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Marlins acquire star OF Omar El-Zarad for highly rated prospect OF Baylor, SP Quintinilla, others........Mets acquire defensive catcher TJ Friedl from KC for 2nd Rd pick......Quebec 8-2 in last 10 to rebound from terrible start.....Recent Blue Jays acquisition Skinner out 2 weeks with grade 1 hamstring strain.....

Longest Postseason Droughts

Last Season in Playoffs -- Team

Never -- Blue Jays, Reds
Season 4 -- Dodgers, Liberators
Season 5 -- Mets
Season 7 -- Padres, Rangers, Yankees
Season 8 -- Cubs, Nationals, Phillies

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Fassnacht in the zone for victorious Liberators

Nate Fassnacht's hot bat helped the Liberators to a 5-3 win over the Cubs. Fassnacht collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

Church blasts off, leads Buffaloes to win

Joshua Church blasted 2 homers, lifting the Buffaloes to a 4-3 win over San Francisco. Ofelky Peralta struckout 13 Osaka batters in the contest. | Box

Zamora whiffs 8 in 4-2 win

Daniel Zamora struckout 8 Texas batters in a 4-2 win for the Athletics. | Box

Okrand tosses shutout for Capitales

St. Louis is hoping not to see Isaac Okrand again for a long while. Okrand went the distance, leading Quebec to a 5-0 victory. | Box

Barksdale shines, Padres still lose to Baltimore

Donovan Barksdale collected 4 hits last night, but it wasn't enough for the Padres. The Orioles won the contest, 3-2. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

E. Neumann, Red Sox .7223 HR6 RBI
E. Miliotti, Tigers .2784 HR7 RBI
S. Torkelson, Giants .4003 HR6 RBI
M. Rivera, Capitales .4761 HR8 RBI
R. Bickell, Giants .3813 HR5 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

A. Aguilera, Orioles 5 for 24 (.208)
B. Witt Jr., Astros 3 for 24 (.125)
J. Morrison, Astros 1 for 22 (.045)
J. Sears, Athletics 2 for 22 (.091)
N. Oden, Tigers 2 for 20 (.100)

Leaders: RBI

N. Schnell, Buffaloes 21
G. Okita, Twins 19
R. Bickell, Giants 19
C. McConnell, Phillies 18
D. Lawton, Red Sox 18

Leaders: Wins

Z. Wolf, Padres 4
A. Lara, Twins 4
S. Blewett, Capitales 3
B. Bucannon, Phillies 3
G. DeFrancesco, Mets 3

Season 15 Draft/Contract Info

1st Round Picks:
CLE receives STL 1st (Albies trade)
QUE receives PHI 1st (Schwartz trade)
SF receives LAA 1st (Steinbach trade)
CWS receives HOU 1st (Monaghan trade)
1st Round Comp Picks: ($90+)
DET receives Comp #1 (Bucannon $243)
LON receives Comp #2 (Rottenberg $240)
QUE receives Comp #3 (Regestar $180)
OAK receives Comp #4 (Dumas $177)
BOS receives Comp #5 (Sanson $150)
TB receives Comp #6 (Deutsch $138)
STL receives Comp #7 (Duarte $120)
BOS receives Comp #8 (Rockingham $105)
BOS receives Comp #9 (Morrison $100)
CHC receives Comp #10 (Zauner $93)
OSA receives Comp #11 (Paull $90)
TB receives Comp #12 (Skinner $90)
ARI receives Comp #13 (Murray $90)
2nd Round Picks:
SF receives CLE 2nd (Lovell trade)
MIA receives STL 2nd (Barrosa trade)
SEA receives OSA 2nd (Perdue trade)
SEA receives HOU 2nd (Sowers trade)
QUE receives PHI 2nd (Schwartz trade)
SF receives LAA 2nd (Steinbach trade)
SEA receives SD 2nd (Charnow trade)
MIN receives MIA 2nd (El-Zarad trade)
MIA receives MIN 2nd (El-Zarad trade)
NYM receives KC 2nd (Friedl trade)
2nd Round Comp Picks ($60+)
PAP receives Comp #1 (Cantor $78)
TEX receives Comp #2 (Ivey $75)
KC receives Comp #3 through NYM (Wurth $60/Friedl trade)
DET receives Comp #4 (Hamilton $60)
STL receives Comp #5 (Nieves $60)
IFA Posting Fees:
Arbitration Cuts:
Franchise Tags: (take effect after season)
Position Changes
ARI -- Nevarez 2B(SS) --> 2B(3B)
ARI -- Brickhouse 3B(3B) --> 3B(LF)
ARI -- Mejia C(C) --> C(1B)
BAL -- Aguilera 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
BAL -- Clifford 2B(2B) --> 2B(3B)
BAL -- Ruotolo SS(SS) --> SS(2B)
BAL -- Carrillo SS(SS) --> SS(2B)
BAL -- Cooke C(C) --> C(1B)
CHC -- Escalante CF(CF) --> CF(LF)
CHC -- Taormina C(C) --> C(1B)
CHC -- Sandau 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
CLE -- Burik SS(SS) --> SS(1B)
DET -- Medlin 3B(3B) --> 3B(1B)
DET -- Kelenic 1B(1B) --> 1B(3B)
HOU -- Morrison CF(CF) --> CF(LF)
HOU -- Shanahan 3B(3B) --> 3B(1B)
HOU -- Giddish LF(LF) --> LF(RF)
MIN -- Novotny 1B(1B) --> 1B(LF)
MIN -- Okita 3B(3B) --> 3B(1B)
NYM -- Keenan 3B(3B) --> 3B(1B)
NYM -- Cantrelle 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
NYM -- Zabala CF(CF) --> CF(LF)
OSA -- Schnell 1B(1B) --> 1B(3B)
PIT -- Erceg 3B(3B) --> 3B(RF)
SF -- Pazos 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
SF -- Allison 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
SF -- Chun 3B(3B) --> 3B(1B)
WAS -- Cassavettes 2B(2B) --> 2B(SS)
WAS -- Alu LF(LF) --> LF(RF)
Stadium Dimension Changes
MIA — LH Mild Dis. —> No Effect — $10
SF — LH Big Dis. —> LH Neutral — $20
New Owner Cut Contracts

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Latest Message
4/5/2020Supersonics Available PlayersTexRangersWS14
I am posting this here because I do not want to push the chat log way down. I believe I have most of these players up on the trade block, but this is my most accurate list of who is available from the Supersonics. The way the players are written out goes like this:
Player Name (Age, Rank, Potential [if age 27 or below])
Jose Gutierrez (22, 25, C);
Willie Dawkins (31, 27),
Ralph Borders (31, 50),
Ian Gibaut (26, 62, S);
Walter Weickel (28, 40);
Seaver Whalen (20, 29, C),
Jonathan Aranda (23, 74, U);
Gilberto Celestino (21, 28, S);
Quincy Baer (31, 60),
Peyton Culbertson (25, 74, S),
John Fleenor (29, 44),
Sean Guenther (25, 54, U),
Alerick Soularie (24, 40, S);
Stew Bittner (32, 59);
Matt Cronin (25, 90, U);
German Marquez (36, 42);
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Latest Transactions
4/8/2020 Player Signed
Paul Sewald picked up by Miami Marlins
4/8/2020 Trade
Nelson Quintanilla to Minnesota Twins
Wadye Ynfante to Minnesota Twins
Jamari Baylor to Minnesota Twins
David Spancer to Minnesota Twins
Reid Law to Miami Marlins
Omar El-Zarad to Miami Marlins
4/8/2020 Player Signed
Craig Kimbrel picked up by Philadelphia Phillies
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4/8/2020Question about long relieversJoeC911
So my SP blew up and was pulled in the 4th. I would have imagined that would be a situation for my long relievers, but instead it was managed around 4 of my relievers...the long relieved being put in at the end of the game in the 8th.

Am I missing something? Should I not designate my long relieved?
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