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Congrats to the World Champion Angels | Please sign your players to your rosters you want to keep. |Trades are off..| All-star selections are made after Game 81 / 5 off days|Trades turned off after Game 100 | FA turned off upon end of season

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Off Season Schedule below

3/21 Contract Buyouts 1 (Use Team Money Begins)
3/22 Rookie Draft Takes Place (2 Rounds)
TBD Free Agent Bidding Round 1 (24 hours / Blind Bid)(Contract Buyouts 1 End)
9.Contract Buyouts 2
10.Free Agent Bidding Round 2 (24 hours / Blind bid)(Contract Buyouts 2 End)
11.Orphan Teams FA Round (League Office Managed)
12.Free Agency Free for All
13.Team Money Spending Ends
14.Last Minute Organization Needs applied. No spring training.
15.Team Money Revenue Sharing Completed
16.Regular Season begins, 162 Games for each team

Angels Win the World Series!

Against all odds... The Angels win in 7. Knocked off both #1 seeds in the run. Great season! Congrats to Justinshoebox on his first ring!

Team Money

AL East | AL Central | AL West
Bal = 89 | Det = 40 | LAA = 100
Bos = 85 | Clv = 6 | Oak = 90
NYY = 66 | Knc = 26 | Sea = 0
Tor = 4 | Min = 0 | Hou = 8
Tam = 0 | Chi = 85 | Tex = 75

NL East | NL Central | NL West
Mia = 27 | Chi = 50 | Snf = 93
Was = 62 | Cin = 65 | Ari = 98
Phi = 90 | Pit = 13 | Snd = 36
NYM = 103 | Mil = 74 | Col = 32
Atl = 00 | Stl = 76 | Lad = 12

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Picks below have been recorded for draft.
Marlins 1st to Reds (Trever Baur)
Twins 1&2 to Royals (Jose Berrios)
Mets 1&2 to Dodgers (Tyler White)
Blue Jays 1&2 to Reds (Suarez)
D-Backs 1&2 to Oreos (Will Smith)
Rockies 1&2 to Reds (Bryant)
Angels 1&2 to Dodgers (Tehran)
Cubs 1&2 to Marlins (Yelich)
Picks above have been recorded for draft.

Draft Order

White Sox
Red Sox
Blue Jays

Team Fines: L (Lineups not set), R (Roster need players), Other

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3/21/2019Team Money: a TutorialRaiderbill33
Team money total amounts for each team will be listed on the home page. Your total wins for the season become your team money in the offseason. At the end of offseason all the leftover team money will go into a pool, be divided equally, and go back to all the teams. So you want to spend what you have each offseason.

*If you look at the league rules you can see how team money can be spent. Progression upgrades: F--U---A---C … so F progression upgrades to U, etc. All players 65 rank and up cannot be upgraded above A progression. A player 25 to 27 years of age costs $25 to upgrade progression, and a player 18-24 years of age costs $50 to upgrade progression. This is going to cost most of your team money in one offseason if you decide to do it. I'm personally placing a higher value on players I can draft that I don't have to upgrade, so I don't have to spend a ton of team money on progressing players every offseason. I just won't have enough.

Spending $50 to take a guy from U to A or from A to C progression when he is only 18 years old should really pay off, if it means the guy will become elite. Spending $25 on an older player (25-27yo) makes sense if he is just barely elite (player whose rank is in bold), to ensure if he has U progression that he doesn't dip the following season.

*Positions changes will cost $30. I personally will avoid this, but in special circumstances it might be worth it.

*You can also upgrade player's endurance, speed, OR fielding for $25. It's a slight upgrade, and there are caps (8 speed Max, for example). I think to get a guy from 7 to 8 speed would be the most useful of these upgrades, because it's nice to have a leadoff hitter/base stealer. If he is young and can still progress, maybe his additional progressions can bring him up to 9 speed, which is huge.

Probably the most critical use of team money will be to use it as a signing bonus to sign free agents for a cheaper annual contract. All free agents are won with a blind bid in a blind auction. A bid of $5 per season for 5 seasons is equal to $25. But then you can add signing bonus using team money. You could bid 5/5 +15 bonus. Now your bid is $40, which is the same as bidding $8 for 5 seasons. So if you win the player, you would save $3 of cap space because you got him on a cheaper contract. Staying under the cap in this league will be very tough because it's tight.

Which brings me to the last use of team money: cutting players. You pay the contract off: if they are at $8/4 seasons, then you pay $32 in team money to buy out the contract, get them off your books and send the player back to free agency. I personally feel that cutting a player in the last year of his contract is the most efficient use of this money, especially if the player is declining and is not useful on the roster.

Team money matters a great deal, as it's critical to developing your players, acquiring free agents, and managing your cap. Spend wisely.
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3/25/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Lorenzo Cain placed on trade block by San Diego Padres
3/25/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Joe Smith placed on trade block by San Diego Padres
3/25/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Steven Cishek placed on trade block by San Diego Padres
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3/25/2019 Epic bullpen fails that make meSinCityMarauder
I think once the score gets "out of Hand" the sim leaves the RP in there until his stamina is gone, no need to burn up all your Relievers in a lost cause, same reason position players sometimes Pitch in Real life
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