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Free Agency Rd 2 Winners

Players will be moved throughout the day tomorrow

L. Doyle- MIN 1yr/$1
S. Gonsalves- MIN 1yr/$1
L. Whitlock- MIL 5yrs/$1
H. Hunter- MIL 0
G. Holmes- LAD 2yrs/$9
B. Gonzales- MIA 1yr/$42
S. Olsen- MIL 0
O. hawley- MIL- 2yrs/$2

M. Pike- OAK 5yrs/$1
R. Rivera, Jr.- MIA 1yr/$6

P. Beard- OAK 4yrs/$1
K. Foster- OAK 4yrs/$2

D. Altman- TB 4yrs/$1

Z. Smith- CHW 1yr/$3


P. Boggs- LAD (TB)

R. Stocker- TB 5yrs/$2
B. Burly- MIL 3yrs/$1
B. Young- MIL 0

Teams eligible for Prospects (.500 and under teams) (all teams after 2029)

LAA- SP Patrick Sandoval
ATL- SP Mike Soroka
DET- SP Matt Hall
NYM- SP Jaison Vilera
SFG- SP Juan De Paula
STL- OF Lane Thomas

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