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Free Agency Rd 1 Winning BIds

Winning Bids posted

Tie Breakers please send in a tiebreaker by Monday at 7pm cst

>>> Players indicated below have been MOVED to teams. Please check to make sure it is correct!

L. Wiley- COL 2yrs/$2 >>> MOVED
R. ROgers- NYY 2yrs/$4 >>> MOVED
C. Foote- KC 0 >>> MOVED
V. Campos- KC 0 >>> MOVED
M. Cook- SEA 4yr/$3 >>> MOVED
C, Chester- MIL 2yrs/$12 >>> MOVED
J. Olsen- NYY 2yrs/$5 >>> MOVED
F. Whitley- MIN 10yrs/$4 >>> MOVED
A. Senzatela- KC 1yr/$2 >>> MOVED
J. Forbes- COL 2yrs/$26 >>> MOVED
F. Griffin- BOS/SD---------------------------TIE BID. PLEASE SEND IT TIEBREAKER--------------------
D. Guerrero- NYY 10yrs/$12 >>> MOVED
R. Strange- NYY 10yrs/$14 >>> MOVED
M. Keys- MIN 10yrs/$13 >>> MOVED
H. Greene- DET/NYY---------------------------TIE BID. PLEASE SEND IT TIEBREAKER--------------------
T. Mahle- MIL 7yrs/$33 >>> MOVED
V. Henderson- SD 4yrs/$21 >>> MOVED

M. Bishop- NYY 1yr/$4 >>> MOVED
L. Manning- DET 6yrs/$2 >>> MOVED
I. Humber- MIL 2yrs/$12 >>> MOVED
B. Lee- MIN 2yrs/$12 >>> MOVED
A. Russell- NYY 10yrs/$10 >>> MOVED
T. Meeks- DET 10yrs/$7 >>> MOVED
I. Hess- NYY 10yrs/$10 >>> MOVED
J. Walton- NYY 10yrs/$15 >>> MOVED
V. Meeks- LAA 10yrs/$18 >>> MOVED

G. Martinez- BOS 1yr/$2 >>> MOVED
E. Lewan- NYY 4yrs/$10 >>> MOVED
D. Jansen- KC 6yrs/$4 >>> MOVED

D. Boykin- DET 3yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
B. Horn- SD10yrs/$5 >>> MOVED

K. Lopez- DET 3yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
R. Harris- CHW 2yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
J. Otter- CHW 2yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
J. Cooks- COL 0 >>> MOVED
T. Cline- SEA 4yrs/$5 >>> MOVED
V. Curry- SF 2yrs/$55 >>> MOVED

P. Gary- CHW 5yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
B. Hamlin- SD 4yrs/$5 >>> MOVED
M. Tucker- SEA 4yrs/$4 >>> MOVED

M. TOrres- SD 2yrs/$3 >>> MOVED
S. Fisher- COL 2yrs/$20 >>> MOVED
C. Tucker- SD 4yrs/$5 >>> MOVED
A. Griffin- BOS 10yrs/$32 >>> MOVED
C. Wilford- LAA 10yrs/$25 >>> MOVED

K. Lewis- SEA 6yrs/$1 >>> MOVED
K. GOmez- MIN 1yr/$2 >>> MOVED
A, Thayer- MIN 1yr/$2 >>> MOVED
J. Freeman- DET 10yrs/$2 >>> MOVED
J. Klein- NYY 4yrs/$10 >>> MOVED
C. Cohen- BOS 1yr/$4 >>> MOVED
D. Gannon- CHW 5yrs/$5 >>> MOVED
T. Lynch- BOS/SD- ---------------------------TIE BID. PLEASE SEND IT TIEBREAKER--------------------
A. Hays- KC 6yrs/$23 >>> MOVED

Teams eligible for Prospects (.500 and under teams) (all teams after 2031)

Batter Up!
NYG-SP Logan Webb
NYY-SP Trevor Stephan
Sea-SP Justus Sheffield
KC-SP Yefri Del Rosario
LAA- SP Griffin Canning

Traded Picks/Cash/Prospect Rights

2030 Playoffs

2030 Playoffs

#1 seed- BOS- World Series Champs
#2 seed- MIN- eliminated by BOS in LCS
#3 seed- OAK- eliminated by MIN in LDS
#4 seed- TEX- eliminated by BOS in LDS
#5 seed- CHW- eliminated by TEX in Wildcard

#1 seed- COL- Lost World Series to BOS
#2 seed- STL- eliminated by MIA in LDS
#3 seed- MIA- eliminated by COL in LCS
#4 seed- SDP- eliminated by COL in LDS
#5 seed- MIL- eliminated by SDP in WIldcard

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