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Tapani's 8-K performance not enough

Kevin Tapani whiffed 8 batters, but the Imbeciles managed to beat the Tent Poles II, 5-3. | Box

Big game for McAleer lifts Mud Flaps II to victory

Jimmy McAleer drove in 4 runs, carrying McAlester to a 10-2 victory over the Zippers. | Box

Foy powers Fox Farts II to win over Dumpsters

Joe Foy blasted 2 homers, lifting the Fox Farts II to a 6-4 win over Duluth. | Box

Ding-Dongers fail to follow Davis's lead in loss

A big game from Chili Davis couldn't lift the Ding-Dongers to victory. Hooterville prevailed by a score of 9-5, despite 3 hits and 3 RBIs by Davis. | Box

Larkin unloads, Lefties still lose

Barry Larkin blasted 2 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Lefties over the Mud Flaps. Muskogee won by a score of 8-5. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

H. Killebrew, Kangaroos .4765 HR13 RBI
Z. Wheat, Whippersnappers .6361 HR9 RBI
J. Edmonds, Euphemisms .3004 HR8 RBI
B. Bonilla, Blue Balls II .3182 HR10 RBI
L. Gehrig, Goobers .3043 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

G. Tebeau, Tent Poles 2 for 22 (.091)
M. Greenwell, Goobers II 2 for 22 (.091)
B. Osborne, Outs 3 for 21 (.143)
R. Quinlan, Q-tips 1 for 19 (.053)
J. Quinn, Q-tips 1 for 18 (.056)

Leaders: RBI

D. Ortiz, Outs 51
J. Thome, Tent Poles 51
B. Bonilla, Blue Balls II 49
C. Davis, Ding-Dongers 46
A. Dalrymple, Dumpsters 40

Leaders: Wins

T. Ohka, Outs 7
G. Mielke, Mud Flaps II 6
W. Glazner, Goobers 6
F. Goldsmith, Goobers II 6
E. Hamilton, Hot Dogs 6

Vacaville Vacationers (no owner) Win The Alphabet Cup!

Story Photo
The Vacaville Vacationers, running on autopilot, proved none of us are as smart as we think we are by winning the season 3 Alphabet Cup. They topped the Eau Claire Euphemisms 5-1 in the final.

Muskogee Mud Flaps (charlie22) are ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW_YZ Champions!

Story Photo
The top-seeded Muskogee Mud Flaps beat the Jersey City Jaywalkers in six games to win the second ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW_YZ championship.

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