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The purpose of this league is to replay the history of the American League starting with the 1969 season. Players who come into the league will be assigned to the the team they originally entered the league with, provided there is space on that teams roster. If there is no space that player becomes a free agent.

Please refrain from using questionable language as this is meant to be a family friendly league.

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6/17/2019New user has joined the league!DukeBlues
DukeBlues joined the league - if a team was available, this user has been assigned to the team.
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6/24/2019 Player Dropped
Toby Hall dropped by Tampa Bay Devil Rays
6/24/2019 Player Dropped
Tim Corcoran dropped by Tampa Bay Devil Rays
6/24/2019 Player Dropped
Josh Wilson dropped by Tampa Bay Devil Rays
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6/24/2019 S and A progressionsericdc20
I totally agree that they should, especially with the slow regression... depending on your league finances though, it could be tough to stack a roster with a lot of S type players.

Also, based on the spreadsheet, it shows U as the only other progression that nets positively... but isn't that random? Doesn't it depend on how many progressions a player has and what type of progression they receive for that season.

For example... if a player has 6 progressions, and they receive a negative progression on their first one, is it likely that the next 5 will all be positive to hit those numbers in the spreadsheet? I always thought it was RNG.
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