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Kaprielian whiffs 12 in 8-1 win

James Kaprielian struckout 12 Colorado batters in a 8-1 win for the Red Sox. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

Y. Moncada, Red Sox .4550 HR6 RBI
T. Story, Rockies .3161 HR6 RBI
A. Tucker, Red Sox .2732 HR4 RBI
J. Woodall, Red Sox .4001 HR4 RBI
P. Parsons, Rockies .3001 HR3 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

D. Shazier, Red Sox 2 for 22 (.091)
G. Martinez, Rockies 0 for 16 (.000)
S. Dennard, Rockies 6 for 22 (.273)
S. Russell, Rockies 0 for 15 (.000)
A. Benintendi, Red Sox 5 for 20 (.250)

Leaders: HR

K. Coley, Royals 48
D. Battle, Nationals 46
B. Bradley, Astros 43
H. Phillips, Reds 42
S. Nelson, Pirates 40

Leaders: SO

J. Kaprielian, Red Sox 278
C. Meeks, Rockies 268
B. Yard, Padres 257
M. Keller, Pirates 251
B. Gonzalez, Marlins 245

2030 Playoffs

2030 Playoffs

#1 seed- BOS- World Series Champs
#2 seed- MIN- eliminated by BOS in LCS
#3 seed- OAK- eliminated by MIN in LDS
#4 seed- TEX- eliminated by BOS in LDS
#5 seed- CHW- eliminated by TEX in Wildcard

#1 seed- COL- Lost World Series to BOS
#2 seed- STL- eliminated by MIA in LDS
#3 seed- MIA- eliminated by COL in LCS
#4 seed- SDP- eliminated by COL in LDS
#5 seed- MIL- eliminated by SDP in WIldcard

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Rank number: Higher the better.

Rank number is how a player compares to the competition in that specific league. The same player from the exact same season (meaning with the exact same Real Stats), playing in two different leagues, may be ranked 95 in one league and ranked 75 in the other.

Rank number is only relative to the players in the specific league in which he plays.

Rank is a guidepost, meaning a higher ranked player will not always perform better than a lower ranked player.
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