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・8/4: Regular Season Games 1-42
・8/5: Regular Season Games 43-84
・8/6: Regular Season Games 85-126
・8/7: Playoffs Round One
・8/8: Championship Series/Off-Season Activities
・8/9: New Season
Note: Games are usually simmed at around 2pm (PST).

Stockton Ports win Championship!

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8/3/2020Dodgers @ PortsWatch  Box
8/3/2020Ports @ DodgersWatch  Box
8/3/2020Ports @ DodgersWatch  Box
8/3/2020Ports @ DodgersWatch  Box
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8/3/2020Dodgers @ PortsWatch  Box
8/3/2020Dodgers @ PortsWatch  Box
8/2/2020Giants @ DodgersWatch  Box
8/2/2020Dodgers @ GiantsWatch  Box

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8/1/2020All-Star Selectionsratchan
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored. https://www.pennantchase.com/lgAllS..
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8/3/2020 Player Dropped
Chris Freeman dropped by Reno Padres
8/1/2020 Player Claimed
Matt Ellis claimed on waivers by Modesto A's
8/1/2020 Player Dropped
Tommy Wilborn dropped by Modesto A's
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8/3/2020 SP Staminawduncan
This thread seems to be winding down with a good resolution but since I was called out for not responding earlier, I feel like I should respond.

Like Kingdude, I could not immediately test Gbacci's suggestion since we are in the middle of the draft. I would test and report back here but sounds like it's already been tested so it won't be needed.

Ragingsol, it seems you took offense to my use of the word "we" in my earlier post. I assure you, I meant no disrespect to Gbacci or the group. I wasn't telling anyone they should fix the problem. I am new to this website but I assume that this is a community that works together to answer questions and solve issues when needed. "We" seemed like an appropriate word to use given the context and the fact that we all could work together to solve an issue.

I'm sensing from this and other posts I've read that there has been a problem in the past of people demanding things to be done. That wasn't my intention, sorry if it was interpreted that way.
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