Preliminary CBA Discussions

1. *Should MLB implement a single trade deadline?



2. *If you voted yes to the previous question, when should the trade deadline be? (Keep in mind that a closer deadline means more excitement as teams scramble to get rosters set)?

Day 120

Day 150

Somewhere in between those two days

3. *Because no one ever uses the 40-man roster after Day 150 anymore, MLB is proposing a rule to expand the rosters throughout the season while retracting September 40-man roster rules to 28. Should the rosters be expanded?



4. *If you voted yes to the previous question, how many roster spots?



28 (throughout the entire season)

5. MLB wants a salary cap of $250 million. Should this be implemented?



6. MLB owners want an extra option year added to the rookie contract. In turn, players want the second option year to increase in salary. There is no in between compromise that can be resolved. What is the appropriate resolution?
Extra option year, but it’s for $6M

Extra option year, but it acts as arbitration

No extra option year, we resort to the original $3M/4yrs, club option for 5th year contract

7. An AL West executive has proposed a rookie contract proposal that would award salary based on the round they were drafted in. Under his proposal, first round picks would still get the $3M/4yr contract, but second round picks would get $2M/4yrs, and third to fifth round picks would get $1M/4yrs. Players do not like this because there are late round picks that simply take longer to develop and it wouldn’t really be fair. In the textbox below, describe how you would change this rule if applicable.

8. Based on the original plan and/or the info you placed in the textbox, is this a feasible plan?



Levi Ford Tells All on His Time in San Diego (PLUS ENSUING DRAMA)

(Interview transcript with Ken Rosenthal)

Ken: “Levi Ford is arguably one of the better catchers in baseball and secured this by signing a 4 year, $80 million contract with his former team, the St. Louis Cardinals. His former team, Jay Slater’s San Diego Padres, did not like the move, stating that he left without listening to the Padres and stating on social media in late December “I cant believe traitor Levi Ford took the money. WE MADE YOU Levi.” For the first time since his decision, when he returns to San Diego for the first time, Ford is here to talk about his decision and why he made the move back to St. Louis. Welcome Levi.”

Levi: “Thanks for having me Ken.”

Ken: “Now, let’s get right to it, you’re in a perfect position, great team structure, set to win a World Series for a number of years, what made you decide to head back to, of course, what we presumed was, a rebuilding team?”

Levi: “Well, it was less a matter of “going to a rebuilding team”, rather a place that would make me happy. This is the organization that drafted me, spent time in the big leagues for, what, nine years, and I loved it here. I never asked to be traded, my play forced the Cards to trade me for whatever they could get. The Padres were the team that made that sort of offer, what can you do?”

Ken: “When your contract with the Cardinals was announced, Slater and other executives went off, saying you didn’t give them a fair chance, that you’re a traitor, that they made you into the star you are, what do you say to all of that?”

Levi: “Well, that last part is a load of, for a lack of a better word, bullcrap. There have been plenty of late bloomers over the course of major league history. Are you trying to tell me that every single late bloomer, matter of fact, no, every single player that gets drafted by your organization and plays there for seven years owes you to stay there for the rest of your career? No. The way it works now, you get 4 to 5 years to develop a player. If the player decides he has a better chance to win elsewhere or max out his money elsewhere, that is their decision. It’s called “free” agency for a reason.”

Ken: “What was the offer that the Padres gave you, because it seems like that’s where this stems from?”

Levi: “I came into the offseason thinking, “if they disrespect me with their first offer, I’m not resigning here. It’s a wrap.” And that’s exactly what they did. A two year offer is what they gave me, $7M, then $10M the next year. I didn’t respond to the email. And you can’t blame me. The process I just mentioned? I did not have that luxury. I had a long contract, no incentives, no nothing, mainly bad advice from my then-agent. Endorsement deals weren’t really flying in San Diego because the sponsors went to guys like Bo [Bland] and Elder and Valez, the more marketable guys. I’ve had to wait 13 years to get a big payday. I was not going to stay and have my worth dictated by them. Nobody has time to “owe you”. Did David Ortiz owe the Red Sox? No. Did Jose Bautista owe the Blue Jays? No. Why do I have to owe you for sh*t? And how are you going to be that salty about it when you got someone much better than me.”

Ken: “Okay, well, besides the contract dispute and the comments, were there other things that influenced you?”

Levi: “What do you mean?”

Ken: “I mean, was there anything else that made you decide you were leaving San Diego?”

Levi: *takes time for thought* “Don’t get me wrong, I loved the city, I loved my teammates, I loved playing at PETCO. But I didn’t like the higher ups in the organization. I felt like they wanted you to act a certain way, but not the way you think. Instead of most teams that scream for you to limit the time you give to the media, they WANT you to scream to the media. They want you to be the center of attention. I’m not going to be that guy. I’ll speak to you, I’ll have fun on the field, but doing things just for the sake of attention? Absolutely not.”

Ken: “Can you elaborate further?”

Levi: “Of course. Interviews like this, they want you to do. They want you to call out teammates and the manager. They want you to go off about players on other teams. They do it to get us fired up, which is a weird way to do it, but it’s whatever. However, the whole sh*tstorm with the Dodgers, Ian [Cretella] or not, doesn’t happen without that sort of mindset.”

Ken: “So the bad boy vibe that followed the Padres is because of that?”

Levi: “Absolutely.”

Ken: “So then why St. Louis when the owner for them is known for...interesting decisions, to say the least?”

Levi: “I mean, other than the reasons I stated before, the team that drafted me, blah blah blah, they were the only other team to offer a contract of my liking (Ken laughs). But also, they might be “different”, but there isn’t pressure to NOT be yourself, you know. And as I just said, there was a lot of that in San Diego.”

Ken: “Well as it stands, you’re a part of a team that has eclipsed maybe everyone’s expectations. All of us in the media thought maybe the Cards had to wait another year or two, but it’s late into the season and you sit above the Astros by four games. Can you take me into that locker room, what has happened to create such a swift turnaround for this organization?”

Levi: “There’s a mixture of youth and veterans, so that always helps. But the main reason is because there is a mission in all 25 men—and woman—on the roster to beat their individual challenges, whether given by the media or themselves. There’s Akria [Maeda-Matsui], who’s having the season of his life. Ian [Cretella] has finally proven himself to be a star, but now he really wants a ring. Phoenix [Lightman] was basically given up on at the age of 22 by his old team. Ivone [Simoes] is opening the gate for other women hitters in baseball. Point is, everyone has their challenges, and we’re channeling all that energy into winning ballgames.”

Ken: “Do you think you have a chance to win a World Series?”

Levi: “Absolutely. Once we hit that period, it’s almost always a free for all. As a team, we are well prepared for this postseason.”

Ken: “So let me ask you this. Let’s just say hypothetically, the Cardinals miss the postseason the next three years and the Padres win the next four World Series. Would there be any regret in your decision?

Levi: “Absolutely not.”

Ken: “Not even slightly?”

Levi: “Nah. (retracts) Okay, maybe a little bit.”

Ken: “Well, thank you for coming on, good luck this series and the rest of the year.”

Levi: “Thank you Ken.”

League Chat Box


Ellison powers Red Sox to win over Rays

Versailles Ellison blasted 2 homers, lifting the Red Sox to a 6-5 win over Tampa Bay. Conrad Bertran struckout 13 Boston batters in the contest. | Box

Crowe baffles Twins, Royals win

David Crowe struckout 8 Minnesota batters in a 5-4 win for the Royals. | Box

Yamasaki blasts off, leads Diamondbacks to win

Ryuunosuke Yamasaki blasted 2 homers, lifting the Diamondbacks to a 9-3 win over Toronto. | Box

Yankees fall to Orioles despite Kellogg's efforts

Stevie Kellogg whiffed 8 batters, but the Orioles managed to beat the Yankees, 7-5. | Box

Proctor powers Mariners to win over Volcanoes

Sterling Proctor blasted 2 homers, lifting the Mariners to a 5-0 win over Vancouver. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

M. Bahnasy, Astros .3755 HR11 RBI
A. Mosley, Mariners .3335 HR8 RBI
R. Gronkowski, Royals .3534 HR9 RBI
J. Jackson, Yankees .5653 HR6 RBI
B. Thurston, Braves .4093 HR8 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

N. Coley, Brewers 1 for 21 (.048)
C. Cuthenburg, Angels 1 for 21 (.048)
S. Roby, Tigers 2 for 20 (.100)
S. Watts, Diamondbacks 0 for 18 (.000)
R. Joubert, Red Sox 3 for 20 (.150)

Leaders: OPS

M. Bahnasy, Astros 1.102
C. Machado, Astros .999
J. Goodwin, Phillies .995
F. Cabrera, Braves .966
H. Kitchen, Cardinals .961

Leaders: SO/9

C. Rodriguez, Volcanoes 10.7
T. Johnson, Volcanoes 10.6
C. Bertran, Rays 10.5
B. Aiken, Athletics 10.3
C. Wagner, Orioles 10.3

Rule 5 Draft Drafted Players

CWS - SP Jeramy Morris (NYM), 2B Harold Haas (NYM), SS Devin Proctor (CHC)
SEA - SS Eddy Savage (TB), RP Private Chris Andreas (TOR)
NYM - SP Blair Morgan (ARI)

 - C Brian Meeks (NYY), SP Jack Nash (DET), SP Alfonso Ellis (DET)
 - OF CJ Campbell (VAN), SP Jessie Moore (ANA)
TOR - RP Kasey Shaw (NYM), 3B Victor Gonzalez (NYM), RP Malcom Ulrich (STL)

Owners Facing Luxury Tax (Last Updated: 6/11/19)

2031 Luxury Tax (tenative)

Padres - $8M (loss of $4M)

2030 Luxury Tax

Angels - $6M (loss of $2M)
Bandits - $2M (loss of $1M)
Padres - $5M (loss of $1M)

Number of Times Over the Luxury Tax

Angels - 1
Astros - 0
Athletics - 0
Bandits - 1
Blue Jays - 0
Braves - 0
Brewers - 0
Cardinals - 0
Cubs - 0
Diamondbacks - 0
Dodgers - 0
Gamblers - 0
Giants - 0
Mariners - 0
Mets - 0
Nationals - 0
Orioles - 0
Padres - 1
Phillies - 0
Pirates - 0
Rangers - 0
Rays - 0
Red Sox - 0
Reds - 0
Royals - 0
Tigers - 0
Twins - 0
Volcanoes- 0
White Sox - 0
Yankees - 0
2020-2029 Luxury Tax: $70M

2029 Luxury Tax

Nationals - $10M (loss of $3M)
Orioles - $1M (loss of $1M)

2028 Luxury Tax

Astros - $1M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $1M (loss of $1M)

2027 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $19M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2026 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $2M (loss of $1M)
Volcanoes - $4M (loss of $2M)
White Sox - $11M (loss of $8M, third-fifth round picks)

2025 Luxury Tax

White Sox - $8M (loss of $4M)
Yankees - $10M (loss of $8M)

2024 Luxury Tax

Reds - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $3M)
White Sox - $3M (loss of $1M)

2023 Luxury Tax

Braves - $13M (loss of $3M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $1M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $2M)
Yankees - $18M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2022 Luxury Tax

Angels - $7M (loss of $2M)
Dodgers - $14M (loss of $4M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $3M (loss of $1M)
Rockies - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $1M (loss of $1M)
White Sox - $2M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $6M (loss of $2M)

Waiver Wire

If you would like to place a claim a player on this list, please message me with the player's name in the subject. For Revokable Waivers, after a claim is made, the team may remove the player from waivers. Otherwise, you may work out a trade for the player or let the team claiming him claim him.

For all waivers, you have 2 days to claim a player. (See Rule 3.8)

*-Transaction not completed yet


DFA (removes player from the 40-man roster, if not claimed, then you may outright them to Triple-A, or release them)



Revocable Waivers (Trade Waivers, After non-trade deadline):

ANA OF Felipe Patterson - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:15pm
ANA SS Ian Rose - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:15pm
ANA SP Lawson Knight - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:15pm
SA RP Bobby Padilla - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:30pm
SA SP Lino Park - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:30pm
SA SP Enoch League - expires Wed 6/19 @ 2:30pm

--Claimed Players:

TEX 2B Robby Nelson (PIT)
SF 3B Willie Rodriguez (NYM)
ATL RP Mike Park (BOS)
SF SP Jerry Ward (PIT)
NYM SP Jackson Winks (SA)

--Cleared (able to be traded anywhere):

SF SS Jessie Manziel
SF SP Jimmy Hanna
MIL 1B Rama Colucci
MIL OF Romero Alvardo
MIL C Noah Coley
WAS OF Marcus Ruiz
WAS 3B Thomas Pizzo
TEX RP Stacy Ogboo
TEX 3B Bob Bowen
LV 2B Cole Griffin
ATL 3B Kerry Wiggins
ATL OF Justin Solano
PIT 2B Alexis Frias (traded to TEX)
PIT OF Jeffrey Donald
PIT SP Ty Kirkpatrick
SJ 3B Elvin Bennett
SJ DH Pribik Tomasevsky
NYM 1B Lloyd Pryor
NYM C Stacy Clinton
NYM SS Kevin Maitan
WAS 2B Gerard Huber
WAS 2B Zach Paiba
WAS C Willie Betancourt
TEX OF Blair Wall (traded to NYM)
TEX RP Manual Magersich
TEX 3B Joey Montana
MIL 2B Buddy Curry
MIL OF Dave Harrison
MIL RP Fred Adams
SF C Randy Jansen
SF OF Calvin McNair
NYM OF Monte Harrison
NYM OF Teddy Clark
NYM C Chaz Stinson
WAS 1B Cedric Magers
WAS OF Wade Hicks
WAS 3B Darrell Harrison
MIL OF Mike Trout
MIL SP Omar Cleary
MIL C Jorge Illescas
TEX OF Benji Sampson
TEX RP Brandin Altman
TEX 3B Pat Burly
SF 1B Alex Donald
SF 2B Frankie Bullock
SF SP Harvey Mudd
SF SP Michael Arroyo

SF RP Haywood Meyers

SF SP Kim Cong Tru

WAS 1B Don Marshall

WAS SP Vance Fuller

WAS RP Jonah Andrews

MIL SS John Evans

MIL RP Paul Owens

MIL RP Cedric Huber

TEX 1B Emmett Cleary

TEX SP Dave Altman

TEX 3B Yates Gomez

NYM OF Laurence Cormier
NYM SS Rocco McBeth (traded to TEX)
NYM SS Nick Shaffer
TEX RP Walter McLain

TEX RP Emerson Blake
TEX SS Judson Barlow
SF 3B Cliff Sherman
SF RP Devon Minor
SF RP Hunter Walters
WAS C Phil Beard
WAS SP Junior Grayson
WAS RP Edwin Morrocco
MIL SP Evan Gallegos

MIL RP Mickey Smart
MIL RP Alfredo Moore
HOU RP Lamar Douglas
NYM RP Mickey Murphy
NYM SP Stefan Baer
TOR 1B Wesley Keating

--Retracted (not able to be placed on revocable waivers again this offseason):

LV C Jayson Pitts (PIT)
WAS RP Seth Smart (NYM)

Current Waiver Claim Order:

Present Power Ranking Standings (last to first)
New York Mets
Boston Red Sox
Pittsburgh Pirates
San Antonio Bandits

Release Waivers (NOTE: payback year is the year in which the offseason falls. ex. paid back 2025 means paid back before the 2025-2026 offseason)

SD SP Jay Easley - $28M total left on contract, $14M fee (paid back 2031)
BOS SP Ivory Ward - $36M left on contract, $18M fee (paid back 2031)
SJ 2B Rasheed Newell - $3M left on contract, $2M fee (paid back 2031)
NYM 2B Deon Meek - $3M left on contract, $2M fee (paid back 2031)
NYM SP Isaac Huber - $12M left on contract, $6M fee (paid back 2031)
NYM RF Dusty Bennett - $12M left on contract, $6M fee (paid back 2031)
PIT OF Todd Mosley - $6M left on contract, $3M fee (paid back 2031)
NYY 1B Loren Cottrell - $56M left on contract, $28M fee ($4M last 5 years (2027-2031), paid back 2032)

Traded Picks/Cash

Traded Picks:

ANA Trades 2032 1st Round Pick to LV (Slaughter), traded to SF (Stephenson)
STL Trades 2032 1st and 2nd Round Pick to WAS (Cretella)
NYY Trades 2032 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Round Picks to SF (Marsh)
CWS Trades 2032 2nd Round Pick to SA (Aleman)
ANA Trades 2032 3rd Round Pick to SF (Patterson)
LV Trades 2032 2nd and 3rd Round Pick to SF (Stephenson)
BOS Trades 2032 1st Round Pick to ATL (Park)
ATL Trades 2032 2nd Round Pick to BOS (1st Round)
PIT Trades 2032 2nd Round Pick to TEX (Nelson)
NYM Trades 2032 3rd Round Pick to SF (W. Rodriguez)

Traded $$$:

MIL Trades $34M loan to ANA (2032)
SD Trades $6M loan to TOR (2032)
WAS Trades $7M loan to STL (2032)
SF Trades $11M loan to ANA (2033)

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