MLB Legendary: 1987 Edition

Schedule for off season

5/30 (9:00 PM ET): Drops deadline. All teams must be at 26 players maximum on their major league roster. Drops and trading will turn off temporarily.
6/1 (9:00 PM ET): The first round of the supplemental draft will be ran. Teams will then have a chance to re-rank players.
6/3 (9:00 PM ET): The remaining rounds (up to 5) of the supplemental draft will be ran. The supplemental drafts will either get your roster to 28 players, or give you 6 players, whichever comes first. After the second supplemental draft is complete, drops, trading, and free agency will turn on. Remember we are now using the waiver process, so the first waivers won't go through until the first Spring Training game is played.
6/5 (Morning): Spring training will start, 20 game schedule.
TBA: Start of regular season.

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No hitters / perfect games

Allowed position player changes 1987

Reminder: 1 allowed per team per season. Fielding stats are reduced somewhat as a tradeoff.

Trades involving future prospects or players not currently in the league

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5/30/2020 Player Dropped
Steve Lombardozzi dropped by Minnesota Twins
5/30/2020 Player Dropped
Mike Kinnunen dropped by Minnesota Twins
5/30/2020 Player Dropped
Luis Quinones dropped by Atlanta Braves
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5/30/2020 Keeper league draftkrtyler11
I think it's an auto keeper league - first time teams just have to suffer a tough first season before gaining the advantage of the 4 keepers.
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