2034 MLB Season Preview

+: Over .500
-: Under .500
#: Playoff Berth

AL East

Boston Red Sox +#
Toronto Blue Jays +
Baltimore Orioles +
Tampa Bay Rays -
New York Yankees -

BAL- All the Orioles needed to do was one move to turn this offseason into a success and that’s exactly what they did. They turned the $60 million Alex Abercrombie contract into great players in the Astros trade. Suddenly, the Orioles, who have hovered at the 80 win mark for three straight years, look like a team who could put a little sweat in the wild card teams.
BOS- Despite the Orioles and Blue Jays moves, they will still be no match for this Red Sox squad. The World Series champs basically ran it back, employing the same lineup and defense that has wrecked American League pitching over the last two years and replace an aging Andre Owens and Jody Singleton with young phenom Anton Gage and proven veteran Brady Aiken. No team has repeated since the Astros three peat from 2015 to 2017, but the Red Sox certainly have the squad to do it again.
NYY- Apparently, the Yankees are too busy electing to turn into a Catholic church instead of trying to put together a good product on the field...
TB- The Rays struggles of getting elite talents to sign with the Rays continued into this offseason, as they were only able to retain Dean Honeycutt and Ralph Talbot. With teams in the postseason improving around them, the Rays are likely one of the odd teams out, but finishing above .500 is a likely occurrence.
TOR- The Blue Jays took advantage of a seemingly dead market (for whatever reason) and essentially turned their projection from fighting with the Yankees for the cellar to a legitimate postseason contender. Offense has never been a problem for the Jays, but with a defense that will certainly improve from one of the worst in the league to pretty good, which will only help their rather elite talents in the rotation, Eastern Canadian baseball is a fun attraction to watch again.

AL Central

Minnesota Twins +#
San Antonio Bandits +#
Chicago White Sox -
Kansas City Royals -
Detroit Tigers -

CWS- Like the Rays, the White Sox are caught in a crossfire of improvement and lack of recruiting power that likely leaves them out of the postseason race. That said, an improving Brant Richardson and Cleveland Bates in a pretty decent lineup is nothing to sneeze at. The only thing likely stopping the White Sox from a .500 season is a questionable backend of the bullpen.
DET- The club’s only move this season was trading away Pablo Childs for yet another DH and one of the worst hitters in baseball since his debut. This rebuild probably should not be taking this long, but that’s exactly what it’s doing...
KC- The good news? They got some veteran presence in the clubhouse and just might not finish at the bottom of the division again. The bad news...they’re still a bad team with no sense of planning for the future. (enough of the depression in the AL Central, let’s talk about the good!)
MIN- Yes, even though the roster is heading closer to AARP than their prime, make no mistake: This is still one of the elite teams in the game. Remember, Zachary White, Jadyn Fielder, and Wayne Mack alone combined for 139 homers last season, and still have the same contemporary pieces around them. Meanwhile, while the rotation and bullpen lost some key members, the elite defense that has contributed to the Twins eighth straight Cy Young Award winners should be enough to keep the pitching staff as one of the best in baseball.
SA- At this point, elite is an understatement to describe the Bandits offense. Every single projected opening day starter is an absolute threat in some capacity. Meanwhile, they have done work to improve the one thing stopping them in the pitching staff, especially the bullpen. Whether a still somewhat suspect defense will hinder their new-look rotation remain to be seen, but let it be known: this team won’t have to worry about a near collapse out of the postseason this year.

AL West

San Jose A's +#
Seattle Mariners +#
Anaheim Angels +
Texas Rangers +
Vancouver Volcanoes -

I want everyone to keep in mind that this is going to be a VERY close division race, but with the Bandits, Orioles and Blue Jays thriving this offseason, there’s a chance only one of these four teams will move on to the postseason.

ANA- On paper, the Angels have continued to look like a top tier team in baseball, but they will be stopped by a couple of things. 1) Having one of the most suspect bullpens in baseball from top to bottom, 2) the fact that the top three in the rotation have all experienced immense struggles over the past two seasons, and 3) the other teams in their division improving tremendously. Make no mistake, they’re still a postseason contender in the American League, but those three things make it that much likely that they hard luck miss out on the postseason.
SEA- The addition of Ian Rose alone makes the Mariners a better team overall, but adding Randy Jansen to what is still a lackluster offense also does a lot toward helping the team make their first postseason appearance since 2001 (!). Whether they are a better team than the Angels and Athletics (or both) hinders on success from their pitching staff, especially an underperforming rotation and the elite arm of Nurstalan Vandale.
SJ- The A’s lost Brandin Parker and Herb Andrews this offseason and immediately replaced both with Robert Mora and Kurtis Freeman (from left field). The addition of Jordan Levinson makes the A’s lineup one of the better one’s in baseball. Assuming Juan Duran and Patrick Bacon are the real deal and Glen Bates can find it for the first time in an A’s uniform, the A’s could make the AL West less of a competition.
TEX- Looming in an already competitive AL West is the Rangers, who have quietly, but tremendously improved this offseason. A below average defense suddenly looks like one of the better ones in baseball (assuming Zack Nickelson doesn’t touch the field), and with Maurice Anderson joining Randall Rosenthal, Ian Diaz, and Charlie Holt, AND Gavin Harrington and Barton Morris entering the bullpen, the Rangers have the potential to make a LOT of noise this season. In fact, don’t be surprised if they are the ones that come out on top in this division.
VAN- Meanwhile, in the same division where those four teams look to start jumping down each other’s throats for that division, the Volcanoes decided to sip tea and do absolutely nothing. Good if you’re trying to relieve stress, but not good if you’re running a Major League Baseball team.

NL East

New York Mets +#
Philadelphia Phillies +#
Atlanta Braves +
Pittsburgh Pirates -
Washington Nationals -

ATL- Could the Braves be on the rise? After two meh but underperforming seasons, the Braves come into 2034 with a much improved roster. A quietly great offseason has left them with a much improved lineup and one of the best bullpens, from top to bottom, in the game. That’s probably not going to be enough to take down the behemoths that are the Mets and Phillies, but it should be enough to eclipse that .500 mark again.
NYM- The Mets lost both Loren Whitlock and Randy Jansen this offseason to free agency, but got to replace them with literally any pitcher that is close to comparable and Kerry Crawford, respectively. Add that into the best defensive team in baseball (history?), alongside a still dangerous lineup, and you just might have the best team in the National League (assuming some other teams don’t have anything to say about that).
PHI- Never sleep on the Phillies, ever. Remember, this was a 112-win WILD CARD TEAM that made the Mets sweat just a little bit down the stretch last year. Assuming the loss of Taylor Patinó doesn’t affect them that much, they should be able to put that same amount of pressure and fear inside the National League
PIT- There’s still a lot of work to turn this team back into the destructive force that they were pre-2026. But adding Sammie Fay and Valentin Crespo to the future mix certainly helps matters. With pieces that they can move, the Pirates could easily build a future around Fay as the season moves along.
WAS- Hit the music again.

NL Central

Houston Astros +#
Milwaukee Brewers +#
St. Louis Cardinals +
Chicago Cubs -
Cincinnati Reds -

CHC- The good news? For once, the Cubs didn’t shoot themselves in the foot in the offseason. The bad news? They didn’t get that much better this offseason, especially when the three teams ahead of them all made massive moves. A 70-win season is probably a win for the Cubs in 2034.
CIN- On the bright side, there’s nobody around to test big country breakfast body Lefteris Clark on the field!
HOU- The Astros finally did what fans, the media, and their own players have been pleading for them to do since 2031: get bold. Suddenly, the talent that the Astros were hugging for the longest time has turned into Alex Abercrombie, Candy Jenson, and Robby Bullock, and they made the splash of the offseason by signing Taylor Patino. With such an improved roster, there is no way to believe this team doesn’t win the NL Central again.
MIL- It’s funny to think that this same team has not had a winning season since 2014 and was one fiasco away from entering their own echelon of dysfunction. Suddenly, after a massive W of an offseason, the Brewers have put themselves in a position to give the fans of Milwaukee the hurrah they’ve been waiting for. The only thing stopping that from happening is a suspect offense, but as this next team can confirm, you can indeed win with a shaky offense...
STL- The Cardinals had a wild offseason, and not much of it was good. From even more trade drama to their president getting suspended for 120 games for collusion, all the Cardinals have to hang their hat on is their defense and starting rotation. Otherwise, with an offense that somehow got worse and a bullpen that might as well share one bullpen space, there’s no way you can say this team is going to somehow pitch their way to a division win again.

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks +#
Las Vegas Gamblers +
San Francisco Giants -
San Diego Padres -
Los Angeles Dodgers -

ARI- Turns out, all the Diamondbacks needed was a change in ownership, one that went deep into their pockets and brought in numerous stars. Clearly, this is a much smarter ownership group, and if the 95-win projection by an anonymous executive BEFORE this offseason rings true, well, the NL West is in for a load of trouble.
LAD- Aside from Jaden Valez, the biggest move this team did was bring in 90 year old, cigarette smoking maestro Jim Leyland to run the dugout. That’s the bad news. The good news? They still have the option to sell off their star pieces at the deadline or, because money, try to build around that same core next offseason.
LV- It is likely that no one was happier than the Gamblers team when the Padres sold the team, followed by a massive roster blowup. Suddenly, the Gamblers are in a position to compete again with their Bandits West-like offense, but they will need a pitching staff that completely bombed in 2034 for us to completely believe they are ready to take over the NL West.
SD- With $150 million tied up to exactly 11 players coming into the offseason, the new Padres management did the unthinkable and traded nearly everyone in exchange for picks and prospects. With proper moves, the Padres could find themselves right back on top next season, but for now, the NL West has become wide open.
SF- It would be hard pressed to find anyone that believes that the Giants regressed this offseason. But let’s not forget that Buster Posey is the same manager that has started Vlad Guerrero Jr. in center field and started Ken Villanueva at third over Bruce Pitts these past two years. Assuming those managerial issues are ironed out, we could be looking at another team to look out for in the NL West.



1. Boston Red Sox
2. Minnesota Twins
3. San Jose A’s
WC #1: San Antonio Bandits
WC #2: Seattle Mariners


1. Houston Astros
2. New York Mets
3. Arizona Diamondbacks
WC #1: Philadelphia Phillies
WC #2: Milwaukee Brewers

WC Games:







World Series: NYM@BOS→NYM

(Okay, it’s been 126 years for Cubs fans, SOMEONE BRING THIS TEAM A CHAMPIONSHIP ALREADY!)


December 29th-January 19th: Offseason/Entire progress of Free Agency
January 5th: Last Day for Relocation Requests (to be considered for the 2035 season)
January 8th: Rookie Non-Tender Deadline (third year or later)
January 10th-January 12th: Rule 5 Draft
January 20th-January 23rd: Spring Training
January 27th: Regular Season

Free Agency Watch

Extensions Signed (before offseason)

SA SS Mateo Escobar $25M/8yrs
NYM OF Blair Wall $6M/1yr
CHC SS Akria Maeda-Matsui $8M/3yrs, $1M increase for an All-Star season/200+ hit season/.300+ AVG season
ARI RP Grady Beavers $14M/2yrs, mutual option for third year
ARI SP Ezra Wilkerson $10M/1yr, mutual option for second year
HOU OF Michael Bahnasy $8M/1yr, player option every year until retirement
HOU RP Matt Affleck $2M/1yr, player option every year until retirement
BOS RP Kyle Anderson $3M/1yr
SF C Theo Giordano $1M/1yr
SF SP John Wilson $5M/1yr
SF SP Kelvin Walton $5M/1yr
CHC SS Ellie Kahn $8M/2yrs, $1M increase for an All-Star season/Silver slugger season, $2M increase for a Gold Glove season
CHC SP Frances Floyd $8M/3yrs, $1M increase for an All-Star season/≤ 3.00 ERA season/12+ win season
CWS OF Dave Begard $11M/5yrs, no-trade clause
STL OF Ian Cretella $12M/2yrs/+$1M per year, sign-and-trade to SF
LV 1B Dom Battle $24M/2yrs
BAL OF Colby Coleman $10M/1yr
ARI 3B Sandy Watts $4M/2yrs
ARI RP Gino Brunson $12M/2yrs, $5M increase for a ≤ 1.00 WHIP season
SD OF Candy Jenson $10M/3yrs, sign-and-trade to HOU
HOU 2B Lane Peavy $10M/1yr, $8M player option for second year
TB SS Javier Garibaldi $2M/2yrs
ARI OF Jed Ulrich $16M/3yrs, $2M increase for each .310+ AVG season, player option for fourth year

Completed Deals

SD SP Ty Kirkpatrick $5M/3yrs
SF C Jorge Illescas $1M/1yr
ANA RP Darquez Grimes $1M/2yrs
ANA RP Matt Jones $1M/2yrs
SD C Elliott Watts $5M/3yrs
SD OF Aiden Helms $2M/2yrs
ATL 1B Wilber Kelly $6M/2yrs
CHC RP Weston Shields $12M/1yr, $2M increase for an All-Star season/ROTY season, player option for second year
ANA 2B Adrian Rosario Beato $1M/1yr
LAD SP David Crowe $7M/1yr
MIL RP Mel Gary $10M/2yrs
SEA OF Marshall Bland $10M/2yrs, $1M decrease for a ≤ .290 AVG season
NYY RP Joseph Fackleman $1M/1yr
NYY C Ned Lost $4M/4yrs
NYM OF Shelton Ladd $1M/1yr
MIL OF Victor Robles $5M/1yr
ANA 1B Victor Shook $1M/1yr
SD OF Todd Mosley $2M/2yrs
SEA SS Ian Rose $20M/2yrs, $17M mutual option for third year
TEX OF Ben Wolfe $3M/2yrs
TEX RP Romero Whitehead $6M/2yrs
STL OF Jess Doyle $5M/1yr
ARI 1B Yago Solberg $6M/3yrs, $2M increase for an All-Star season, $12M club option for fourth year
SEA 3B Jon Padilla $5M/1yr
ATL OF Fabian Fisk $12M/2yrs
SA C Kenny Trosky $2M/1yr
TEX 2B Callum MacClelland $9M/3yrs, $1M increase for each .300+ AVG season
PIT 3B Valentin Crespo $13M/5yrs/+$1M per year, $18M/6yrs/+$1M per year player option for 6th-11th years
MIL SP Barry Knutsen $3M/3yrs, contract converts to $12M/2yrs for a better ERA, oOBP, WHIP, H/9, and SO/9 (3 out of 5) than 2029 season (first season only), $3M increase for each season with under 1.10 WHIP, $5M increase for a Cy Young season
TEX RP Barton Morris $8M/2yrs, $7M player option for third year
ARI OF Matthew Eizak $13M/4yrs, $1M increase for an All-Star season, $3M increase for a .300+ AVG season, player option for fifth year
SEA RP Mike Park $6M/1yr
LV RP Edmund James $3M/1yr
MIL RP Haywood Tucker $10M/2yrs, club option for third year
SD SP Regulo Mata $4M/6yrs
DET SP Alonzo Cortez $3M/1yr
BAL C JB Gidgefoot $1M/1yr
BAL OF Garry Griffin $7M/1yr
LV C Basil Curry $1M/2yrs
LV 2B John Lucero $5M/2yrs
SF 1B Blade Frieman $1M/1yr
TB RP Amani Toonin $2M/1yr
TB RP Rob Lester $2M/1yr
STL SP Aaron Bradshaw $29M/6yrs, no-trade clause
ARI RP Noah Hunter $15M/5yrs, no-trade clause, $1M increase for an All-Star season, $2M increase for a season with under 1.00 WHIP, $20M mutual option for sixth year
PIT RP Izitura Tolleson $8M/2yrs
SA SP Yentura Ratoe $10M/2yrs
ARI SS Herb Andrews $14M/5yrs, $1M increase for each 20+ HR season, player option for sixth year
TEX C Curt Owens $4M/1yr
ATL SP Carlos Rodriguez $8M/2yrs
MIL C Len McDowell $6M/1yr
ATL OF Kanebayashi Seikon $20M/5yrs, $1M increase for each ATL World Series appearance
SJ OF Blake Slaughter $8M/1yr
SA RP Eugene Gardner $2M/2yrs
SA SP Tim Perez $6M/3yrs
MIN 3B Darquez Galvin $2M/2yrs
ATL RP Earl Gilbert $8M/4yrs, $1M increase for each ATL World Series appearance
TB 3B Cal Gray $2M/1yr
CHC RP Giorgino Ito $1M/3yrs, then $5M/5yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season/ROTY season/≤ 3.00 ERA season, player option for ninth year
ATL 2B Larry James $12M/2yrs
BAL 1B Rama Colucci $5M/1yr
LV OF Mickey Moniak $2M/1yr
MIN C Lou Cook $9M/3yrs
BOS RP Kendel Smith $13M/2yrs
STL SP Cameron Ulrich $24M/6yrs
CHC RP Ryan Vega $8M/3yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season/ROTY season, mutual option for fourth year
SEA OF Willie Mays Hayes Jr. $1M/1yr
HOU SP Dario So $1M/6yrs, then $6M/3yrs, then $15M/3yrs, $5M increase for a Cy Young Award, $20M mutual options until declined
MIL SP Blake Stokes $18M/5yrs, $3M increase for an MVP season
SJ 3B Robert Mora $15M/3yrs
DET OF Mitsunari Ishida $6M/6yrs/+$1M per year
SD RP Severino Méndez $2M/5yrs
NYY SP Sammie Magers $2M/2yrs
SA RP Mickey Rodriguez $8M/5yrs
BOS 3B Keith Shaw $2M/2yrs
DET 3B Hector Maria $5M/5yrs
SF OF Ned Harrington $10M/4yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season/.300+ AVG season/MVP season
SF SS Dean McGuire $1M/1yr
TB 3B Cliff Sherman $3M/3yrs
ANA 2B Curtis Lewan $1M/1yr
MIN 1B Spencer Honeycutt $6M/3yrs
SD RP Jorge Rodriguez $3M/2yrs
SD RP Phillip Baker $3M/2yrs
CHC SP Hans Waldschmidt $6M/2yrs, then $9M/2yrs, $2M increase for each All-Star season, club option for fifth year
SF OF Jeramy Beard $1M/1yr
DET OF Ju-Won Lee $4M/4yrs, mutual option for fifth year
SEA 1B Haraldur Ratti $1M/3yrs, $1M increase for each season with 35+ home runs, $5M/3yrs club option for 4th-6th years
MIL C Zaki Tornincasa $2M/10yrs, $1M increase for each .600+ SLG season, $3M one-time incentive for a ROY season, $3M increase for an MVP season
MIL SS Younghoe Lee $20M/5yrs
STL SP Macaulay Bellamy $16M/1yr, then $30M/2yrs, no-trade clause, $32M player options for 4th-13th years ($1M increase for each World Series appearance, $2M increase for each STL World Series Championship)
STL 3B Edwin Gackleberry $1M/1yr
MIL OF John Yates $3M/1yr
TB 2B Izzy Radzik $1M/1yr
BOS 3B Jody Larson $3M/3yrs
KC SS Alexis Mosley $12M/1yr
KC 2B Zack Paiba $5M/2yrs
KC OF Kevin Wu $2M/1yr
KC SP Julio Urias $4M/1yr
KC RP Pilip Cooney $2M/1yr
KC RP Red Wartburg $1M/1yr
KC SP Nektarios Lamberti $5M/4yrs
KC C Charles Marsh $10M/1yr
HOU C Taylor Patino $30M/8yrs, no-trade clause, $5M increase for an MVP season
PIT SP Lamar Page $10M/2yrs, $2M increase for an All-Star season
BAL 1B Rocco Moore $5M/2yrs
NYM 3B Yates Gomez $1M/1yr
NYM RP Max Wooten $1M/2yrs
KC RP Donny Sarvaila $2M/3yrs
KC RP Oliver Gaddlemvrk $2M/3yrs
TOR SP Loren Whitlock $16M/2yrs, no-trade clause
CWS OF Joshua Jackson $12M/4yrs, player option for fifth year
NYM SP Neal Grimes $4M/1yr
TB C Ralph Talbot $12M/6yrs/+$1M per year, $1M increase for each TB AL East berth
NYY SS Ron Ham $1M/2yrs
HOU RP Kasey Flowers $14M/1yr, then $19M/6yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season, $3M increase for a ROTY season, player option for eighth year
TOR 2B Pat Burkhart $10M/2yrs
TB 3B Dean Honeycutt $11M/5yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season
SJ RP Blaine Honeycutt $1M/1yr
MIN SP Gale Dean $2M/1yr
SD OF Leo Pena $3M/1yr
SD OF Marcos Duff $2M/5yrs
SD SS Casey Bass Minor League Contract
SEA C Randy Jansen $13M/2yrs
MIN SS Dee Estrada $3M/1yr
BOS 3B Anthony Ulrich $10M/1yr
LAD 3B Jaden Valez $14M/2yrs
PIT C Donte Cormier $1M/1yr, $5M club option for second year
TOR OF Allen Doyle $15M/2yrs/+$3M per year, no-trade clause
SJ OF Constant Goergen $1M/1yr, $2M club option for second year
TOR 1B Morry Luna $8M/1yr
CIN 1B Glen Otter $5M/1yr
BOS RP Freddy Maxwell $1M/1yr
BOS SP Brady Aiken $3M/1yr
TOR 3B Brandin Parker $15M/2yrs, no-trade clause
SD 1B Gerard Murray $7M/3yrs
SD 1B Taylor Henderson $7M/1yr
CIN OF Derek Gilliam $5M/2yrs
CIN OF Bill Freeman $3M/1yr
CIN OF Mario Hartman $6M/1yr
CIN C Joesph Lozano $2M/2yrs
CIN C Chris Lunsford $1M/1yr
CIN RP Eugene Gardner $2M/2yrs
CHC SP Nicky Huff $15M/1yr, $1M increase for an All-Star season/15+ win season/ERA under 3.00/Cy Young season/CHC postseason berth, mutual option for second year
MIN 3B Darrell Harrison $5M/1yr, mutual option for second year
WAS SS Jessie Manziel $11M/2yrs
SD RP Phillip Lane $3M/1yr
BAL 3B Monty Hairston $10M/4yrs

Pending Offers

*-original extension offer

Free Agency: Things to Know

Players offered Qualifying Offers

TB OF Art Jettison (signed by SEA, all 2032 picks traded/lost, loss of 2033 first-round pick)

NYM SP Loren Whitlock (signed by TOR, first-round pick protected, loss of second-round pick)
NYM C Randy Jansen (signed by SEA, first-round pick lost, loss of second-round pick)
LV 3B Stephen Jackson (accepted QO)
STL RP Noah Hunter (signed by ARI, first-round pick lost, loss of second-round pick)
PHI OF Matthew Eizak (signed by ARI, loss of first-round pick)
PHI C Taylor Patino (signed by HOU, first-third round picks traded, loss of fourth-round pick)
SJ 3B Brandin Parker (signed by TOR, first-third round picks lost/protected, loss of fourth-round pick)
SJ SS Herb Andrews (signed by ARI, first and second-round picks lost/protected, loss of third-round pick)
HOU OF Allen Doyle (signed by TOR, first and second-round picks lost/protected, loss of third-round pick)
BOS 3B Anthony Ulrich (resigned by BOS)
ARI C Jayson Pitts (accepted QO)
ARI SP Aaron Bradshaw (signed by STL, first and second-round picks lost/protected, loss of third-round pick)
TB C Ralph Talbot (resigned by TB)
TB 3B Dean Honeycutt (resigned by TB)
TB SS Cesar Delgaudio (accepted QO)
TB SP Cameron Ulrich (signed by STL, first-third-round picks lost/protected, loss of fourth-round pick)
SD SP Blake Stokes (signed by MIL, first-round pick traded, loss of second-round pick)
SA 3B Bruce Stafford (accepted QO)
BAL 3B Monty Hairston
MIN SP Nicky Huff (signed by CHC, first-round pick protected, loss of second-round pick)

International Free Agent Budgets

1. WAS $200M
2. CIN $194M
3. PIT $188M-$75M=$113M
4. KC $176M-$20M=$156M
5. DET $171M-$92M=$79M
6. MIL $163M-$120M=$43M
7. NYY $155M
8. LAD $151M
9. CHC $148M-$28M=$120M
10. TOR $143M
11. TEX $138M-$27M=$111M
12. ATL $135M-$100M=$35M
13. VAN $121M
14. SF $119M
15. ARI $113M
16. BAL $110M
17. SEA $105M-$3M=$102M
18. CWS $102M
19. TB $98M
20. SA $95M
21. LV $91M
22. ANA $88M
23. SJ $85M
24. SD $84M-$34M=$50M
25. HOU $83M-$69M=$14M
26. STL $82M-$76M=$6M
27. BOS $81M
28. PHI $79M
29. MIN $77M
30. NYM $75M

International Free Agents:

SS/IF Younghoe Lee (South Korean) - MIL ($100M)
OF Ju-Won Lee (South Korean) - DET ($16M)
OF/1B Kanebayashi Seikon (South Korean) - ATL ($100M)
3B/1B Hector Maria (Argentinian) - DET ($25M)
C/2B Zaki Tornincasa (Sudanese) - MIL ($20M)
2B/OF Callum MacClelland (Irish) - TEX ($27M)
OF Mitsunari Ishida (Japanese) - DET ($51M)
1B/IF Haraldur Ratti (Icelandic) - SEA ($3M)
3B/RF Valentin Crespo (Norwegian) - PIT ($75M)
(RHP) SP Regulo Mata (Honduran) - SD ($24M)
(LHP) SP Nektarios Lamberti (Greek) - KC ($20M)
(LHP) SP Dario So (Japanese) - HOU ($69M)
(RHP) SP Macaulay Bellamy (British) - STL ($76M)
(RHP) RP Severino Mendez (Mexican) - SD ($10M)
(LHP) RP Giorgino Ito (Italian) - CHC ($28M)

League Chat Box


Rule 5 Draft Drafted Players and 45-Man Roster (Last Updated: 1/11/20)

PIT - LF Sal Parr (SF)
MIL - SP Carmen Jackson (KC), Don Mueller (KC)
LAD - DH Granville Bateson (WAS)
TOR - RP Cleo Lane (NYY), SP Rich McBride (PHI), 1B Ike Doran (WAS)
ARI - SS Jarod Chadwick (TEX), OF Gale Staples (DET)
BAL - SP Brandin Mosley (CIN), 2B Rasheed Fitzgerald (KC)
SEA - 1B Jimmy Cohen (WAS)
CWS - SP Ron Boykin (KC), RP Dale Lake (ARI)
TB - 3B Angel Cottrell (CHC), OF Dylan Huff (CHC)
STL - OF Pete Lamb (CWS), SS Mathew Mahan (CWS), SS Shane Freeman (SEA)
NYM - RP Tommy Doran (STL)
Angels - 35/45
Astros - 44/45
Athletics - 44/45
Bandits - 44/45
Blue Jays - 45/45
Braves - 33/45
Brewers - 42/45
Cardinals - 29/45
Cubs - 32/45
Diamondbacks - 44/45
Dodgers - 25/45
Gamblers - 27/45
Giants - 32/45
Mariners - 30/45
Mets - 40/45
Nationals - 19/45
Orioles - 45/45
Padres - 37/45
Phillies - 35/45
Pirates - 37/45
Rangers - 34/45
Rays - 42/45
Red Sox - 41/45
Reds - 19/45
Royals - 21/45
Tigers - 26/45
Twins - 43/45
Volcanoes - 27/45
White Sox - 40/45
Yankees - 30/45

2034 MLB Draft Order (Last Updated: 1/17/20)

1st Round

1. WAS
2. CIN
3. PIT
4. KC
5. MIL (DET Traded Pick for Pablo Childs)
6. SD (MIL Traded Pick for Chris Ramirez)
7. NYY
8. LAD
9. CHC
10. TOR
11. TEX
12. ATL
13. VAN
14. SD (SF Traded Pick for Rafael Elder, MIL Traded Pick)
--- (ARI Loss of Pick for Matthew Eizak)
15. BAL
--- (SEA Loss of Pick for Art Jettison (2032))
16. CWS
17. TB
18. SA
19. LV
20. ANA
21. SJ
22. ANA (SD Traded Pick for Ian Rose)
23. SA (HOU Traded Pick for Harper Lane)
24. NYY (STL Traded Pick from Val Donald)
25. BOS
26. PHI
27. MIN
28. NYM

Compensatory Round

29. PHI (Matthew Eizak)
30. ARI (Aaron Bradshaw)
31. STL (Noah Hunter)
32. SJ (Herb Andrews)
33. TB (Cameron Ulrich)
34. SD (Blake Stokes)
35. PHI (Taylor Patino)
36. NYM (Loren Whitlock)
37. NYM (Randy Jansen)
38. HOU (Allen Doyle)
39. SJ (Brandin Parker)
40. MIN (Nicky Huff)

2nd Round

41. TB (WAS Traded Pick for Benito Mahan)
42. CIN
43. PIT
44. KC
45. DET
--- (MIL Loss of Pick for Blake Stokes)
46. NYY
47. LAD
--- (CHC Loss of Pick for Nicky Huff)
--- (TOR Loss of Pick for Loren Whitlock)
48. SD (TEX Traded Pick for Gavin Harrington)
49. ATL
50. VAN
51. DET (SF Traded Pick for Kendel Smith)
--- (ARI Loss of Pick for Noah Hunter)
52. BAL
--- (SEA Loss of Pick for Randy Jansen)
53. SA (CWS Traded Pick for Willie Russell, HOU Traded Pick for Harper Lane)
54. TB
55. SA
56. LV
57. ANA
58. SJ
59. ANA (SD Traded Pick for Ian Rose)
60. TEX (HOU Traded Pick for Candy Jenson, SD Traded Pick for Alexis Frias)
61. MIL (STL Traded Pick for Willie Armstrong)
62. BOS
63. PHI
64. MIN
65. NYM

3rd Round

66. WAS
67. CIN
68. PIT
69. KC
70. DET
71. SD (MIL Traded Pick)
72. NYY
73. LAD
74. SA (CHC Traded Pick for Dustin Ayala)
--- (TOR Loss of Pick for Allen Doyle)
75. SD (TEX Traded Pick for Gavin Harrington)
76. ATL
77. VAN
78. MIL (SF Traded Pick for Rafael Elder)
--- (ARI Loss of Pick for Herb Andrews)
79. BAL
80. TOR (SEA Traded Pick for Felipe Patterson, ANA Traded Pick for Chuck Ruff)
81. CWS
82. TB
83. CHC (SA Traded Pick for Ryan Vega)
84. LV
85. ANA
86. TOR (SJ Traded Pick for Phillip Talbot)
87. ANA (SD Traded Pick for Ian Rose)
88. BAL (HOU Traded Pick for Alex Abercrombie)
--- (STL Loss of Pick for Aaron Bradshaw)
89. BOS
90. PHI
91. TOR (MIN Traded Pick for Craig Hess)
92. NYM

4th Round

93. WAS
94. CIN
95. PIT
96. KC
97. DET
98. MIL
99. NYY
100. LAD
101. SA (CHC Traded Pick for Dustin Ayala)
--- (TOR Loss of Pick for Brandin Parker)
102. TEX
103. ATL
104. VAN
105. NYY (SF Traded Pick for Stevie Kellogg)
106. ARI
107. BAL
108. TEX (SEA Traded Pick for Tony Darby)
109. CWS
110. TB
111. SA
112. LV
113. ANA
114. SJ
115. ANA (SD Traded Pick for Ian Rose)
--- (HOU Loss of Pick for Taylor Patino)
--- (STL Loss of Pick for Cameron Ulrich)
116. BOS
117. PHI
118. MIN
119. NYM

5th Round

120. WAS
121. CIN
122. PIT
123. KC
124. DET
125. MIL
126. NYY
127. LAD
128. CHC
129. TOR
130. TEX
131. ATL
132. VAN
133. NYY (SF Traded Pick for Stevie Kellogg)
134. ARI
135. BAL
136. SEA
137. CWS
138. TB
139. SA
140. LV
141. ANA
142. SJ
143. ANA (SD Traded Pick for Ian Rose)
144. HOU
145. STL
146. BOS
147. PHI
148. MIN
149. SD (NYM Traded Pick for Kerry Crawford)

Owners Facing Luxury Tax (Last Updated: 12/11/19)

2033 Luxury Tax

Rangers - $6M (loss of $2M)

2032 Luxury Tax


2031 Luxury Tax


2030 Luxury Tax

Angels - $6M (loss of $2M)
Bandits - $2M (loss of $1M)
Padres - $5M (loss of $1M)

Number of Times Over the Luxury Tax

Angels - 1
Astros - 0
Athletics - 0
Bandits - 1
Blue Jays - 0
Braves - 0
Brewers - 0
Cardinals - 0
Cubs - 0
Diamondbacks - 0
Dodgers - 0
Gamblers - 0
Giants - 0
Mariners - 0
Mets - 0
Nationals - 0
Orioles - 0
Padres - 1
Phillies - 0
Pirates - 0
Rangers - 0
Rays - 0
Red Sox - 0
Reds - 0
Royals - 0
Tigers - 0
Twins - 0
Volcanoes- 0
White Sox - 0
Yankees - 0
2020-2029 Luxury Tax: $70M

2029 Luxury Tax

Nationals - $10M (loss of $3M)
Orioles - $1M (loss of $1M)

2028 Luxury Tax

Astros - $1M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $1M (loss of $1M)

2027 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $19M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2026 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $2M (loss of $1M)
Volcanoes - $4M (loss of $2M)
White Sox - $11M (loss of $8M, third-fifth round picks)

2025 Luxury Tax

White Sox - $8M (loss of $4M)
Yankees - $10M (loss of $8M)

2024 Luxury Tax

Reds - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $3M)
White Sox - $3M (loss of $1M)

2023 Luxury Tax

Braves - $13M (loss of $3M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $1M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $2M)
Yankees - $18M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2022 Luxury Tax

Angels - $7M (loss of $2M)
Dodgers - $14M (loss of $4M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $3M (loss of $1M)
Rockies - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $1M (loss of $1M)
White Sox - $2M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $6M (loss of $2M)

Waiver Wire

If you would like to place a claim a player on this list, please message me with the player's name in the subject. For Revokable Waivers, after a claim is made, the team may remove the player from waivers. Otherwise, you may work out a trade for the player or let the team claiming him claim him.

For all waivers, you have 2 days to claim a player. (See Rule 3.8)

*-Transaction not completed yet


DFA (removes player from the 45-man roster, if not claimed, then you may outright them to Triple-A, or release them)

TOR SP Tom Jeans - expires Sat 1/18 @ 7:30pm
MIN RP Sun Zu - expires Sat 1/18 @ 11:30pm (CLAIMED)


SJ SP Geronimo Cabral (TOR)


Current Waiver Claim Order:

Present Power Ranking Standings (last to first)

Release Waivers (NOTE: payback year is the year in which the offseason falls. ex. paid back 2025 means paid back before the 2025-2026 offseason)

HOU OF Mario Hartman - $3M total left on contract, $2M fee (paid back 2034)

Award Winners

AL: MIN OF Zachary White
NL: LV SS Brian Stephenson

Cy Young:
AL: MIN SP Nicky Huff
NL: NYM SP Miguel Rodriguez Jr.

Rookie of the Year
AL: BOS SS Junior Gonzalez
NL: HOU SS Joey Erace
Hank Aaron Award
AL: MIN OF Zachary White
NL: LV SS Brian Stephenson

Breakout Player of the Year
AL: SA OF Tuur Willemse
NL: HOU SP Pedro Nivar

Mariano Rivera AL/Trevor Hoffman NL Reliever of the Year
AL: BOS RP Josh Guillen
NL: STL RP Robby Bullock
AL Gold Glove 
C: DET Levi Ford
1B: BAL Blair Trosky
2B: BOS Abel Li
3B: DET Wyatt Elder
SS: BOS Junior Gonzalez
OF: BOS Remigio Joubert
OF: MIN Zachary White
OF: BOS Versailles Ellison

NL Gold Glove 
C: PHI Taylor Patino
1B: STL Brian Meeks
2B: NYM Miguel Escobar III
3B: MIL Bert Brower
SS: NYM Will Schmidt
OF: SD Candy Jenson
OF: MIL Brett Henson
OF: LAD Sid Aleman

AL Silver Sluggers 
C: DET Levi Ford
1B: VAN Tyler Rice
2B: SA Simon Bartley
3B: BOS Anthony Ulrich
SS: NYY Jordan Levinson
OF: MIN Zachary White
OF: MIN Jadyn Fielder
OF: BOS Versailles Ellison
DH: TEX Odalis Parades

NL Silver Sluggers 
C: NYM Randy Jansen
1B: PHI Tanner Purdy
2B: SD Wally Woodard
3B: STL Cooper Hinson
SS: LV Brian Stephenson
OF: HOU Allen Doyle
OF: LV Sam Stinson
OF: PIT Bo Morton
DH: NYM Rich Gronkowski

Traded Picks/Cash

Traded Picks:

SD Trades 2034 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Round Picks to ANA (Rose)
SEA Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to ANA (F. Patterson), Traded to TOR (Ruff)
CWS Trades 2034 2nd Round Pick to HOU (W. Russell), Traded to SA (Lane)
SF Trades 2034 2nd Round Pick to DET (K. Smith)
DET Trades 2034 1st Round Pick to MIL (P. Childs)
SEA Trades 2034 4th Round Pick to TEX (Darby)
STL Trades 2034 1st Round Pick to NYY (V. Donald)
STL Trades 2034 2nd Round Pick to MIL (W. Armstrong)
MIL Trades 2034 1st Round Pick to SD (C. Ramirez)
NYM Trades 2034 5th Round Pick to SD (K. Crawford)
TEX Trades 2034 2nd and 3rd Round Picks to SD (Harrington)
HOU Trades 2034 2nd Round Pick to SD (Jenson), Traded to TEX (Frias)
CHC Trades 2034 3rd and 4th Round Pick to SA (D. Ayala)
SF Trades 2034 1st Round Pick to MIL (Elder), Traded to SD
SF Trades 2034 3rd Round Picks to MIL (Elder)
SF Trades 2034 4th and 5th Round Picks to NYY (S. Kellogg)
HOU Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to BAL (Abercrombie)
MIL Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to SD
WAS Trades 2034 2nd Round Pick to TB (Mahan)
SA Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to CHC (Vega)
HOU Trades 2034 1st Round Pick to SA (Lane)
SJ Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to TOR (P. Talbot)
MIN Trades 2034 3rd Round Pick to TOR (C. Hess)

SD Trades 2035 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Round Picks to ANA (Rose)
SEA Trades 2035 3rd Round Pick to TEX (C.P. Lopez)
TEX Trades 2035 1st Round Pick to STL (M. Anderson)
STL Trades 2035 2nd Round Pick to TEX (J. Martin)
SF Trades 2035 1st Round Pick to STL (I. Cretella)
HOU Trades 2035 2nd Round Pick to SD
HOU Trades 2035 3rd Round Pick to SA (Lane)

SD Trades 2036 2nd and 3rd Round Picks to ANA (Rose)
HOU Trades 2036 2nd Round Pick to SA (Lane)

Traded $$$ (NOTE: payback year is the year in which the offseason falls. ex. paid back 2025 means paid back before the 2025-2026 offseason):

TEX Trades $4M loan to NYM (2034)
KC Trades $1M loan to STL (2034)
SD Trades $20M loan to STL (2034)
MIL Trades $15M loan to SF (2034)
SD Trades $5M loan to SA (2034)

STL Trades $3M loan to SF (2035)

DET Trades $15M loan to SF (2036)

BAL Trades $25M loan to HOU (2037)
SD Trades $15M loan to MIL (2037)

SD Trades $15M loan to HOU (2038)

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