MLB Next Generation 2018


Red Hott Phillies win World Series, fans and players celebrate!... Rookies start to declare for the draft before rookie ball begins...GM's rave about the 3B in the upcoming class...

Free Agency Winners

Listed below are the winners from round 1

Toronto Blue Jays Aiden Stafford SP $40 10 Years $4
Yankees Alex Meyer SP 27 3 9
SF Giants Andre Altman OF $104 8yrs $13
Cubs Andrew Miller RP $10 5y $2
Tigers Archie Guerrero SP $12 6yrs $2
SF Giants Brad Strickland OF $50 10 yrs $5
Brewers Brandon Lewan Catcher $18 9 years $2
SF Giants Chase Whitley RP $4 2yrs $2
A's Colby Odell C $72 9 years $8
Yankees Darren Hartman RP 30 10 3
SF Giants Deon Wilburn C $70 10 yrs $7
Yankees DJ LeMathieu 2b 12 3 4
Arizona Diamondbacks Ezra Butler RP $70 10 years $7
SF Giants Hugo Sherman OF $160 10 years $16
Phillies Jay Groome SP $120 10 yrs $12
Brewers Jonathan Holder RP $18 9 years $2
Brewers Leody Taveras OF $50 10 years $5
Mets Leroy Flowers SP 180 10 18
Phillies Rick Uribe RP $80 8 yrs $10
Phillies Scott Chadwick RP $140 10 years $14
Yankees Sydney Reynose RP 20 10 2
Yankees Trent Anderson RP 20 10 2
Yankees Trent Singleton RP 20 10 2
SF Giants Ward Henderson SS $20 10 yrs $2

Round 2 will open soon. Hopefully we see more bids and players sign. Remember you need to have 28 guys under contract.

Players Declare

The Following Players have declared for the draft. *this is subject to change*

Keep in mind that these players will progress on 8/1. After progressions their stats will remain the same, but will play in rookie ball.
Utility: (2)
Stone, S
Schwartz, T
Catchers: (6)
Fisher, B
Rankin, C
Helms, L
Warner, K
Hobson, C
Henderson, B

1B: (6)
Owens, E
Jones, B
Elter, L
Peavy, L
Cooks, H
Humphrey, E

2B: (8)
Kemp, G
Snow, A
Vasher, B
Crowe, A
Simpson, L
Cohen, L
Snow, W
Guthrie, E

SS: (6)
Fisher, S
Rice, E
Luna, S
Wise, C
Whitehead, J
Cook, F

3B: (6)
Reynoso P
Abernathy, E
Vega, S
Gregg, C
McNair, A
Vann, B

OF: (20)
Dennard, R
Earl, A
Gregg, P
Jackson, B
Ladd, C
Martinez, W
Ford, H
Guillen, T
Cormier, A
Campbell, C
Mora, A
Long, J
Brooks, K
Addison, H
Ibbera, R
Jansen, K
Stevens, A
Collins, A
Ward, A
Park, J

SP (20)
Nunez, D
Reyna, H
Fox, P
Minor, L
Lyles, G
Wallace, J
Sandoval, O
Randall, W
Ford, D
Sotelo, M
Shook, G
Ulrich, E
Borden, C
Sullivan, P
Miller, J
Norton, P
Shields, P
Kirkpatrick, D
Sandoval, J
Whitlock, G

RP: (14 of 20)
Evans, D
Hauser, B
Mosley, L
Burkhart, J
Wise, J
Evans, D
Gage, L
Jackson, J
Greer, S
Warner, W
Guerra, T
Humber, C
Ware, B
Peteson, B

Traded picks

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