2030 MLB Season Preview

+: Over .500
-: Under .500
#: Playoff Berth

AL East

Toronto Blue Jays +#
Baltimore Orioles +
Boston Red Sox -
New York Yankees -
Tampa Bay Rays -

BAL- The 2nd Wild Card race will come down to the Angels and Orioles. While the Orioles will certainly benefit from a full year of a resurgent Alex Abercrombie, their season banks on resurgent seasons from Tyler Rice, Colby Coleman and Larry James, among others. Unless those guys return to form, I don’t see a postseason appearance in the cards for the Orioles.
BOS- The Red Sox continue to try and build a competitive team despite financial limitations. But a lack of serious star power in the rotation will come back to haunt them.
NYY- The Yankees signed two “big time” pitchers in Val Donald and Earl Wall as former ace Michael Arroyo continues to age. But they continue to lack a good bullpen and their great offense has been bipolar over the last five years. This will lead to another losing season for the Yankees, as the memories of the great Yankees continue to fade away.
TB- The Rays continue to rebuild, so another losing season should be in the cards. However, they might be closer to taking over this division than you may think.
TOR- Despite what the World Series trophy says, the Blue Jays were a better team than the Twins last season. I expect the Blue Jays to be the best team in baseball this season.

(Tbh everything after the Blue Jays winning the division should be taken with a grain of salt)

AL Central

Minnesota Twins +#
San Antonio Bandits -
Detroit Tigers -
Chicago White Sox -
Kansas City Royals -

CWS- Let’s just make this clear: the White Sox are terrible. But they will likely avoid the bottom of the division because of another horrific team...
DET- While I do see a better showing than the 68-94 season they put up last season, it will be a long time coming before this team is competitive again.
KC- The Royals opened up the checkbook just a little bit this offseason, but make no mistake: they are not even CLOSE to competing.
MIN- The Twins took a couple of big losses this offseason, as Huey Allegri signed with the Dodgers and Zac Dickson elected to sign with SD. But this is the AL Central, which the Fraternals could win even with a minor league squad. It probably won’t last for long though...
SA- If there is one team that could legitimately take over the AL Central in the future, it would have to be the Bandits. They have shown aggressiveness this offseason in free agency, signing Cedric Bishop, and have the potential to be a great offensive team. It’s still a long road before this team can become contenders again, but the future is very bright.

AL West

San Jose A's +#
Vancouver Volcanoes +#
Anaheim Angels +#
Seattle Mariners +
Texas Rangers -

ANA- Two years after tanking out of a postseason spot, the Angels look like potential contenders for the West. As I stated before, the second wild card will come down to the Angels and Orioles. The Angels made a lot of big additions to their roster (Huey Lyles, Caleb Cuthenburg, etc.) and hope that youngsters Egan Kelly and Eric Breiner make big impacts. It would not be a shock to see the Angels in the middle of a heated race for the division.
SEA- The Mariners have been one of the more confusing organizations in baseball. A year after winning 82 games and seemingly headed towards postseason contention, they sold off pieces last season. This year, a mid-80 win would not be a shock by any stretch, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they sold off again after that.
SJ- The A’s made moves this offseason with Tomasevsky and Archer, and all signs point towards a breakout season for young SS Kurtis Freeman. The A’s will avoid a fourth straight wild-card game and prevail to win the division.
TEX- In case you missed it, it’s roster blowup season, as the Rangers run out a AAA roster (and Robby Nelson) for 2029.
VAN- The Volcs followed up a World Series season with a great 103-win season but lost to the Blue Jays in three in the ALDS. It’s no surprise, as the offense on this team currently consists of Abe Owens, the hope of a resurgence from Victor Carter, and a bunch of all or nothing hitters. Their lethal rotation has made them a division winning team every year, but I believe that next year will be a different story.

NL East

Atlanta Braves +#
Philadelphia Phillies +#
Washington Nationals -
New York Mets -
Pittsburgh Pirates -

ATL- Down by a few games in the standings last season, the Braves came back to win the division and were two games away from the World Series. The Braves are about as complete a team as the Blue Jays and Padres and will give the NL a tough time.
NYM- The Mets have had some potentially great players on the field over the last ten years, but it has never clicked for them. One has to believe that maybe it’s time to get young and sell off the team, as it does not look like the Braves and Phillies will ever slow down.
PHI- The Phillies are still a great team, there’s no doubt about that. But the Braves have developed into a much better team and after a painful Wild Card Game loss last year, it might be time to stop praying for a Philly Championship.
PIT- Last year started out terribly as team chemistry problems arouse for the first time in the Dale Waller era. While they “rebounded”, the Pirates dynasty came to a CRASHING halt last season and I fully expect the Pirates to hit the bottom of the division for the second year in a row.
WAS- The Nationals could be so much better, but they failed to effectively use the budget space given to them. If they had a good offseason, they could’ve competed with the Braves and Phillies. Instead, they are looking towards another losing season.

NL Central

Houston Astros +#
St. Louis Cardinals -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Chicago Cubs -
Cincinnati Reds -

CHC- The Cubs finished 38-122, having the worst record in the modern era in MLB history. Most of their money went towards getting two great relievers, but that may not be enough from preventing another 100-loss season.
CIN- If you were expecting decent Reds baseball this were dead wrong.
HOU- The Astros put out the best rotation in baseball last year and didn’t lose much besides Brent Honeywell. You combine that with a good offense and...who am I kidding. The Astros will run away with this division...again.
MIL- Once again, it’s roster blowup season out here. The Brewers are in a decent position to build for the future, but for now, just focus on the tail end of Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw’s careers and Alex Donald crushing baseballs.
STL- The Cardinals will finish second in the division...with less than 75 wins.

NL West

San Diego Padres +#
Las Vegas Gamblers +#
San Francisco Giants +
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Los Angeles Dodgers -

ARI- The Diamondbacks made some improvements last year, and I only expect them to get better from here. Another great season will Yamasaki will only help the Diamondbacks develop into a potential danger in the NL West.
LAD- This is the part where I would suggest selling off players and starting fresh, as there is zero chance the Dodgers can try and compete this year, but everyone already knows that there is no chance in hell that happens.
LV- The Gamblers send out a great offense led by Felix Stuart and a pitching staff that could potentially do some damage in the NL West. However, they will play in the Wild Card game for the second year in a row because...
SD- Jay Slater might have overtaken Bragan Kelly as the best GM/owner MLB has seen over the past 15 years. This offseason, the Padres turned a dead Jake Thompson contract into Zack Dickson and Yentura Ratoe. On paper, the Gamblers look like they field a slightly better squad. But if anyone knows Slater, there will be great moves to make as the division race gets tighter.
SF- Lost in the shuffle between the Padres and Gamblers are the quietly waiting Giants. Last season, they were right there in the division race before collapsing and missing the postseason completely. This year, I would expect more of the same: a three-team bloodbath for that division title, and the losing two teams fighting with the Phillies for those two wild-card spots.



1. Toronto Blue Jays
2. Minnesota Twins
3. San Jose Athletics
WC #1: Vancouver Volcanoes
WC #2: Anaheim Angels


1. Atlanta Braves
2. San Diego Padres
3. Houston Astros
WC #1: Las Vegas Gamblers
WC #2: Philadelphia Phillies

WC Games:







World Series: SD@TOR→TOR

As I stated before, the Blue Jays just might be the best team in the American League and the Padres are the best in the National League. The Padres will be looking for vengeance after losing in six last season, but they will be no match for the Blue Jays. The series will go to a full seven games, and the Blue Jays will come out victorious to start the new decade.

(BTW, if this all plays out, it would be 122 years of misery for Cubs fans)


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League Chat Box



January 20th-February 10th: Offseason/Entire progress of Free Agency
January 27th: Last Day for Relocation Requests (to be considered for the 2026 season)
February 1st-February 3rd: Rule 5 Draft
February 11th- February 15th: Spring Training
February 18th- Regular Season

Free Agency Watch

Extensions Signed (before offseason)

TB 3B Alfredo Grayson $2M/1yr
TB C Jorge Illescas $3M/2yrs
TB C Rain Jackson $3M/3yrs
SD RP Nick Lee $10M/5yrs, then $12M/1yr
ANA SP Pedro Nivar $7M/3yrs
SD OF Candy Jenson $3M/2yrs, $1M increase for each Gold Glove season
SJ RP Luiz Gohara $5M/2yrs
NYY SP Tyler Glasnow $8M/1yr
TB SS Cesar Delgaudio $6M/4yrs, $2M increase for each All-Star season
ANA 3B Jody Larson $4M/1yr
ANA 1B Dexter Sobczak $10M/5yrs
SF C Charles Marsh $20M/4yrs
SF C Randy Jansen $4M/4yrs
MIN 1B AJ Reed $3M/1yr
MIN C Lou Cook $7M/4yrs
CHC 1B Ronnie Hawley $8M/2yrs, player option for third year
WAS OF Ian Cretella $18M/4yrs/+$1M per year, $1M increase for each All-Star season
CHC SP Kolby Allard $6M/1yr, player option for second year
CHC OF Garth Carter $6M/1yr
ARI 1B Wyatt Robinson $8M/2yrs, player option for third year
LV OF Calvin McNair $11M/2yrs
ANA C Rodney Matthews $13M/5yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star Season (max 3)
LAD OF Dan Hunter $4M/2yrs/+$2M per year

Completed Deals

BOS 3B Anthony Ulrich $4M/4yrs, $1M increase for each season with .750+ OPS
BOS RP Sammie Amador $4M/3yrs, club option for fourth year
BOS SS Wilson Bailey $4M/2yrs
ARI SP Ezra Wilkerson $6M/4yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season, player option for fifth year
SEA 3B Darrell Harrison $3M/2yrs, $1M increase for 100+ GS/each season with 35+ home runs, club option for third year
ANA OF Quincy Ayala $10M/3yrs
ANA RP Fred Stellato $2M/3yrs
WAS RP Jonah Andrews $3M/3yrs
WAS SS Iggy Ajax $9M/1yr
SD C Augusto Cline $3M/2yrs
KC SS Rich Gronkowski $8M/6yrs
PIT 2B Angelo Wall $10M/2yrs
ARI OF Woo-Jin Han $5M/1yr, $1M increase for 500+ PA, club option for second year
ATL OF Garry Griffin $8M/2yrs
SJ C Stacy Clinton $3M/1yr
NYY 3B Tyler Crowe $11M/5yrs
SF 2B Frankie Bullock $3M/2yrs
MIN 1B Kevin Cutler $2M/1yr
VAN C Norman Boston $2M/5yrs
VAN 1B Marcos Campbell $2M/5yrs
CHC RP Geoff Gills $15M/3yrs, player option for fourth year
CHC RP Weston Shields $15M/3yrs, player option for fourth year
ANA RP Itzitura Tolleson $7M/4yrs
LV C Jayson Pitts $15M/2yrs, $1M increase for All-Star Season/LV postseason appearances, $2M increase for a LV World Series Championship
NYY 1B Chi Thomas $9M/6yrs
HOU SP Braden Guillen $8M/1yr, then $20M/1yr
NYY SP Val Donald $8M/4yrs/+$1M per year, $12M/6yrs/+$1M per year player option for 5th-10th years
SEA RP Joaquin Viteri $5M/3yrs
LAD RP Rod Hunter $4M/1yr
WAS C Willie Betancourt $6M/2yrs, $2M increase if WAS makes postseason
KC OF Yuudai Johansen $4M/2yrs
KC SP Gino Drake $3M/2yrs
KC RP Karen Davenport $4M/4yrs/+$1M per year, $7M/2yrs player option for 5th-6th years
WAS RP CJ Wright $6M/1yr, club option for second year
ANA C Sonny Ingebritson $1M/1yr
ANA OF Raul Gibbs $3M/1yr
ANA SS Ian Wolfe $2M/1yr
SF SS Brian Stephenson $26M/8yrs
NYY SP Earl Wall $8M/3yrs/+$2M per year, $14M/2yrs/+$2M per year player option for 4th-5th year, $18M/5yrs/+$2M per year player option for 6th-10th years
ANA RP Lane Titus $8M/1yr
SEA 1B Wilbur Kelly $4M/4yrs, $1M increase for each 40+ HR season
SD OF Zack Dickson $20M/5yrs
VAN RP Perry Hawley $7M/4yrs
LV SP Nicky Huff $33M/1yr
SD SP Yentura Ratoe $17M/1yr, then $19M/1yr, then $23M/2yrs
BAL SS Jose Flores $6M/8yrs
LAD SP John Wilson $12M/1yr
ARI SP Chuck Chesters $4M/1yr, $1M increase for 14 win season, club option for second year
SF OF Mickey Moniak $5M/1yr
HOU SP Bonifacio Esparza $1M/4yrs, then $6M/4yrs, then $15M/3yrs, $2M increase for each All-Star season, $5M increase for a Cy Young Award, unlimited $20M mutual options until declined
SJ SP Nenad Milic $6M/3yrs
MIN SP Eddie Portobella $3M/1yr
KC OF Dave Begard $3M/2yrs, $5M/2yrs club option for 3rd-4th years
SA C Carson Kelly $4M/1yr
ATL SS Fernando Cabrera $10M/5yrs, $1M increase for each season with OPS > .800/each Gold Glove Award/each ATL World Series Championship
ARI RP Don Brower $13M/4yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season, $1M increase for each 35+ SV season, club option for fifth year
ANA RP Toby Helms $5M/3yrs
ANA RP Jakob Sim $8M/1yr
ANA SP Andreas Lin $1M/4yrs, $5M/4yrs mutual option for 5th-8th years
TB RP Ryan Vega $3M/4yrs
SJ OF Toby Archer $13M/3yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star Season, $3M for MVP season
SA RP Joshua Harris $3M/1yr
SA C Eliseo Guerra $3M/4yrs, then $8M/4yrs, player options for 9th-12th year
DET SP Aaron West $1M/1yr
DET 2B Sammy Roby $10M/2yrs
SF SP Adrian Morejon $6M/1yr
SF OF Todd Huber $6M/1yr
BAL SP Teddy Lemus $4M/6yrs
SEA 2B Nick Gordon $8M/1yr, $6M player option for second year for 100+ runs, 50+ SBs, or .275+ AVG season OR $8M player option for .300+ AVG season
BOS SP Jon Loras $5M/3yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star season
BOS SP Jody Singleton $3M/4yrs
VAN RP Curt Hall $16M/7yrs, no-trade clause, $1M increase for each season with ERA < 1.70, $18M/3yrs player option for 8th-10th years
SEA OF Fabian Fisk $20M/3yr, player option for fourth year
PIT RP Red Wartburg $12M/2yrs, no-trade clause, $2M increase for WHIP under 1.10
ANA OF Caleb Cuthenberg $22M/3yrs, then $16M/4yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star Season (max 4), $2M increase for each MVP season/each .325+ AVG season, $14M/3yrs mutual option for 8th-10th years
PHI RP Jorge Rodriguez $5M/4yrs
WAS 1B Don Marshall $6M/2yrs, $10M club option for third year
WAS SP Junior Grayson $8M/2yrs, club options for third and fourth year
ANA 1B Raul Lynch $10M/2yrs
WAS SP Vance Fuller $5M/3yrs
WAS SP Dylan McBride $4M/2yrs, player option for third year, club option for fourth year
WAS OF Teddy Clark $9M/1yr
LAD RP Huey Allegri $14M/8yrs/+$1M per year
SEA 3B Thorstein Machado $1M/5yrs, $1M/5yrs player option for 6th-10th years/$4M/4yrs once rookie eligibility has exhausted, $8M/5yrs mutual option for 5th-9th years
SF RP Donny Holmes $2M/6yrs
CHC SP Chuck Common $1M/1yr
SF SP Kim Cong Tru $1M/4yrs
CHC SP Tanner Gomez $1M/1yr, player option for second year
CHC RP Gerald Wagner $1M/1yr
CHC C Joesph Stokes $1M/1yr
CHC OF Monty Gilliam $1M/1yr
ANA RP Robbie Benson $8M/1yr
HOU RP Matt Affleck $10M/4yrs
SJ DH Pribik Tomasevsky $12M/4yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star appearance
MIL 1B Alex Donald $1M/1yr
MIL SP Joshua Ruff $5M/1yr
MIL SP Clayton Kershaw $5M/1yr
TEX C Jed Curry $4M/1yr
MIN SP Sean Macelroy $2M/1yr
MIN RP Foster Monroe $2M/2yrs
WAS OF Kendal Cook $5M/1yr
WAS OF Willy Ellis $7M/1yr
WAS OF Marcus Ruiz $6M/3yrs
PHI 2B Felipe Guthrie $1M/1yr, $3M club option for second year
LV OF Geoff Hawkins $2M/1yr
LV RP Usa McFarland $3M/1yr
VAN SP Ivan DeJunior $7M/3yrs
SD 2B Lino Butler $5M/1yr, then $11M/1yr, $1M increase for All-Star season
LV SS Kevin Maitan $8M/1yr, mutual option for second year
SA 1B Corey Zangari $2M/1yr
ATL 1B Yago Solberg $3M/4yrs, club option for fifth year
MIN SP Bobby Rainer $7M/3yrs
SA SP Thad Proctor $2M/1yr
CIN RP Shawn Weber $4M/1yr
CIN RP Dexter Pratt $3M/1yr
CIN RP Vladimir Gutierrez $5M/1yr
BOS 2B Omar Haas $3M/1yr, $4M mutual option for second year
MIN SP Brent Honeywell $5M/1yr
SA OF Cedric Bishop $25M/1yrs, then $30M/5yrs, $1M increase for each All-Star/Silver Slugger season (one per season), $3M increase for a MVP season
LAD OF Paul Houston $3M/1yr
LAD 1B Cedric Magers $5M/1yr
LAD OF Alonzo Thayer $4M/1yr

Pending Offers

*-original extension offer

2030 MLB Draft Order (Last Updated: 2/16/19)

1st Round

ANA (CHC Traded Pick for Multiple Picks)
HOU (SA Traded Pick for Roy Allison)
CHC (ANA Traded Pick for #1 Pick)
CHC (WAS Traded Pick for Iggy Ajax, ANA Traded Pick for #1 Pick)
CHC (LAD Traded Pick for Ken Giles, ANA Traded Pick for #1 Pick)
-- (SJ Loss of Pick for Toby Archer)
MIL (BAL Traded Pick for Elmer Coley)
-- (LV Loss of Pick for Nicky Huff)
TEX (SD Traded Pick for salary relief, SEA Traded Pick for Zachary White)
HOU (MIN Traded Pick for Anthony Phelps)

Compensatory Round

PHI (Geoff Gills)
TOR (Weston Shields)
PIT (Izitura Tolleson)
SF (Zack Dickson)
MIN (Nicky Hiff)
PIT (Yentura Ratoe)
PHI (Toby Archer)
SEA (Raul Lynch)
MIN (Huey Allegri)
LV (Pribik Tomasevsky)
SJ (Cedric Bishop)

2nd Round

--- (CHC loss of pick for Geoff Gills)
-- (SA loss of pick for Cedric Bishop)
--- (ANA Loss of Pick for Izitura Tolleson)
TOR (WAS Traded Pick for Seth Smart)
--- (LAD Loss of Pick for Huey Allegri)
MIN (SJ Traded Pick for Yoan Moncada)
TEX (LV Traded Pick for Blake Slaughter, ANA Traded Pick for Huey Lyles)
SEA (SD Traded Pick for Brett Henson, ANA Traded Pick for Egan Kelly)

3rd Round

SA (CHC Traded Pick for Constant Goergen)
--- (ANA Loss of Pick for Raul Lynch)
MIN (SJ Traded Pick for Yoan Moncada)
TEX (LV Traded Pick for Grahm Wickershom, ANA Traded Pick for Huey Lyles)
TB (ATL Traded Pick for Spencer Honeycutt)
SEA (SD Traded Pick for salary relief)

4th Round

SA (CHC Traded Pick for Constant Goergen)
-- (SJ Loss of Pick for Pribik Tomasevsky)
SEA (SD Traded Pick for salary relief)

5th Round

--- (CHC loss of pick for Weston Shields)
SEA (SD Traded Pick for salary relief)

Rule 5 Draft Drafted Players

KC - SP Sandy Nash (STL), SP David Crowe (NYY)
CWS - 3B Keith Shaw (BOS), SS Ron Ham (LV), OF Leo Pena (BOS)
MIL - SS Buddy Curry (BOS), SS Eddy Simpson (TEX), SP Carlos Owens (NYM)
SEA - SP Gordo Hawkins (LAD), C Len Evans (ANA)
LV - 3B Truman Titus (MIL)
HOU - SS Jonah Cook (BAL), SP Roy Allison (DET)
TOR - C Alonzo Taylor (NYM), OF Lance Eaton (STL), RP Cedric Huber (MIL)

Owners Facing Luxury Tax (Last Updated: 2/9/19)

2030 Luxury Tax (tentative)

Padres - $6M (loss of $2M)

Number of Times Over the Luxary Tax

Angels - 0
Astros - 0
Athletics - 0
Bandits - 0
Blue Jays - 0
Braves - 0
Brewers - 0
Cardinals - 0
Cubs - 0
Diamondbacks - 0
Dodgers - 0
Gamblers - 0
Giants - 0
Mariners - 0
Mets - 0
Nationals - 0
Orioles - 0
Padres - 0 (danger of 1)
Phillies - 0
Pirates - 0
Rangers - 0
Rays - 0
Red Sox - 0
Reds - 0
Royals - 0
Tigers - 0
Twins - 0
Volcanoes- 0
White Sox - 0
Yankees - 0
2020-2029 Luxury Tax: $70M

2029 Luxury Tax

Nationals - $10M (loss of $3M)
Orioles - $1M (loss of $1M)

2028 Luxury Tax

Astros - $1M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $1M (loss of $1M)

2027 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $19M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2026 Luxury Tax

Bandits - $2M (loss of $1M)
Volcanoes - $4M (loss of $2M)
White Sox - $11M (loss of $8M, third-fifth round picks)

2025 Luxury Tax

White Sox - $8M (loss of $4M)
Yankees - $10M (loss of $8M)

2024 Luxury Tax

Reds - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $3M)
White Sox - $3M (loss of $1M)

2023 Luxury Tax

Braves - $13M (loss of $3M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $1M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $4M (loss of $2M)
Yankees - $18M (loss of $9M, second-fifth round picks)

2022 Luxury Tax

Angels - $7M (loss of $2M)
Dodgers - $14M (loss of $4M, third-fifth round picks)
Padres - $3M (loss of $1M)
Rockies - $4M (loss of $1M)
Royals - $1M (loss of $1M)
White Sox - $2M (loss of $1M)
Yankees - $6M (loss of $2M)

Award Winners

AL: MIN SS Sam Patterson
NL: ARI DH Ryuunosuke Yamasaki

Cy Young:
AL: MIN SP Nicky Huff
NL: HOU SP Brent Honeywell

Rookie of the Year
AL: SEA SP Freddie Bates
NL: ARI DH Ryuunosuke Yamasaki
Hank Aaron Award
AL: VAN DH Abe Owens
NL: PHI DH Braxton Davidson

Breakout Player of the Year
AL: MIN SP Nicky Huff
NL: ATL SP Val Gentile

Mariano Rivera AL/Trevor Hoffman NL Reliever of the Year
AL: DET RP Tony Cohen
NL: SD RP Gavin Harrington
AL Gold Glove
C: DET Michael O’Brien
1B: BOS William Jones
2B: SA Jerry Ayala
3B: TB Blair Trosky
SS: TB Cesar Delgaudio
OF: NYY Jadyn Fielder
OF: SA Tuur Willemse
OF: TEX Zachary White

NL Gold Glove
C: ATL Kenny Trosky
1B: WAS Marcos Campbell
2B: SF Izzy Radzik
3B: CHC Celio Hermenegildo Flavio Abarca
SS: PIT Maurice Mack
OF: ATL Versailles Ellison
OF: SD Marshall Bland
OF: STL Willie Mays Hayes Jr.

AL Silver Sluggers
C: BOS Kelvin Fitzgerald
1B: TOR Colin Russell
2B: MIN Kevin Allen
3B: MIN Wayne Mack
SS: MIN Sam Patterson
OF: BOS Monte Harrison
OF: TOR Pablo Childs
OF: BAL Victor Robles
DH: VAN Abe Owens

NL Silver Sluggers
C: NYM Kerry Crawford
1B: PIT Calvin Hoover
2B: HOU Lane Peavy
3B: LAD Darquez Galvin
SS: SF Walter Skinner
OF: WAS Ian Cretella
OF: LV Felix Stuart
OF: CIN Shelton Ladd
DH: PHI Braxton Davidson

Waiver Wire

If you would like to place a claim a player on this list, please message me with the player's name in the subject. For Revokable Waivers, after a claim is made, the team may remove the player from waivers. Otherwise, you may work out a trade for the player or let the team claiming him claim him.

For all waivers, you have 2 days to claim a player. (See Rule 3.8)

*-Transaction not completed yet


DFA (removes player from the 40-man roster, if not claimed, then you may outright them to Triple-A, or release them)


PIT OF Luke Hood (MIN)


Revocable Waivers (Trade Waivers, After non-trade deadline):

--Claimed Players:

--Cleared (able to be traded anywhere):

--Retracted (not able to be placed on revocable waivers again this offseason):

Irrevocable waivers (Usually used to remove a player from the 40-man roster without releasing him):

Current Waiver Claim Order:

Present Power Ranking Standings

Release Waivers (NOTE: payback year is the year in which the offseason falls. ex. paid back 2025 means paid back before the 2025-2026 offseason)

BOS RP Junior Ayala - $24M total left on contract, $12M fee (paid back 2030)
SA 1B Romero Turner - $42M left on contract, $21M fee (paid back 2030)
BOS OF Charles Baum - $33M total left on contract, $17M fee (paid back 2030)
SD SP Jay Easley - $28M total left on contract, $14M fee ($2M over 7 years, paid back 2031)
BOS SP Ivory Ward - $36M left on contract, $18M fee ($6M over 3 years, paid back 2031)
NYY 1B Loren Cottrell - $56M left on contract, $28M fee ($4M last 5 years (2027-2031), paid back 2032)

Traded Picks/Cash

Traded Picks:

LV Trades 2030 2nd Round Pick to ANA (Slaughter), traded to TEX (Lyles)
WAS Trades 2030 2nd Round Pick to TOR (Smart)
SD Trades 2030 2nd Round Pick to ANA (Henson), traded to SEA (Kelly), traded to TEX (Z. White)
LAD Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to ANA (Giles), traded to CHC (multiple picks)
LV Trades 2030 3rd Round Pick to ANA (Wickershom), traded to TEX (Lyles)
WAS Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to ANA (Ajax), traded to CHC (multiple picks)
SJ Trades 2030 2nd and 3rd Round Picks to MIN (Moncada)
SD Trades 2030 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Round Picks to SEA (Thompson salary dump)
ANA Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to CHC (#1 pick)
CHC Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to ANA (multiple picks)
CHC Trades 2030 3rd and 4th Round Picks to SA (Goergen)
BAL Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to MIL (Coley)
MIN Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to HOU (A. Phelps)
ATL Trades 2030 3rd Round Pick to TB (Honeycutt)
SA Trades 2030 1st Round Pick to HOU (R. Allison)

SD Trades 2031 2nd Round Pick to ANA (numerous picks)
WAS Trades 2031 1st Round Pick to ANA (Delgado)
WAS Trades 2nd Round Pick to DET (Morgan)

Traded $$$:

SD Trades $6M loan to TOR (2030)

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2/8/2019Aaron Boone Press Conferencenikobiko
At the weekly offseason press conference, Aaron Boone was asked about the 2030 season, and the loss of three players in the Rule 5 draft. “We feel pretty good about 2030,” Boone stated. “however, there are still question marks, as the organization continues to recover from the mistakes of the previous GM.” Boston has just missed the playoffs for the last 2 seasons, and while fans are excited about the team, they are not optimistic about 2030. “We have some great teams in this division, Toronto is a juggernaut, Baltimore has Abercrombie, and even the Rays are looking more competitive,” said Boone, “we have our work cut out for us this season.” When asked about the Rule 5 draft, Boone replied “We just don’t have the cap room to bring in any more developmental type players. We feel like we are building a solid minor league pipeline, which should pay off in a few years. We believe Keith Shaw was maxed out as a AAA player, or backup at best. Defensively, he brings value, but we are happy with the signing of Ulrich to play 3B. Bud Curry, same thing. Bringing in Wilson Bailey to compete with Li at SS, we saw Curry as a career AAA SS. It looks like Milwaukee will start him at 2B. We didn’t like losing Leo, but with so much OF depth in the organization, he may never have gotten a shot honestly.” With Spring Training just around the corner, it will be interesting to see if Boston has made the right moves to stay relevant in 2030.
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