Alliteration Association 4


Draft Round 1 - Saturday, 2pm
Draft Round 2 - Sunday, 2pm
Draft Round 3 - Monday, 2pm
Draft Round 4 - Tuesday, 2pm

Draft Round 5 - Wednesday, 2pm
Opening Day - Thursday, 2pm

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Iron City Ironmen Win Championship!

The Iron City Ironmen swept the Alpharetta Aviators to win their first Alliteration Association 4 championship.

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8/14/2019All-Star Selectionsratchan
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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8/20/2019 Player Dropped
Larry Gardner dropped by Jacksonville Jumpin' Jax
8/20/2019 Player Dropped
Jim Viox dropped by Iron City Ironmen
8/20/2019 Player Dropped
Bill Sweeney dropped by MICHIGAN MONSTERS
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8/20/2019 just a thoughtsincitymarauder
I myself don't even care about W-L Record, I apologize, it was a bad example.

The only thing I look at is WHip, H/9 and K/9 -those are the statistics used to define a pitchers rank, and even though Rank does not drive performance, it indicates that pitchers value compared to the rest of the League.

Again as Gus said, if any given pitcher gets great defense behind him, he can be better, than his normal stats.

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