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LAA SP Adan Wilcox tosses the 150th no-hitter in league history...........CLE SP Jeff Ozimek throws no-no, with 10Ks and 5 BBs.........TOR 3B Rafael Devers matches league record with 6 hits in a game.............

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Valerio whiffs 11 in 5-1 win

Jacinto Valerio struckout 11 London batters in a 5-1 win for the Buffaloes. | Box

Big game for James lifts White Sox to victory

Oliver James drove in 5 runs, carrying Chicago to a 14-4 victory over the Cubs. Chicago's Wayne Krieger had 5 RBIs. Donte Stovall of the White Sox had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Katz delivers in clutch, Dodgers win

Roscoe Katz drove in 4 runs, carrying Los Angeles to a 7-4 victory over the Red Sox. | Box

Bolander blasts off, leads Twins to win

Daryl Bolander blasted 2 homers, lifting the Twins to a 15-4 win over Pittsburgh. Samir El-Zarad knocked home 4 runs for the Twins. | Box

Banh's 10-K performance not enough

John Banh whiffed 10 batters, but the Rays managed to beat the Padres, 3-1. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

D. Bolander, Twins .3643 HR11 RBI
S. El-Zarad, Twins .4552 HR9 RBI
S. Rodriguez, Capitales .4213 HR8 RBI
R. D'Arcy, Capitales .5002 HR8 RBI
M. Viloria, Astros .3333 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

J. Osborne, Phillies 2 for 21 (.095)
R. Pepiot, Indians 1 for 20 (.050)
J. Ramiréz, Rockies 2 for 20 (.100)
F. Urquides, Athletics 0 for 20 (.000)
G. Workman, Royals 1 for 19 (.053)

Leaders: OPS

A. Fontenot, Diamondbacks 1.175
E. Magrina, Angels 1.129
C. Owens, Lions 1.117
J. Morrison, Red Sox 1.052
J. Cherniack, White Sox 1.044

Leaders: SO/9

M. Brady, Angels 11.4
G. Schofield, Rangers 11.3
C. Sale, Marlins 11.2
J. Valerio, Buffaloes 11.1
E. Edwards, Reds 11.1

Season 13 Draft/Contract Info

1st Round Picks:
HOU receives KC 1st (Edwards trade)
MIA receives OAK 1st (Sewage removal services at O.Co)
CLE receives LAA 1st (Wilcox trade)
CLE receives STL 1st (Minkler trade)
PAP receives HOU 1st (Mathiot trade)
WAS receives OSA 1st (Pitt trade)
SEA receives MIN 1st (Moniak Trade)
1st Round Comp Picks:
1. CWS receives comp for SP Hazelton ($160)
2. QUE receives comp for OF Victor Mesa ($132)
3. PAP receives comp through CLE for SP Hutchison ($132)
4. SFG receives comp for SP Boston ($114)
5. SEA receives comp for SP Bong ($84)
6. NYY receives comp for SP Carillo ($80)
7. PAP receives comp for SP Bednar ($80)
2nd Round Picks:
PAP receives QUE 2nd for Humanitarian Relief
CHC receives LON 2nd (Schultz trade)
KC receives HOU 2nd (Edwards trade)
LAD receives MIN 2nd (Donald trade)
HOU receives OSA 2nd (Lewis trade)
2nd Round Comp Picks
1. LAA receives comp for 1B Pinger ($78)
2. TBR receives comp for C Littles ($70)
3. NYM receives comp for SP Constanza ($66)
4. QUE receives comp for RP Grandy ($66)
5. PAP receives comp through ARI for IF Landreth ($65)
6. CLE receives comp for UT Newkirk ($65)
7. CWS receives comp for SP Casteel ($60)
8. SFG recieves comp for RP Bauman ($60)
9. LAD recieves comp for SS Crankshaw ($60)
10. TEX receives comp for OF Salamone ($55)
11. LAD receives comp for C Doto ($55)
12 TOR receives comp for IF Felder ($54)
13. STL receives comp for OF Whitmarsh ($51)
14. SDP receives comp for OF Robbins ($50)
15. CWS receives comp for RP Shaprio ($50)
16. QUE receives comp for OF Quick ($50)
17. SEA receives comp for RP Centeno ($48)
18. SEA receives comp for RP Melby ($48)
19. LAD receives comp for 2B Coles ($48)
20. LAA receieves comp for C Bolander ($45)
21. DET receives comp for SP Humphrey ($42)
22. STL receives comp for 2B Visconti ($40)
IFA Posting Fees:
Arbitration Cuts:
Franchise Tags: (take effect after season)
CIN -- Cunis - 3 seasons
PIT -- Majerowicz - 3 seasons
Position Changes
ARI -- Demeritt DH(1B) --> DH(LF) - no change
CHC -- Early CF(CF) --> CF(LF) - no change
CLE -- Neuhas 1B(1B) --> 1B(3B) - no change
COL -- Stanford LF(LF) --> LF(CF) - no change
HOU -- Kroon 1B(1B) --> 1B(LF) - no change
DET -- Hamilton RF(3B) --> RF(1B) - no change
MIN -- Coles 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS) - no change
NYM -- Hollins LF(LF) --> LF(CF) - no change
OSA -- Smith 3B(3B) --> 3B(RF) - no change
Stadium Dimension Changes
COL -- RH Big Boost --> Big Dis. -$40
MIA -- RH No Effect --> RH Mild Boost - $10
OAK -- RH and LH to Big Boost -$20 total
New Owner Cut Contracts

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Dan Shanahan placed on trade block by Houston Astros
11/11/2019 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dan Shanahan placed on trade block by Houston Astros
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Johny Sandau placed on trade block by Chicago Cubs
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11/11/2019 Pitch Count Possible Glitch?gbacci
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The next outcome was a strikeout, so the count jumps to 3-2 and those two extra strikes were not getting added after the stolen base attempt. Nice catch!

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