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Mahle baffles Red Sox, Rays win

Tyler Mahle struckout 8 Boston batters in a 4-3 win for the Rays. | Box

Yankees overcome brilliant outing by Lopes

Hits were hard to come by against Manny Lopes last night, but the Yankees pushed across enough to defeat the Mariners, 4-1. Lopes allowed just 1 hit over 8 innings in the loss. | Box

Dodgers find a way to survive Lyles

Hits were hard to come by against Cleo Lyles last night, but the Dodgers pushed across enough to defeat the Reds, 7-3. Lyles allowed just 4 hits over 9 innings in the loss. | Box

Royals ride Wright to victory over Twins

Lloyd Wright was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 7 innings, leading the Royals to a 2-0 win over the Twins. | Box

Kelly's 8-K performance not enough

Levi Kelly whiffed 8 batters, but the Padres managed to beat the Diamondbacks, 3-2. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

F. Tatis Jr., Royals .4004 HR10 RBI
M. Moniak, Phillies .3574 HR7 RBI
R. Acuna, Braves .4214 HR5 RBI
G. Riley, Giants .5293 HR5 RBI
B. Doomy, Astros .3893 HR6 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

I. Bates, Astros 3 for 21 (.143)
V. Ogboo, Indians 3 for 20 (.150)
E. Bowers, Indians 3 for 19 (.158)
G. Wallace, Diamondbacks 4 for 20 (.200)
A. Clayton, Orioles 2 for 18 (.111)

Leaders: RBI

C. Wilford, Angels 125
D. Battle, Blue Jays 112
T. Sandoval, Giants 110
L. Crowe, Orioles 108
V. Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays 108

Leaders: Wins

R. Strange, Yankees 15
A. Briggs, Blue Jays 15
P. Klein, Angels 15
L. Webb, Giants 15
J. Freeman, Tigers 14

Free Agency Rd 2 Winners

Winning bids. Players moved momentarily

D. Beard- TOR 5yrs/$5
H. Montana- MIA 1y/$2
F. Wooten- CHW 1yr/$1
D. Elder- CHW 1yr/$1
D. Morgan- HOU 2yrs/$5
L. Mack- TOR 5yrs/$1
F. Shipman- TOR 6yrs/$1
D. Sun- TOR 1yr/$40
C. Quintrill- TOR 2yrs/$6
R. Gerber- TOR 1yr/$10

T. Stokes- HOU 2yrs/$5
H. Fitzgerald- CHW 1yr/$1
S. Boggs- CHW 1yr/$1

A. Cline- COL 1yr/$3
A. Carpenter- CHW 5yrs/$1
B. Chesters- CHW 2yrs/$1


C.Weeds- CHW 1yr/$1
R. Newell- CHW 1yr/$1
S. Dennard- MIA 1yr/$5

E. Phillips- CHW 1yr/$1
P. Kirkpatrick- CHW 1yr/$1


MS Why- MIA 1yr/$1
N.Mazara- CHW 1yr/$1
A, Iverson- CHW 1yr/$1
H. Ramirez- MIA 1yr/$11
J. Watson- TOR/MIA------------------TIE BID. PLEASE REBID BY SATURDAY 9/18 at 7PM CST----------------
E. Bush- COL 2yrs/$10

Teams eligible for Prospects (.500 and under teams) (all teams after 2035)

Batter Up!
TOR SP Alek Manoah-done
TBR 2B/SS Vidal Brujan-done
CLE SP Cody Morris-done
TEX SP Cole Winn-done
HOU SP Luis Garcia-done
WAS - Waiting for new player
CIN- Hunter Greene RHP-done
SEA- SP Emerson Hancock-done
ARI- SP Zach Gallen-done
STL- SP Matthew Liberatore-done


TOR- Jamie Carr X1 Speed-done
TOR- Calvin Minor X1 Speed-done
SFG- SS Andre Bulger—2 Fielding-done
ARI- 2B B. Minor- FLdx2-done
CHC- SP Cory Abbott - Stamina-done
CHC- C Edgar Barragan - Speed-done
NYY- C L. McDowell- ENx2-done
PIT- SS J. CLeary- ENx2-done
NYM- 2B J. Mercer- Fld-done
NYM- D. Haskins- FLd-done
LAA- 2B M. Porter- FLd-done
LAA- SP P. Rosen- Stamina-done
DET- SP Tarik Skubal - stamina-done
DET- 3B Frances Gentile - energy-done
HOU- 2B Isaac Bates 1xspd-done
HOU-2B Alvin Grayson 1xfld-done
CIN- SP Lodolo Stamina-done
CIN- 2B Holt EN-done
SDP- Korky Bortles stamina x2-done
SEA- SP George Kirby - Stamina-done
SEA- SS Tim Porter - Fielding-done
STL- OF Chet Beavers - Speed-done
STL- SP Ivan Lost - Stamina-done
CHW- 2B Billy Curry fielding twice-done

Position Changes

SFG- Doug Jansen switch to 2nd/SS-done
LAA- 3B B. Drake to 1b/3b-done
ARI- 1B J. Bartley to C/1B-done
NYY- SP S. Reid-Foley to RP-done
PIT- 2B S. Nelson to 1B/2B-done
SFG- Doug Jansen switch to 2nd/SS-done
HOU- 2B/SS Alvin Grayson to SS/2B-done
SEA- SS/2B Hector Gage to 2B/SS-done
CHC- Trent Bartley 2B/3B -- 3B/2B-done
CHC- Sal Ogboo SP to RP-done

Traded Picks/Cash/Prospect Rights

CHC 2035 2nd to TOR- Montana

Stadium Renovations

SDP- RHP to mild boost

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