MLB 2018... A Fresh Start

2022 Offseason Schedule

01/20 Trades turned on
01/21 Compiled stats cleared, game results cleared.
01/23 Unsigned players to be released into FA pool (sometime after 8pm est)
01/24 Progression run after 8pm est
01/26 FA bidding opens 8:00am est
Tbd FA bidding closes 8:00am est
Tbd Rookie draft class posted
Tbd Live rookie draft 9:00pm est
Tbd FA signings open 8:00am est
11/16 Season starts

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KC 3rd to MIL (Davies deal)
COL 2nd to LAD (Austen deal)
MIN 1st to LAD (Turner deal)
LAD 2nd and LAD 3rd to MIN (Turner deal)
CHW 1st to COL (Rodgers deal)
COL 1st to LAD (Sterling deal)
CHC 2nd and 3rd to KCR (Dozier deal)

Welcome to MLB....A fresh start

Once the NEW 2017 stats are imported to PC the league will start.Please pick your team via the chat box.The commish has created two prospects for every team,one hitter and one pitcher.When you get your team of choice you can add one (1) additional prospect of your choice.Prospect must be from your teams top 20 prospects

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1/18/2019White Sox @ DodgersWatch  Box
1/17/2019White Sox @ DodgersWatch  Box
1/17/2019Dodgers @ White SoxWatch  Box
1/17/2019Dodgers @ White SoxWatch  Box
1/16/2019Dodgers @ White SoxWatch  Box
1/16/2019White Sox @ DodgersWatch  Box
1/16/2019White Sox @ DodgersWatch  Box
1/13/2019Red Sox @ White SoxWatch  Box
1/9/2019Cubs @ DodgersWatch  Box
1/9/2019Red Sox @ White SoxWatch  Box
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1/8/2019Dodgers @ CubsWatch  Box
1/8/2019Dodgers @ CubsWatch  Box
1/8/2019White Sox @ Red SoxWatch  Box
1/8/2019Dodgers @ CubsWatch  Box

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1/12/2019Kudos to two great ownersbip
So we had a little glitch in the ALCS. Seems that a tap on my phone’s screen did not register (as best as i can figure because i remember doing it) and no day off was granted after game 5 of the ALCS.

Game 7 was therefore played with both teams starting their #5 man in their rotation, when their #1s should have been rested and pitching. The red sox defeated the white sox to move on to the WS.

By the time we did the calculations and figured out the error, the WS had started.

As the mistake was mine, i offered dkiley to take my Dodgers’ place in the WS. He declined this offer and suggested that i ask MookieDingers if he would agree to replay game 7, and that if that wasnt possible, he would just let the erroneous result stand. All class on his part.

So i reached out to MookieDingers, and he readily agreed to a replay. Also all class.

So we are now rolling back a couple of games and will replay game 7. I apologize for the delay.

I Just wanted everyone in the league to be aware of the great sportsmanship shown by these two owners in the face of MY error. Big kudos to dkiley and mookiedingers for putting the good of the league above their own interests.

We’ll be back up and running soon...


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1/12/2019 Player Dropped
Evan Gattis dropped by Minnesota Twins
1/8/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Chris Stratton placed on trade block by Minnesota Twins
1/6/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Curt Cabot placed on trade block by New York Mets
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1/21/2019 questionyankeebb
Spoiler, the Patriots win.
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