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Free Agency Group 1

C J.T. Realmuto
1B Clark Green
2B Henry Carpenter
SS Bill Brunson
OF Austin Meadows
OF Collin Jackson
RP Joe Jimenez
RP Giovanny Gallegos
SP Justin Verlander
SP Jordan Balazovic
SP Mike Clevinger
SP Max Meyer
SP Thomas Szapucki
SP Jacob deGrom
SP Stephen Strasburg

Season 6 Predictions

Awards that need stat boosts submitted to me
AL MVP - SS Austin Martin TOR 2 3b and 2 hr
AL CY - SP Jordan Yamamoto TEX -4 BB -3 Hit
AL ROY - SP Logan Gilbert SEA -3 Hit and -4 BB
NL MVP - C Will Smith PHI +2 EN +2 HR
NL CY - SP Gerrit Cole COL -3 hit -4 BB
NL ROY - C Todd Rodgers MIL +4 hit +2 HR

Well this is getting harder and harder to come up with things we haven't done before that aren't very convoluted. So there will probably be some repeats in the seasons to come. I welcome ideas from ya'll for futures seasons on stats you think would be interesting for predictions.

1) First 6 time division champ - So for this one it will be a bit different than usual. Less of a prediction amongst the whole league and more of a multiple choice quiz, due to this, the reward won't be too high.. We have 2 teams that have won all 5 division titles for their divisions since this league rebooted a year ago. Both BOS and CWS have won 5 straight division titles, so firstly, congrats to you both, that is a big achievement. Both won by 7 games last year to the 2nd place teams. So take a look at the rosters and guess one of the following answers. 1) Both 2) Neither 3) Only CWS 4) Only BOS.
Reward : +2 hits to any hitter
Winner : Both (BOS OF Jarren Duran, PHI W.Smith, STL C Myers, LAA C Peploski, SFG 2B Jaddy Soriano, ATL, TEX, TBR)
2) Power+Speed - This is a sabermetric with an actual equation. You take (2xHRxSB) and divide it by (HR+SB). The highest single season in history according to wikipedia is 1998 AROD with a 43.9. The math was (2x42x46) = 3,864 divide by (42+46) or 88. So the math boils down to 3864 / 88 = 43.9. So pick someone who has good speed and power numbers. Those of you that are newer to the league, you can use the history tab in the upper right to check single season leaders in different stats or check the career ones to see if anyone ends up on both SB and HR lists. Lots of ways to go about this.
Reward : +2 HR +4 SB
Top 3 : Lucius Fox 57.62, Brewer Hicklen 55.19, Brice Turang 49.06
Winners : (None)
3) RBI-Runs - Okay this is a fun one for me. These are for those 5/6 hole hitters who have nobody good behind them. In this we are going to subtract player's RBI's by their Runs Scored to see who has the biggest difference. By sorting the single season records by RBI in this league, 2020 Gary Sanchez is a standout for this. With 139 rbi and 92 runs he would have a total of 47 being the difference between the two. Or 2021 Max Kepler on my Rockies, had 60 runs with 103 RBI cause he was batting 6th that year with nobody that could hit behind him. So aim for someone like that as your guess.
Reward : +3 2B +3 Fire
Top 3 : Pete Alonso 47, Andrew Vaughn 45, Xander Boegarts 44
Winners : (BOS 3B Bobby Dalbec, CWS, ATL, SDP)
4) First to 100 wins - Similar to the first one, we are going to go for another milestone here. Now there are 3 pitchers close to the 100 win mark. Mike Clevinger is at 91, Gerrit Cole is at 90, and Lucas Giolito is at 87. Despite the head start by the other 2, Giolito is in my opinion, the best SP in the league (sorry Flaherty) so I'm adding him to the choices here because I feel he has a legit shot at this. There is no chance for another pitcher to beat any of these 3, even with injuries so it'll just be between these choices.
Reward : -2 hits for any SP
Winner : Clevinger
Winners : (BOS SP Jay Groome, SEA SP Chappy Elias - 2 hits, SDP, HOU, BAL, CIN)
5) SP Win/Loss % - Minimum starts 25.
Reward : -4 bb and +5 stam for any SP
Top 3 : Gerrit Cole 87.5% 2nd Jordan Yamamoto 77.78%, Curt Luna, 75%
Winners : ARI
6) SO/BB for RP - Minimum IP 125. We did this for SP a couple seasons back. To make sure I don't have to calculate a TON of different pitchers we are going to go with a higher requirement for innings. So find a reliever that pitches a lot and has a good SO to walk rate.
Reward : -2 hits and +4 K's for any RP
Top 3 : Frank Hauger 4.59, Josh Hader 4.53, Josh James 4.09
Winners (None)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE copy and paste the template I post below and just change the team name and player names to yours. It makes it sooooooooo much easier for me to get it formated for the homepage when you do this <3

Prediction : ---- 6 time champ ----- power+speed -------- RBI-Runs ---------- 100 wins ----------- SP Win % ------- SO/BB for RP
Rockies : -------- Only BOS ------- Fernando Tatis Jr. ------- JD Davis ------- Gerrit Cole ------- Forrest Whitley ------- Joey Wentz
Yankees : -------- Neither --------- Fernando Tatis Jr. ------ Bo Naylor ------ Gerrit Cole -------- Lucas Giolito -------- Trey Wingenter
Nationals: -------- Neither ---------- Jody Dean ------------- John Bass ------- Gerrit Cole ------- Lucas Giolito ------- Colin Poche
Red Sox : --------- Both -------------- Tatis Jr --------------- Pete Alonzo ------ Clevinger ----------- Houck ---------- Trey Wingenter
Phillies : ---------- Both ------------- Jody Dean ----------- Hugo Winkles ----- Gerrit Cole ------ Lucas Giolito ----- Trey Wingenter
STL: --------------- Both---------- Fernando Tatis--------- Carlos Correa--------- Cole ---------- Lance McCullers ------- Bill Bowers
LAA: --------------- Both---------- Fernando Tatis--------- Carlos Correa--------- Cole ---------- Lance McCullers ------- Bill Bowers
Giants : ----------- Both --------- Fernando Tatis Jr. ------- Joey Gallo -------- Gerrit Cole------- Jack Flaherty ------- Trey Wingenter
Mariners : ------ only BOS ------ Brewer Hicklen -------- David Dahl ------ Mike Clevinger --- Justin Verlander ------- Josh Hader
Tigers : --------- Neither --------- Ronald Acuna ------- Brandon Marsh ----- Gerrit Cole -------- Lucas Giolito -------- Colin Poche
Brewers : ---- Only BOS ------ Fernando Tatis Jr. ---- Ramon Laureano ---- Lucas Giolito ----- Casey Mize ----- Robert Stephenson
White Sox :----- Only BOS ------- Jody Dean ------------- Pete Alonzo ------- Gerrit Cole ------- Lucas Giolito ------- Jose Leclerc
Braves : ----------- Both ------- Yonathan Daza ---------- Pete Alonzo ------ Gerrit Cole ---- Lucas Giolito -------- Josh James
Rangers : ----------Both----------Ronald Acuna-------------Cole Pitts--------Garritt Cole--------Casey Mize--------Daniel Poncedelon
Padres : --------Only Bos--------Yonathon Daza----------Pete Alonso------Mike Clevinger------Forrest Whitley------Trey Wingenter
Astros -------- Neither ------- Fernando Tatis Jr. -------- Will Smith ------- Mike Clevinger ----- Jack Flaherty ------- Trey Wingenter
Orioles : ------- Neither ------- Brice Turang -------- Jared Walsh ------- Mike Clevinger ----- Forrest Whitley ------- Trey Wingenter
Reds : --------- Neither ------- Brice Turang -------- Jared Walsh ------- Mike Clevinger ----- Forrest Whitley ------- Trey Wingenter
Dbacks : ------ Only CWS ----- Fernando Tatis Jr. ----- J. Batten ------- Lucas Giolito --------- Gerrit Cole --------- Amir Garrett
Rays : ------- Both ---------- Ronald Acuna Jr. -------- Yordan Alvarez ------ Gerrit Cole --------- Blake Walston ----- T. Mayza

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Prospect Requests

Arizona - OF Alek Thomas
Tampa Bay - SP Luis Pitino
NYM - OF Alex Ramirez
BOS - OF Gilberto Jiménez
LAA - RP Sam Bachman
STL - RP Michael McGreevy
WAS - OF Daylen Lile
TOR - C Alejandro Kirk
SFG - LHP Kyle Harrison
SEA - SS Noelvi Marte
COL - RP Riley Pint
NYY - RP Brock Selvidge
MIA: SP Kyle Nicolas
Rangers - 3B Josh Jung
Padres -RP Steven Wilson
PHI - OF Yhoswar Garcia
ATL - C William Contreras
CWS RP Jared Kelly
HOU - SS Pedro Leon
CIN - RP Andrew Abbott
BAL - RP Zach Lowther
make ones for LAD, CLE, OAK, KCR, PIT as well as setup rookie ball for them too

Rookie Ball (2 batters and 2 pitchers each)

COL : 3B Perry, OF Schunk, SP Carney, RP Alzolay
NYY : OF Dominguez, 1B Fortune, SP Gutierrez, SP Gil
TEX : 2B Javier Murray, OF Frank Hamilton, SP Kent Holloway, SP Dane Dunning
SDP : OF Brad Shea, 1B Frank Underwood, RP Luke Bachar
WAS : 2B Jeramy Huber, 3B Hal Mesa, SP Gerardo Carrillo, RP Jerry Begard
HOU : C Korey Lee, SS Keith Kelly, SP Hunter Brown, RP Ken Stansbury
STL : Of Torres, 2b Perez, SP May, RP McLaughlin
LAA : RP Webb, SP Yan, SS Jackson, Of DeJesus
CWS : C Wright, OF Cespedes, SP Kopech, RP Kelly
ATL : OF Waters, C Contreras, SP Anderson, RP Vance
BOS : OF Duran, 1B Jones, SP Cote
TOR : C Kirk, OF Krauss, SP Pratt, SP Monoah
MIA : SP William Sanchez, SP Ward Glockson, 1B Eddie McCabe, OF Victor Mesa Jr
MIN : RP Carl MacLane, SP Shawn Owens, 1B Pete Meister, 2B Milo Asencio
PHI : 2B Malloy, OF Happany, SP Gilbert, SP Perry
SFG: 2B Fred Burke, OF Hunter Bishop, RP Caleb Fautsch, SP Harvey Brady
SEA: OF Steve Steineder, 3B Austin Shenton, RP Gil Newell, SP George Kirby
reds-hunter greene/andrew abbott/lenny webster/paco gross
orioles-bollo/mayo/lowther/dl hall
Detroit - DH - Alfredo Johnston OF - Riley Greene SP -Zach Henriquez SP - Jackson Jobe
Milwaukee SP - Mel Burke SP - Darrell Bridgewater 3B - Korry Howell OF - Jim Coley
HOU - C Korey Lee SS Keith Kelly SP Hunter Brown RP Ken Stansbury
ArizonaC Murphy1B CurrySP HoltrpTallet
Tampa BaySS WallsOF OgboospColeSP Patino
CHC - 2B Strumpf, OF Leonard, SP Lund, SP franklin
CLE - ss mattson, OF Easley, SP Hankins, SP Burns
KCR - C Wallace, 3B Schwind, SP Lynch, RP Bumbry
LAD - 1B Hairston, OF McKinstry, SP Abbot, SP Miller
NYM - OF Crow-Armstrong, OF Jackson, SP Smiht, SP Ginn
OAK - 3B Skinner, SS Edwards, SP Jefferies, RP McAvoy
PIT - 3B Hayes, OF Brower, RP Burly, RP Franco

Position Changes

WAS - Rengifo change position OF (2B)
ATL - C Green to 1B
CWS 1B Bauers to OF
COL 3B Shunk to OF
BAL JD Davis to 3B
SF: 1B Mark Canha to OF
SP Zack Wheeler to RP

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