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Season 33: Schedule!

O4/28-05/03/19 - Round 1 Picks 1 thru 12 to pick 1 NL or AL All-Star team from 1900 to 2018. Every 2 picks have almost 24 hours each to pick. 12 picks should take 6 days. If you pick AL team, you go to AL Division. If you pick NL team, you go to NL Division. After 6 teams are sent to either AL or NL Division those Divisions will be full and remaining teams will go to Division with vacancies no matter which All-Star team picked.
05/04-10/19 - Round 2 Picks 1 thru 12 to pick 1 NL or AL All-Star team from 1900 to 2018. Every 2 picks have almost 24 hours each to pick. 12 picks should take 6 days. If you picked AL team in first round, you must pick NL team in this round. If you picked a NL team in round one, you must pick AL team in round two.
05/11-12/19- Reduce teams to 50 players and then split into 25 active and 25 minors.
05/13-15/19- Pre-Season of 11 games per day for 3 days or 33 games.
05/16-1719 - Get teams approved for Regular Season.
05/18/19 - Regular Season begins. About 9 am EST.
TBD- half way break of 2 days. Season resumes on TBD.
TBD - end of Season.
TBD - Playoffs Begin.

Season 33: Draft Picks for Rounds One and Two!

Round One
01. BobCats...NL1...2003 NL All-Star Team
02. Spaniels....AL1...1941 AL All-Star Team...changed to AL1...2000 AL All-Stars
03. Dragons....NL2...2001 NL All-Star Team
04. Yankees....NL3....1997 NL All-Star Team
*05. Legion......NL6....2010 NL All-Star Team (Commish pick)
06. Wigwamers....AL2..2012 AL All-Star Team
07. Bull Dogs.......AL3..2018 AL All-Star Team
08. Sons of Liberty..NL4...2015 NL All-Star Team
09. Blues..........NL5...1994 NL All-Star Team
10. Bashers......AL4....1968 AL All-Star Team
11. Wolves.......AL6.....1976 AL Star Team
12. Eagles.........AL5...1933 AL All-Star Team

Round Two
13. Eagles................AL5....1998 NL All-Star Team
*14. Wolves..............AL6.....2018 NL All-Star Team (Commish pick)
15. Bashers..............AL4.....2004 NL All-Star Team
16. Blues..................NL5.....2015 AL All-Star Team
17. Sons of Liberty....NL4.....1999 AL All-Star Team
18. Bull Dogs...........AL3......2005 NL All-Star Team
19. Wigwamers........AL2......2014 NL All-Star Team
20. *Legion..............NL6......2016 AL All-Star Team (Commish pick)
21. Yankees.............NL3......2014 AL All-Star Team
22. Dragons............NL2......2017 AL All-Star Team
23. Spaniels..........AL1.......2016 NL All-Star Team
24. BobCats...........NL1.......2013 AL All-Star Team

Season 32: Dragons Win World Series Championship Trophy!

World Series: Blues @ Dragons
Game 1 Dragons 5, Blues 4, WP: Seaver, LP: Hubbell
Game 2 Dragons 5, Blues 1, WP: Marichal, LP: Brown
Game 3 Dragons 9, Blues 0, WP: Ryan, LP: Leiter
Game 4 Blues 9, Dragons 4, WP: Perry, LP: Seaver
Game 5 Blues 11, Dragons 5, WP: Roland, LP: Marichal
Game 6 Dragons 5, Blues 4, WP: Koonce, LP: Nen
Dragons Win Series 4-2

Season 32: Dragons Win National League Championship Trophy!

Third Round Playoff: Dragons @ Bashers
Game 1 Bashers 5, Dragons 0, WP: Martinez, LP: Marichal
Game 2 Bashers 2, Dragons 1, WP: Koufax, LP: Seaver, SV: Miller
Game 3 Bashers 4, Dragons 2, WP: Drysdale, LP: Taylor, SV: Miller
Game 4 Dragons 3, Bashers 0, WP: Marichal, LP: Martinez
Game 5 Dragons 4, Bashers 2, WP: Seaver, LP: Koufax
Game 6 Dragons 4, Bashers 3, WP: Koonce, LP: Miller
Game 7 Dragons 11, Bashers 4, WP: Marichal, LP: Martinez
Dragons Win Series 4-3

Season 32: Blues Win American League Championship Trophy!

Third Round Playoff: Blues @ Wigwamers
Game 1 Wigwamers 9, Blues 2, WP: Koufax, LP: Brown
Game 2 Wigwamers 6, Blues 5, WP: Cordero, LP: Pascual, SV: LeCure
Game 3 Blues 5, Wigwamers 0, WP: Leiter, LP: Sabathia
Game 4 Blues 3, Wigwamers 0, WP: Brown, LP: Koufax, SV: Nen
Game 5 Blues 5, Wigwamers 4, WP: Nen, LP: LeCure
Game 6 Wigwamers 9, Blues 4, WP: Sabathia, LP: Leiter
Game 7 Blues 2, Wigwamers 1, WP: Nen, LP: LeCure, SV: Perry
Blues Win Series 4-3

Baines outburst not enough to carry Sons of Liberty

Harold Baines blasted 2 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Sons of Liberty over the Spaniels. Super Springer won by a score of 11-8. Daniel Murphy knocked home 4 runs for the Spaniels. Carlos Delgado of the Spaniels had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Pujols sparks 10-3 win for Legion

Albert Pujols's hot bat helped the Legion to a 10-3 win over the Blues. Pujols collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Sosa powers Dragons to win over ANGRY BIRDS

Sammy Sosa blasted 2 homers, lifting the Dragons to a 5-1 win over OGDEN. Randy Johnson was on fire, allowing just 4 hits over 9 innings for Tokyo. | Box

Lee in the zone for victorious Bulldogs

Derrek Lee's hot bat helped the Bulldogs to a 3-0 win over the Wigwamers. Lee collected 4 hits in the game. Justin Verlander struckout 8 Cuyahoga batters in the contest. | Box

Brown's 9-K performance not enough

Kevin Brown whiffed 9 batters, but the Bashers managed to beat the Eagles, 4-2. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

B. Bonds, Dragons .2384 HR8 RBI
L. Gonzalez, Dragons .2633 HR8 RBI
L. Gehrig, Eagles .3332 HR8 RBI
L. Berkman, Bashers .3892 HR7 RBI
B. Bonds, Bashers .5261 HR7 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

J. Altuve, Legion 4 for 24 (.167)
V. Martinez, Yankees 2 for 19 (.105)
M. Machado, Bulldogs 1 for 17 (.059)
M. Alou, Blues 4 for 22 (.182)
C. Jones, Eagles 3 for 19 (.158)

Leaders: OPS

B. Bonds, ANGRY BIRDS 1.272
B. Bonds, Bashers 1.119
B. Bonds, Dragons 1.110
M. Ramirez, Spaniels 1.109
J. Ramirez, Bulldogs 1.091

Leaders: SO/9

R. Johnson, Dragons 12.1
C. Sale, Dragons 10.9
M. Scherzer, Spaniels 10.8
B. Snell, Bulldogs 10.8
C. Kershaw, Wigwamers 10.6
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