennant in a row came up just short. It took 7 games but the Giants ended the Mets reign of terror over the NL. You will be hard pressed to find a better first 5 games in any series than what just completed in the NLCS.

Playoff Seeding
1.Rays round1
2.Athletics round2
3.Twins round1
4.Yankees round1
6.Astros round2
7.Angels round1
8.Royals round 3

1.Mets round3
3.Cubs round2
4.Dbacks round2
5.Pirates round1
6.Phillies round1
7.Cards round1
8.Dodgers round1

Team Money

AL East | AL Central | AL West
Bal = 117 | Det = 97 | LAA = 62
Bos = 57 | Clv = 102 | Oak = 120
NYY = 99 | Knc = 102 | Sea = 80
Tor = 31 | Min = 117 | Hou = 116
Tam = 123 | Chi = 85 | Tex = 102

NL East | NL Central | NL West
Mia = 96 | Chi = 117 | Snf = 129
Was = 49 | Cin = 35 | Ari = 3
Phi = 102 | Pit = 3 | Snd = 78
NYM = 149 | Mil = 95 | Col = 82
Atl = 15 | Stl = 100 | Lad = 98

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everyone on the nats is available except for Hader, I am looking for draft picks and please offer me trades because I will consider all fo them.
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1/19/2020 Trade
German Marquez to Washington Nationals
Adam Frazier to Washington Nationals
Mickey Free to Los Angeles Angels
Samuel Coleman to Los Angeles Angels
1/18/2020 Player edited
Leonard, Morry edited by vipjoe7147. Contact your commish for further details.
1/18/2020 Trade
Robbie Ray to Arizona Diamondbacks
Nolan Arenado to Arizona Diamondbacks
Jason Meek to Los Angeles Angels
Luke Rogers to Los Angeles Angels
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1/19/2020 Shoeless Joe in HoF?dunroche
I just assumed that EVERY team attempts to steal signs. Some teams were just better at it than others. I also didn't care about the Ty Cobb stories , the Eddie Cicotte stories , the Denny McClain stories , the McGwire stories or the Sosa stories. I also tend to believe that all professional athletes probably use PEDs , at least , to ease the effects of joint overuse and injury healing.
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