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Doubleday Sandbox

Nola whiffs 8 in 5-3 win

Aaron Nola struckout 8 Atlanta batters in a 5-3 win for the Cougars. | Box

Atkins sparks 6-5 win for Riptide

Garrett Atkins's hot bat helped the Riptide to a 6-5 win over the Trojans. Atkins collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Vaughn shines, Solar Bears still lose to Wichita

Mo Vaughn collected 4 hits last night, but it wasn't enough for the Solar Bears. The Cannons won the contest, 11-2. | Box

O'Doul sparks 7-2 win for Grizzlies

Lefty O'Doul's hot bat helped the Grizzlies to a 7-2 win over the Bison. O'Doul collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Hernandez baffles Knights, Bearcubs win

Felix Hernandez struckout 14 Cincinnati batters in a 4-3 win for the Bearcubs. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

M. Schmidt, Lumberjacks .4765 HR10 RBI
M. Minoso, Cannons .3682 HR11 RBI
J. Bench, Lumberjacks .3483 HR9 RBI
S. Sosa, Mustangs .3754 HR5 RBI
M. Ott, Grizzlies .4742 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

J. Bassler, Barracudas 3 for 23 (.130)
T. Perez, Storm 2 for 20 (.100)
G. Jefferies, Grizzlies 2 for 21 (.095)
J. McGraw, Bandits 1 for 18 (.056)
T. Tulowitzki, Mustangs 2 for 21 (.095)

Leaders: AVG

C. Klein, Rippers .362
T. Speaker, Lumberjacks .358
E. Averill, Bucks .357
J. Kent, Patriots .351
D. Jeter, Storm .348

Leaders: WHIP

B. Gibson, Knights 1.01
R. Clemens, Lumberjacks 1.08
R. Hill, Storm 1.10
J. Tudor, Sting 1.10
R. Halladay, Bucks 1.11

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5/26/2020All-Star Selectionsstonemob
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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Latest Transactions
6/1/2020 Player Claimed
Gene Garber claimed on waivers by Vermont Lumberjacks
6/1/2020 Player Dropped
Aaron Bummer dropped by Vermont Lumberjacks
6/1/2020 Player Claimed
Walker Cooper claimed on waivers by Vermont Lumberjacks
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Latest Public Board Post
6/2/2020 Hoops adviceCrazySauer
To your first point, it could be a good idea especially if you have the top pick and you know SG is thin.

Here's what I think of 3pt shooting on my teams:
Last Picks 32w-11L
Horizons 33w-11L, Champs
I thought I might be able to draw some kind of conclusion from that, but I dunno. The Horizons shot the most 3s but shot under 30 percent. The Last Picks were dead last in threes for the season, shot one 3pt shot in the playoffs, and just missed going to the finals when I barely lost game 2 in the playoff first round.
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